Death Note - Seigi

Death note Amv Premonition Studios - Seigi


Amv - Premonition Studios- Seigi Anime - Death note .

[Audio] Seigi wa Doko ni (reprise)- Death Note the Musical (Urai Kenji ver.)


Urai Kenji (Light), Koike Teppei (L) & Cast.

AMV Death Note Seigi


Créditos no vídeo. !!!!

Death Note : Honor Bound and Bound by Honesty (Engl sub+ Fr)


Death Note English Musical : Honor Bound and Bound by Honesty (Tenu par l'Honneur et par l'Honnêteté) - Nebula ...

Death Note - Light's Monologue


Death Note - Episode 37 My favorite scene of the series with subtitle. Enjoy to listen this amazing japanese speech! :D "Hahahaha ...

Death Note Musical - Kira


"Kira" is the fifth song in the Death Note Musical. The title of the demo versions is "The Name Is Kira!", and it is sung by Ryuk.

Death Note Musical - Stalemate (L, Light, Misa) LYRICS


I don't own the song. I don't own Death Note .

Death Note Musical NY Demo [Lyrics] [HD] Playing His Game


Since we got SO many views on the other video we posted, I figured I should make a lyric video! From the demo recorded by ...

Death Note Musical NY Demo [Lyrics] (Light) Where Is the Justice?


Where Is the Justice recorded by the amazing Jeremy Jordan in NY! Lyrics: [Light] Where is the justice, when the guilty all go free?

Death Note Musical - The Death Note


"The Death Note " is the fourth song in the Death Note Musical. It is sung by Light Yagami, who is played by Kenji Urai.

AMV Spoil - Death Note (HQ)


I got This Amv from, I really Like Death Note , if you do so...u have to see this one ^^ on high quality.

Death Note- Apocalyptica


Producer: Akatsuki038 Anime: Death Note Programm: WMM overworked with Vegas Reuploaded amv.

Death Note AMV Requiem For A Dream


Well, this is my first official AMV, 17-18 hours work over 2 days...hope you all like it :) Notes : 1)One scene for the intro is in here ...

Death Note: The Musical - Where Is the Justice? (ENGLISH)


The Complete 2015 English Concept Album The NY Cast I own nothing!

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