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Yuri [AMV] Unbreakable ᴴᴰ


Thanks for watching ;D Hope u enjoyed it. Music : Unbreakable by Faydee Animes : Two Car and Netsuzou Trap ○ANIMES OF ...

Yuri [AMV]


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Yuri AMV - E.T


Anime: Citrus Song: Extraterrestrial [E.T]- Katy Perry Subscribe Here:  ...

All things she said AMV (Yuri)


Todo es Yuri Hace mucho que no subía esperó que les guste. Suscribanse. Anime? Minuto abajo.

Yuri AMV - Everytime We Touch


I own nothin. This came out just perfect, enjoy.

Yuru Yuri AMV [Kyouko x Ayano]--In My Head


This is my tribute to the first season of Yuru Yuri . I believe this song perfectly suits this anime.

Yuri Moments [AMV] #4


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AMV YURI - Girls like Girls


Warning : Girl x Girl If you don't like, don't watch! Heeeeeeeeey les neko! On se retrouve pour un amv 100% yuri ! AMV MIX 100% ...

Citrus シトラス Yuri AMV - There's Nothing Holding Me Back


An anime music video for Citrus Song: There's Nothing Holding Me Back by Shawn Mendes.

【Yuri AMV】Yuri Kisses from 40 titles - Love Lost


这次是改良后的版本少了一点裸露画面多了几个新的镜头又调整了下节奏然而还是过不了Bilibili的审核事实证明大清戒律如此 至少 ...

Yuri 「AMV」 Do It Like a Dude


Voici un tout nouveau AMV yuri. J'espère que vous allez aimé. Bon visionnement :) Hi! This is a yuri AMV . I hope you liked it. good ...

Pretty Girl | Multifandom Yuri AMV (Really Gay)


This took me almost two weeks ;-; But, it was worth it because this is the longest amv I've ever done T-T And, it's filled with yuri ~ I'm ...

Yuri 「AMV」 Angel With A Shotgun


Angel With A Sniper Rifle :^) Music: - Angel With A Shotgun by The Cab Anime: - Black Rock Shooter OVA - Mahou Shoujo Lyrical ...

Wings - Yuri [AMV]


Today is my birthday 16th of November ❤ So I thought making amv with these animes would be amazing I hope you like it.

[Yuri-AMV] I Don't Wanna Live Forever


Anime:Netsuzou Trap Song:I Don't Wanna Live Forever.

[HD] Sailor Moon Crystal【YURI AMV】Haruka x Michiru | Eternal Eternity


Not my favourite Senshis, but definitely my favourite couple !!!! o_o Enjoy this Haruka & Michiru moments and if you like it, please ...

Yuri amv Safe&Sound KnM


Song: Safe and Sound ( Taylor Swift)-(The Hunger games) Anime: Kannazuki no miko - Kyoshiro to towa no sora ^w^ una buona ...

Yuri 「AMV」 Light your heart up


Hey, guess who it is? For those of you who have already guessed, yes it's me, Nyakorin. This is my new channel where I will be ...

Yuri 「AMV」- Numb


Thanks for watching ;D Hope u enjoyed it. Music : Numb by Janet Devlin Anime : Koe no kanachi Pairing : Ueno x Nishimiya ...