Stratovarius - Infinite Visions

Stratovarius - Infinite Visions History


Trayectoria musical de Stratovarius desde el año 1988 a 2000 Es una recopilacion hecha por ellos mismos de sus inicios hasta ...

Infinite - Stratovarius (Full Album) [HD SOUND]


SIN MAS PALABRAS QUE ESTAS, UN DISCAZO! 01~ Hunting High And Low (00:00) 02~ Millenium (04:08) 03~ Mother Gaia ...

Stratovarius - Visions (Live in Tampere 2011) HD


Under Flaming Winter Skies DVD The Jörg Michael Farewell Tour.

Stratovarius - Live Loud Park (HD)


Please help me spread this video that I'm playing drums, I need to find a new band, and this video can help me ...

Stratovarius - Infinity (Legendado)


ATIVE A LEGENDA PARA ACOMPANHAR A TRADUÇÃO! Letra simplismente reflexiva. Comande sua vida! escolha seu caminho ...

Stratovarius - Infinity


Mother watch your children The iron fist of fear is ruling our lives It's not too late to change the course We can make this world a ...

Stratovarius - Destiny


The times are changing so fast I wonder how long it lasts The clock is ticking time is running out The hatred fills this Earth And for ...

Stratovarius - Hunting High And Low


I feel the wind in my hair, and it's whispering, telling me things, of the storm that is gathering near full of power I'm spreading my ...

Stratovarius – Making of Infinite Album


Stratovarius – Making of Infinite Album Finnish Tv-show Jyrki 1999 ...

STRATOVARIUS - Visions - 1997 [Full Album]


TRACKLIST : 01 - Black Diamond 02 - The kiss of Judas 03 - Forever Free 04 - Before the Winter 05 - Legions 06 - The Abyss of ...

Stratovarius - Some Demos from Episode, Visions, Infinite, 2005 & R.R


I took most of these recordings from single tracks, limited edition bonus tracks and some documentaries in YouTube.

Stratovarius - 4000 Rainy Nights (HD)


Stratovarius - 4000 Rainy Nights Live DVD - Infinite Visions .

Infinite Visions - Hunting High And Low


Cover de Stratovarius por Infinite Visions , con nuevos integrantes. De todas formas, el bajista no pudo ir esa vez a ensayar asi ...

Stratovarius DVD Infinite Visions 2000 menu


Stratovarius Menu del DVD Infinite Visions 2000 A Million light years away.

Stratovarius - Black Diamond (complete version)


From Stratovarius DVD " Infinite Visions ".

Stratovarius - Hunting High and Low [HD] (official video)


Song from "Infinite" album (2000) You can see this video on a " Infinite Visions " DVD.

Stratovarius Jens blows up toilet


clip from ' Infinite Visions '. funny!

Infinite Visions - Against The Wind


Cover del tema de Stratovarius , tocado por Infinite Visions en un ensayo. Esta sin bajo, pero igual suena bonito ale ...