top 10 delena moments


these are justt some of my favourite delena moments from season 4. part 2 coming soon.

● DELENA STORY {1x01-8x16}


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My 20 favorite Delena scenes


This is my first video so please be indulgent... This video contains scenes from season 1 to season 3. I do not own anything. All the ...

► FIFTY SHADES OF DELENA || Damon & Elena [ Crazy In Love ]


Since the trailer of Fifty Shades of Grey was released, I got addicted to this song. I couldn't stop thinking about how seductive it is ...

top 10 delena moments


top 10 delena moments part 2. these are some of my favourite delena scenes there are too many to choose from like and ...

Delena (Damon + Elena) || Hold on


Hi guys, I´m back! I know I have been without uploading anything for a bit but I´m here with a lot of new videos. The first is this one ...

The Vampire Diaries: 3x19 - Elena and Damon motel kissmake out hot scene [HD]


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Delena Make Out 4x07 + 4x08 [No Steroline!]


Sry for weird background music...

Delena | Or Nah


Damon and Elena.

Top 10 Delena Moments


Well Here it Finally is. The Last Part to my Top 44 Delena Scenes. Thank You All For Watching. I Love Delena So Much, I just had ...

My top 25 Delena moments


These are just a few of my favorite Delena moments. YES I KNOW #5 HAS NO MUSIC. I hope you enjoy!! Copyright Disclaimer ...

A once in a lifetime love || The Journey of Damon & Elena [1x01-6x22]


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The Vampire Diaries - Stelena VS Delena


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|| Delena Story || Set fire to the rain


Watch the video to the end please. I think it is impossible to summarize in just six minutes the story of Damon and Elena. But I tried ...

Delena Moments 5x17


Full Delena School Scene. HD.

Damon and Elena || All of their kisses 2x22-6x22


Hi guys!! I was planning on doing a delena video to honor them but i'm not really good at vidding so i thought in doing this. I've put ...

Delena - Impossible