Kazuya Kamenashi

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I made this video everyone who loves Kame , and for those Kpop and drama fans, that haven't experienced JPOP or Jdramas yet .

Kame's funny personality


hope you enjoy it!!!!!! kame is so cute.

Reasons to Love Kame Part1


Legit reasons to Love Kame Part 1.

Kame the TANK


A video of how stoic, tolerant, and generally bad-ass Kame is. :) Big thank you to navidialuvr22 for providing me with the herbal ...

AKAME INTERACTION - Indirect kiss and...


Video re-upload. Please like, comment or share the video so that everyone knows the new channel exists ! :) Thankx for watching !

Kamenashi Kazuya - Crazy for You [2018]


Happy Birthday Kame -chaaaaan !! Hey minna ! This is the last video of Kame -chan's special birthday fest so there won't be a lot of ...

Kamenashi Kazuya - Just The Way You Are


Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, ...

Break Your Heart: Kamenashi Kazuya


Dat swag walk. Kame does it right. I swear, no matter how many years pass, I will always adore this man. Youtube kinda screwed ...

Kamenashi Kazuya(Dance)


мой инстаграм.

My top 6 Kamenashi Kazuya Dramas


No copy right infringement intended just want to share my love of japanese dramas, credits in the final clip of the video and at the ...

Kazuya Kamenashi 亀梨 和也 ❀ fanvid №1


I don't own any of the materials used in this video. Own nothing except the editing. So again, this is my video. It is ...

Kamenashi Kazuya 赤亀 - The Doctor Said [2018]


Hi everyone ! :) I love this song so much, I had to make a fanvid on it... Chloe Adams talks about depression in this song and it was ...