Here's Why A Refurbished Gamestop PS3 Is A Waste Of Money


Gamestop sells all kinds of refurbished game consoles that are sent out for repair because of some issue making it defective.

Using the PS3 in 2018 - Review


The Playstation 3 is already 12 years old, which is hard to believe. It's fair to say that despite the rough start, the PS3 is iconic... but ...

10 Things You Didn't Know Your PS3 Could Do


SECRET PS3 FEATURES. The PlayStation 3 rocked the market on release, and in many people's opinions, beat out the Xbox 360 ...

Top 25 Best PS3 Games of All Time HD


25 of the best and highly-rated PlayStation 3 games that the console can offer as of August 30, 2015. Get these awesome games.

PS3: 10 Years Later


Xbox 360: 10 Years Later It's been 10 years since the PS3 brought the Sony ...

FIFA 18 | Ps3 vs Ps4 Graphics & Gameplay Comparison


FIFA 18 | Ps3 vs Ps4 Graphics & Gameplay Comparison | By ZANOMG CAN WE HIT 3,000 LIKES? :D Teams: FC Barcelona, Real Madrid ...

FORTNITE ON THE PS3... (Fortnite PS3 & Xbox 360)


FORTNITE ON THE PS3 ! Fortnite PS3 & Xbox 360 gameplay with the lowest graphic settings on PC Twitter: ...

PS3 Buying Guide & Favorite Games


Looking to buy a Sony Playstation 3 ( PS3 )? This is the Buying Guide for you! We cover the three different PS3 models, ...

GTA 5 Online на PS3 Как это было?


💰 Прокачка в GTA Online - 🎮 Мой магазин игр - ● Дима OnePoint - ...

Should You Buy a PS3 in 2018?


Should you buy a Playstation 3 in 2018? The PS3 has had countless games released for it, many of which are hidden gems, and ...

Skate 3 4K 60 FPS RPCS3 PS3 Emulator For PC


RPCS3 the PS3 Emulator for PC has had a lot of updates since the last time I tested so today I wanted to take a look at Skate 3 ...

Стоит ли покупать в 2018 PS3. PS4 против PS3.


Стоит ли покупать в 2017 PS3 Купил PS3 ОБЗОР И ПОКУПКА PS3 | ПЛЮСЫ И МИНУСЫ GTA 5 - PS4 ГРАФИКА PS4 против PS3 Стоит ли ...

PS3 Longplay [120] Assassins Creed (part 1 of 3)


Played by: Spazbo4 Desmond is captured by Abstergo and forced to use a machine called the Animus to ...

PlayStation 3 PS3 HIDDEN GEMS


PlayStation 3 had some great games released for it and in this video I highlight some of the lesser known Hidden Gems for your ...

Why YOU need a Modded PS3 in 2018


This is why you need a modded PS3 in 2018! Hopefully you consider picking up a modded Xbox 360 or PS3 by the end in 2018!

Зачем покупать PS3 в 2019 году?


Есть ли смысл покупать консоль PlayStation 3 в 2019 году. Какие аргументы есть в пользу покупки консоли от Sony 6-го поколения ...

Моя коллекция PS3 игр, ТОП 10 дисков!


Это Остатки от моей коллекции BluRay дисков с играми для приставки PlayStation 3, тут я немного расскажу о тех играх...



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PS3 Super Slim Vs PS3 Slim - Which One Is Better?


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