Hak se wui

Election Trailer 1 (HQ)


Original Title: 黑社會 Hak se wui .

Election Hak se wui


epical scene from Election Hak se wui (2005)

Election 2 Trailer (HQ)


Original Title: 黑社會以和為貴 Hak Se Wui Yi Wo Wai Kwai .

Hak Se Wui Dik Oi Cing Gu Ci (A Triad Love Story)


a low budget film based on untrue events - invented, acted, and produced by non-native Cantonese speakers. Music G.E.M. ...

Hak Se Wui Dik Oi Qing Gu Si (A Triad Love Story)


A light-hearted skit written, filmed and produced by students for a Cantonese class. It describes a triad love story, and should not ...

Election Trailer - 2005


SYNOPSIS: Every two years the senior members of the Wo Shing Triad, the oldest gang in Hong Kong, elect an up-and-coming ...

Election (1999) Official Trailer #1 - Reese Witherspoon Movie HD


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陳偉霆 WILLIAM CHAN《有借有還 (電影《紥職》主題曲)》[Official MV]


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Election Trailer 2 (HQ)


Original Title: 黑社會 Hak se wui .

Election: Silver Ko (高少華)- 對天歌(Song for Heaven)


The ending theme of a Hong Kong film 黑社會ie: Election Song: 對天歌(Song for Heaven) Actual Translation: Singing Towards ...

Election german Trailer (Johnnie To)


OT: Hak se wui (2005) Election is a 2005 Hong Kong crime film directed by Johnnie To. Featuring a large ensemble cast, the film ...

The Johnnie To Experiment | TIFF 2017


Director Johnnie To (ELECTION, THE MISSION, DRUG WAR) discusses cult classic The Mission and his experimental approach ...

ภาษาไทย - ขึ้นทําเนียบเลือกเจ้าพ่อ (กู่เทียนเล่อ เยิ่นต๊ะหัว เหลียงเจียฮุย) Election(Hak Se Wui)2005


ขึ้นทําเนียบเลือกเจ้าพ่อ (กู่เทียนเล่อ เยิ่นต๊ะหัว เหลียงเจียฮุย) Election(Ha...

The Mission 1999 - Johnnie To


The Mission (1999) - Dir. Johnnie To. Starring: Anthony Wong, Lam Suet, Simon Yam, Francis Ng, Roy Cheung, Jackie Lui.