Only one (by LinaBurdyugova)

DracoHermione -Only one


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Emma Watson|Shooting Star (by LinaBurdyugova)


My new video about Emma Watson) Love her:* Please commenting :D.

Damon&Elena | between us [for katy]


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What about now { Damon & Elena}


TOP 10 ships VOTE NOW: "What if our love never fades ...

●TVD couples ~ princess of china


READ THE DESCRIPTION Watch in HD, the quality is better! My new TVD couples video for my 108 subs. Thank you guys so ...

Harry Potter || New Divide


It's our first collab video! Hope you like it!:) 1 ) GreeN166aPpLe- Ginny 2) kiwiichann- Neville 3) Hopeinyourheart4ever- ...

emma watson cannibal


watch in hd! alright, here's another video. this time of emma watson, because she's just so lovely. :) i'm not quite sure how i feel ...

DracoHermione Beautiful girl [SPOILERS]


HD! Please commenting) Description: Hermione Granger learn from Slytherin. She is friends with Draco Malfoy. They are friends ...

[Castiel] [Draco] [Damon] ● This is entertainment


HD! This is a video of my favorite characters: Castiel (Supernatural) Draco (Harry Potter) Damon (The Vampire Diaries) Watch and ...

So Hard [collab]


coloring- by Kate(Ekaterina7665) Parts: 1 .GraceNastya Rebekah(TVD), Faye(TSC) 2.

Elena&Draco Crossover HP - TVD


Please, watch in HD and comment:) Description: Draco falls in love with an ordinary girl - Elena. He does not care that he is ...

Circles || multicollab


KDrew -- Circles (Original Mix)| DUBSTEP IS MY DRUG 1 . Verbonol` ( ) - Battleship 2.

CastielElena Crossover Castiel's memories


HD! Please comment :) Description: Castiel, rescues Elena from the accident. Then they fall in love. But Castiel does not like to lie ...

Damon&Elena - The story of unrequited love (AU).


Music: Two Steps From Hell -- Ulthuan.

Damon & Elena || Words


My new video is about my favorite pair of Damon and Elena. I want very much that they were together! The video shows the ...

Multifandom || Shake up the happiness || HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Happy New Year, my dear! I wish you happiness, health, success, inspiration and fulfillment of the deepest desires! Try less sad ...

Castiel + Elena || Crossover [SPNTVD]


It's remake my old video: Please, comment and HD!

Couples of TVD&HP Love The Way You Lie


Please watch in HD and comment:) In this video my love couples: DamonElena (TVD) DracoHermione (HP) TylerCaroline (TVD) ...