Russian Snipers School-part kit

Intense Sniper Survival Training: Russian Snipers Drilled To Human Limits of Endurance


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Russia: Sniper pistol kit showcased and tested at Moscow shooting range


A brand new sniper kit that apparantly enables the user to fire a pistol almost as accurately as a rifle was demonstrated in ...

Army Sniper School – Rifle FamiliarizationGhillie Suit CamouflageStalking


Soldiers familiarize themselves with their rifles, prep their Ghillie Suits, and learn how to stalk through the forest with ...

Arctic survival kit: How Russian soldiers cope with cold in the Far North


Arctic survival kit : How Russian soldiers cope with cold in the Far North Military service in Russia's Far North territories, which ...

Royal Marine Snipers Training - Part 1


Documentary from the History Channel following the selection and training of the British Royal Marine Commando Snipers .

Protech MKII HPA Airsoft Barrett M82 Sniper Rifle Build (Parts and Plans)


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AK-74: Fast Assembly & Disassembly In Russian School


Assembly and disassembly of the assault rifle AK-74 in Russian school . The "Patriot" competition among the students of 9-10 ...

Russian Recce Kit! - Airsoft GI


Carl gives you a breakdown of his greenside FSB recce impression, CA MAX'd E&L AKMS, and cold weather kit for MSW's Last ...

Russian Sniper School


Russian Sniper School ...

Russian Snipers Competition: Simply The Best Better Than All The Rest


Credit to Russian MoD At the Khmelyovka training ground in ...

GPS Defense Sniper School


GPS Defense Sniper School Sniper Counter Sniper Course May 2008

Vassili Zaitsev funeral at Volgograd - Stalingrad pt:2


Captain Vassili Grigorevich Zaitsev ( Russian : Василий Григорьевич Зайцев) (March 23, 1915December 15, 1991) was a Soviet  ...

Poor Man's SVD Dragunov or Overgrown AK-47? - The Romanian PSL 54C Romak 3 | Tin Hat Ranch


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The ULTIMATE Field Course | Snipers Hide Cup 2016


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Sniper Training - FOX News Sniper School Coverage


Fox News 2003 coverage of GPS Defense Sniper School while sponsored by HS Precision Rifle Co.

Vassili Zaitsev tells about sniper duel with Major Koenig


Zaitsev almost made it to Berlin but was wounded at Seelow Heights in 1945,he quickly recovered and finished the war on the ...

SNIPER 101 Part 23 - Sniper Field Kit and Peripheral Equipment - Rex Reviews


Extreme Long Range Shooting Field Kit : 1. Rifle Equipped with Optical Sight 2. Ammunition (100 rounds) 3. Extra Magazines 4.

BF4 MilSim: Navy SEAL Sniper 'Lone Survivor' kit - No HUD Realism Gameplay


Here's a MilSim gameplay video with a Navy SEAL Sniper kit , inspired by what Marcus Luttrell used in Operation Red Wings, ...

Russia: Putin tests Kalashnikov's latest sniper's rifle


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Testing Russian Military MRE (Meal Ready to Eat)


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