Ian Curtis Feature, Granada Reports, 1995

RIP Ian Curtis - TV Presenter's & Ian's Former Bandmates Show a Lack of Understanding for Suicide


How the attitude towards mental illness has progressed in just over 20 years. Recordings taken from Granada Reports : 1995 and ...

35th Anniversary of Ian Curtis death Peter Hook concert report on Granada Reports


35th Anniversary of Ian Curtis death Peter Hook concert report on Granada Reports .

Joy Division - She's Lost Control (Granada's What's On Performance)


This is a clip from the lost Joy Division TV performance of She's Lost Control, as seen on Granada's What's On show. It was shown ...

Granada Tonight football round-up (Nov 27, 1995)


A few minutes of Granada Tonight from November 1995 , with Bob Greaves, Jim Beglin and Jessica Naden. This clip features  ...

Joy Division 1978 Granada Reports Live


Shadowplay Joy Division .

John Peel announces the death of Ian Curtis


John Peel announcing the death of Ian Curtis and playing New Dawn Fades by Joy Division on his show on BBC Radio 1 on 19 ...

Ian Curtis and mental health


In which I commemorate Ian Curtis , one of my favorite rock icons. Musicaudiovideo belong to Joy Division , except for "True Faith" ...

Granada Tonight - 1992


11th June 1992 - A complete edition of Granada Tonight with John Huntley & Lucy Meacock.

Ian Curtis Has Died Today


From the film 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE.

Ian Curtis with Deborah, Annik and Natalie


Ian Curtis with his wife Deborah, his mistress Annik and his daughter Natalie. Rest In Peace, Ian... Thanks for watching.

Old photos of Ian Curtis


These are old photos of Ian Curtis from Joy Division , the lead singer who committed suicide at the age of 23. This is from the book, ...

Ian Curtis memorial gravestone


Macclesfield Cemetery, Uk. 28-08-10.