in black(1980)

ACDC on the Creation of 'Back in Black'


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ACDC - Hells Bells (Official Music Video)


Strap yourself in for the most thundering ACDC tracks! Listen to the playlist now: Back in  ...

Fade to Black 1980 TV Trailer


Fade to Black is a 1980 slasher film starring Dennis Christopher, Eve Brent Ashe, and Linda Kerridge. Mickey Rourke also ...

Fade to Black 1980 TV trailer


a 1980 television trailer for writer-director Vernon Zimmerman's thriller "Fade to Black ", starring Dennis Christopher, Tim ...

ACDC - Back In Black (1980) | Album Review


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Fade To Black - 1980 Trailer from ONTV WKID 51


Just wanted to share some of these from old tapes. Pretty much all of the ON TV videos on youtube are from Chicago so Im adding ...

ACDC - Back In Black (Live Tokyo, 1981)


ACDC performing Back In Black live during the Back In Black tour. Synched the soundboard audio with an audience recording.

Fade to Black (1980) | DAY25: 31 DAYS OF HORROR


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Fade to Black (1980) Review


A review of the 1980 horror movie, Fade to Black , starring Dennis Christopher, Linda Kerridge, and Tim Thomerson.

Fade to Black (1980)


Review of Vernon Zimmerman's Fade to Black and Magic Hat's Wilhelm Scream.

Fade To Black 1980 Trailer (From ONTV WKID 51 Ft Lauderdale)


Recorded late October 1981. The "Saturday" schedule at the end was Halloween (the reason all other programs were horror).

ACDC - Back In Black (Live Rock In Rio - January 19, 1985) HD


Vídeo de la cancion Back In Black en vivo en Rockdrome, Rio De Janeiro, Brasil el Sábado 19 de Enero de 1985 durante el Flick ...

Johnny Cash - The Man In Black 1980


Johnny Cash - The Man In Black 1980 .

Fade to Black (1980) Music Video - "Heroes"


Stills from the 1980 film Fade to Black starring Dennis Christopher with theme song "Heroes" used in the film which was performed ...