ZX SPECTRUM 1987 ear

Gryzor - ZX Spectrum (1987) Gameplay & Review


A look at this 1987 shooter from Ocean.

ZX Spectrum Music : Flying Shark (1987)


Composed by Steve Turner. Released by Firebird Software Ltd. A classic Spectrum game for me. I particularly remember the ...

Kikstart II - on the ZX Spectrum 48K !! with Commentary


KIKSTART II on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K. Published by Mastertronic in 1987 . A popular game which I found a bit frustrating.

The Monty Mole Saga on the ZX Spectrum (1984 - 1987)


This Monty Mole Saga looks at Wanted: Monty Mole, Monty is Innocent, Monty on the Run and Auf Wiedersehen Monty, which ...

Express Raider ZX Spectrum © 1987 US Gold


A 1987 effort to bring DECO's mega smash hit from coin-ops over to Speccy was partially successful. I've never owned the ...

Funky ZX Spectrum loading sound


Music to my ears . Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3.

Let's Play... Wizball (ZX Spectrum) (1987) (Ocean Software) #HappyBirthdaySpectrum


Wizball - Includes commentary ZX Spectrum Release 1987 by Ocean Software World of Spectrum ; ...

Load ZX Spectrum games from PC, MP3 and even iPhone SUPER FAST with OTLA!!!


WARNING - LOUD BURSTS OF AUDIO IN THIS VIDEO*** Mark shows how to convert Spectrum games to load via PC or MP3 ...

ZX Spectrum 1-bit music: Startip 2 (Tim Follin, 1987)


ZX Spectrum 1-bit three channel music by Tim Follin. Recorded from the real hardware. Came out in the Your Sinclair magazine ...

Ben Heck's ZX Spectrum Mod Part 1


- Ben has modded many old computers into gaming portables and today he takes a crack at something ...

Starfox ZX Spectrum © 1987 Cybexlab


Flight & shoot your way through five dangerous planets which you have to defeat. Use your strong weapons and maneuvering ...

Exolon (ZX-Spectrum Game)


Exolon ( ZX - Spectrum Game) (c) 1987 Hewson Consultants Ltd (UK) Cracked by Bill Gilbert ' 87 Loading sceen by STAWICKI ' 87  ...

Chain Reaction from Durell Software for the ZX Spectrum (1987)


Chain Reaction was published by Durell Software in 1987 Created by Maz Spork and Paul D. Walker Chain Reaction can be ...

A look through my ZX Spectrum Scrapbook (1986-1987)


Going through old boxes looking for ZX Spectrum stuff I discovered an old ZX Spectrum Scrapbook I put together. A collection of ...

The GAME OVER Controversy [1987, ZX SpectrumMSXCPCC64MS-DOS] | It's a Pixel THING - Ep. 58


Game Over is an amazing action run and gun platformer that was a target of a huge controversy around its cover art by Luis Royo.

ZX Spectrum Music : Out Run (1987)


Magical Sound Shower from Out Run. Composed by Jas C. Brooke. A classic 8bit spectrum version of the arcade classic music!

Especial ZX Spectrum año 1987 Parte 2


Buenas! Vuelve el ZX al canal, esta vez con la segunda entrega del año 1987 , donde veremos hoy tras las conversiones arcades ...

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