The Beatles Rockband

The Beatles: Rock Band Intro - HD


Intro from The Beatles : Rock Band Developer: Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. Publisher: MTV Games .

(Read Description!) The Beatles Rock Band Chapter 1 The Cavern '63


Regarding this playthrough, as of 272018: I am aware that it only goes up to Chapter 2 for everyone. This is because chapters ...

Beatles Rock Band Come Together Guitar FC


One of my favorite Beatles Rock Band guitar charts. Simple, yet fun. If you like what you see here, Comment and Subscribe!

Examining The Beatles Rock Band Setlist


Let's go underground and discover a lesser known band which really made some waves back in the 1940s. It's time to examine ...

The Beatles: Rock Band Review


"Keep that one. Mark it Fab."

The Beatles: Rock Band Commercial Spot


MTV Games and Harmonix are proud to present The Beatles : Rock Band commercial spot that takes the iconic Abbey Road ...

The Beatles Rock Band - Album Intros


The Journey of the Beatles in less than 5 minutes. I don't own any of the music played on the video, the right's belong to EMI, ...

The Beatles: Rock Band Trailer - E3 2009


First look at Harmonix Beatles -flavored Rock Band at this year's E3. Take note of the multiple harmony lines for the vocals!

Rock Band Beatles - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - Expert Drums 100% 5GS


RIP Lucy Vodden Awesome song, Still one of my favs.

Rockband Beatles Song playlist


Playlist of all songs on Rockband Beatles disk. Please subscribe.

The Beatles Rockband Comparison - Hey Bulldog


Comparisons between the PS3 and Dolphin versions of The Beatles Rock Band . Thanks to Spectro's Rock Hero for the PS3 video ...

Microsoft E3 2009 Press Event - Olivia Harrison, Yoko Ono, Ringo Star, Paul McCartney


The crowds who were at the Microsoft E3 2009 Press Event on Monday June 1st at the USC, Galen Center were surprised that ...

Octopus' Garden by The Beatles Full Band FC #312


RIP YOUTUBE COMMENTS. We're finally starting to get Beatles FBFCs. I figured we should start with my favouritesecond ...

The Beatles: Rock Band Ending Cutscene (REMOVED AUDIO)


Watch All The Beatles : Rock Band Cutscenes: ...

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