Drawing in Microsoft

How to MS Paint


I'm the vendor of useless info you never knew you needed. Speedpaint from video : MS PAINT RESOURCES: ...

Autocad - How to Copy Autocad Drawing to Microsoft Word - Autocad Tutorial


Autocad Tutorial how to copy autocad drawing to microsoft word You can use CopyPaste to move AutoCAD drawing to Word (or any ...

Sine Wave Drawing in Microsoft Power Point Tutorial1


This video shows a trick to draw sine wave in power point using excel graph.

Surface Go Review - An Artist Take


See it on Amazon: I wasn't planning on trying out the Surface Go but I'm glad I did. It does a lot of things ...

Drawing Lines in Microsoft Word 2016


How to draw a line using the shape tools, and the line drawing tool. How to change the color, go from solid line to dashed line, etc.



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Microsoft Surface Book: Pen Performance & Drawing Demo


Microsoft Surface Book: Pen Performance & Drawing Demo In this video I finally get a chance to examine how the new pen works, ...

Microsoft® Word 2007: How to draw a table on Windows® 7


Do you want the steps for drawing a table in Microsoft ® Word 2007 on a Windows® 7 -based PC Useful videos ...

Surface Pro 2017 Review (An Illustrator's Take)


Here is the specific Surface Pro I tested: My list of the best Cintiq alternatives: ...

1 How to use microsoft word to draw a diagram


In this video tutorial you will learn how to draw a diagram using microsoft word.

Microsoft Surface Book sketching review - Vlog entry 3


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OneNote Tips: Learn how to draw


A quick and easy guide on how to draw in Microsoft OneNote.

Surface GO, Is it Good for Art?


Microsoft announce their new Surface Go tablet. How is it for illustration, I give my impressions based on what we've learned ...

Surface Pro vs the iPad Pro - Which is better for drawing and illustration?


I decided to wait a couple months before making this video. I wanted to spend more time with the iPad Pro and get used to it so i ...

#Geometry_02 - How can I art geometric shapes in MS word || Microsoft Word 2016 || Bangla Tutorial


If you see a video you can create geometry shapes in MS Word. This video shows you How to create geometric shapes in MS ...

Drawing Adele - MS Paint


Drawing the singer Adele using the tool MS Paint, i've tried to do some tests with new colors. If you want to see the final-art: ...

How to draw a beautiful sunset with gradient effect in MS paint - Easy Method


This painting tutorial shows you an easy method of creating gradient effect in MS Paint. Actual time to paint was about 30 mins.