Drawing in Microsoft

Artist Review: Microsoft Surface 3 (non-Pro) for drawing


I bought a secondhand Surface 3 to see if it's a good tablet for drawing . I find it quite enjoyable to draw on it. Check out my text ...

Surface Go for Artists - first look


Surface Go Artists review Photoshop CC Second test video Surface Go for Artists 2nd test ...

how to draw a house ms-excel tips and tricks


its practically like drawing as usual. the different is just how to make line in drawing a house, make a background and others. as a ...

Surface Book 2 Review for artists


Microsoft Surface Book 2: Microsoft Surface Pen: Microsoft Website: ...

Drawing Lines in Microsoft Word 2016


How to draw a line using the shape tools, and the line drawing tool. How to change the color, go from solid line to dashed line, etc.

Microsoft® Word 2007: How to draw a table on Windows® 7


Do you want the steps for drawing a table in Microsoft ® Word 2007 on a Windows® 7 -based PC Useful videos ...

How to Make a Floorplan in Excel : Microsoft Excel Tips


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Best Windows Sketching App【MobileStudio Pro】


I think I've found the best app for sketching and practicing drawing on Windows. Check it out! Get it free here ...

Surface GO, Is it Good for Art?


Microsoft announce their new Surface Go tablet. How is it for illustration, I give my impressions based on what we've learned ...

Surface Pro 2017 Review (An Illustrator's Take)


Here is the specific Surface Pro I tested: My list of the best Cintiq alternatives: ...

Drawing In MS Paint


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Using Drawing Tools in Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013


Excel has drawing tools that you can use like Visio to create flow charts, value stream maps, fishbone diagrams and much more.

How to Draw the Microsoft Logo


Learn how to draw the Microsoft logo in this simple, step by step drawing tutorial.

Using Microsoft Word to Draw 3D Object - Isometric Designs, Octagonal and planes Drawing - Part 2


Secondly, the goal of this Tutorial is to stir up design Creativity in anyone wanting to dive into design or graphics word by making ...

Microsoft Paint Tutorial.How to Drawing and Painting in Ms Paint


Microsoft Paint Tutorial.How to Drawing and Painting in Ms Paint Welcome my Ms paint Bangla Tutorial. In this bangla tutorial i ...

Sine Wave Drawing in Microsoft Power Point Tutorial1


This video shows a trick to draw sine wave in power point using excel graph.

Word 2007 Tutorial 14 - Working With Shapes and Drawing Tools


This tutorial shows how to insert format and apply styles to shapes. This tutorial also shows how to convert the shape to a text box ...

Surface Pro vs the iPad Pro - Which is better for drawing and illustration?


I decided to wait a couple months before making this video. I wanted to spend more time with the iPad Pro and get used to it so i ...

Microsoft Publisher - How to draw lines with tab stops


The Sharper Turtle provides problem-solving software tutorials for Microsoft Office products and other applications. Tutorials are ...

MS Paint drawing - How to draw Coconut tree Palm tree beach - Request video


Actual time was 25 minutes. This is an easy method of painting coconut treepalm tree in MS Paint. Hope you like it. Please ...