R&R SLLD preamp - тест красного канала CH 3 Lead 2


В этом видео мы сделаем тест третьего канала гитарного преамп R&R Sound SLLD. Ламповый преамп для гитары - вещь...

MESABoogie JP-2C – John Petrucci Ch. 3 Solo – Tones on Tour


John Petrucci's solo tones are renowned for rich , liquid, singing and sustaining clarity! In this video, John demonstrates how he ...

ENGL Invader II - Quick Test - Lead (Ch. 4) and Rhythm (Ch. 3)


Erin Carey tests out the Invader II amp from Engl on Channel 4 for some shred and lead tone and then Channel 3 for some ...

Mesa Mark V CH.3 Lead Tone(PRS Custom 24) boosted with OCD pedal


Mesa Mark V Lead tone test. Sorry for bad quality video. This is really a tone test video. Was recorded in Reaper and video on ...

"Ch" and "Sh" Sounds - Hooked on Phonics: Learn to Read Level 5


This is Lesson 1 of Learn to Read: Level 5. This lesson teaches the ch - and sh - beginning sounds . Level 5 is part of the complete ...

World's Most Advanced Video Editing Tutorial (Premiere Pro) - Editing LTT from start to finish


EXPAND FOR NAVIGATION ▽ 2 :25 CH 0: Chapter navigation 3 :13 CH 1: Using YouTube's interface 5:49 CH 2 : Things to know ...

OP-X PRO-II: Oberheim Matrix-12 Sounds


. ch opxpro2description.html Playing through the Oberheim Matrix-12 Revelation Bank for the ...

Tone Sessions: Jeremy Epp – Multi-Watt Dual Rectifier – “Break”


Bay Area guitarist Jeremy Von Epp played a classic metal track with a Multi-Watt Dual Rectifier and 2x12 Recto cabinet to ...

Tone Sessions: Angel Vivaldi – JP-2C & the Recto 4x12 Standard Slant


Guitarist Angel Vivaldi made great efforts to get to Petaluma to play for us through the new JP-2C and his new White VinylGrille ...

How to Connect Multiple Amps And Wire Up A System


Wiring multiple amps in a car, And how to wire up your car audio system with more than 1 amp, How to wire an amp kit, battery ...

Korg Kaossilator 2 - 150 preset sound demo


Now you can hear all 150 preset sound from the new Korg Kaossilator 2 in 20 minutes. No, its not a song, only the single sounds .

MESABoogie Petrucci JP2C – John BrowneMonuments “Garden of Sankhara” Playthrough


MESABoogie John Petrucci Signature JP-2C – Modern Metal John BrowneMonuments – “Garden of Sankhara” Playthrough ...

PedalBoard 2014-Part 23-(crunchy and lead sounds)


Here's a review of my new pedalboard,for the year 2014,enjoy! Voici le test de mon nouveau pedalboard pour 2014,bon ...

Michael Jackson's Thriller Keyboard Tutorial Deconstruction


Performance, Sound Programming and Video Editing: Umut Erhan * Sounds are available on my website: ...

Trancey patch


Kick: Grids ch . 1 :- Peaks SnareHH: Grids ch . 2 :- Peaks :- µVCA II modulated by an envelope (Quadra) triggered by the accent ...

MESA BOOGIE "Mark IV 3 channels" Andrea Puxeddu presets 🎸


Fractal Audio Systems AXE FX II & AX8 "Mark IV 3 channels". Ch . 3 Lead Ch. 2 Crunch Ch.1 Clean Second video of a set of presets ...

Omnisphere 2 - Synth Lead - Sound Demo 04


Playing in the Synth Lead section of Omnisphere 2 for demo purposes. Sounds best with headphones :) Thank you for watching!

Ch Sound Phonics


Looking for fun printable activities? A phonics video to teach children about the ch sound . Children ...