Kurt Vonnegut on the Shapes of Stories


Short lecture by Kurt Vonnegut on the 'simple shapes of stories.'

Kurt Vonnegut Lecture


02-04-2004 Identifier Known as one of America's literary giants, Kurt Vonnegut visited ...

The Vonneguts - Hittin' the Breeze (Official Music Video)


Video shot January, 2015. The Vonneguts are Phil Dage Miles Hubbell Joe Myers Mike O'Brien Directed and Written by: Sean ...

Media Lost #2: Kurt Vonnegut's Monkey House (1991)


Back in 1991, Showtime adapted Kurt Vonnegut's collection of short stories 'Welcome to the Monkey House' into an anthology ...

Platinum Rush Video Blog #9 — The Vonneguts


Exclusively on Acoustic Nation, we're bringing you a video blog series by Grammy-winning songwriter and filmmaker, Scot Sax.

Kurt Vonnegut's, EPICAC (directed by Will Tully)


EPICAC is a short story written by Kurt Vonnegut . This short film was adapted and Directed by Will Tully #EPICAC #KurtVonnegut ...

Dangers - No Vonneguts, No Glory


from: Messy, Isn't It?

Vonneguts & Glory - Universal - HD Gameplay Trailer


Vonneguts & Glory by Shaun Inman Vonneguts & Glory is a very short art game based on a passage from Kurt Vonnegut's 1969 ...

Aliens, Time Travel, and Dresden -Slaughterhouse-Five Part I: Crash Course Literature 212


You can directly support Crash Course at Subscribe for as little as $0 to keep up with ...

Book Burning - Slaughterhouse-Five - Boy Butts and Vonneguts


Listen. Phil and Kyler have come unstuck in time. So jump around in their sexist minds. Join us next time when we burn On the ...

Your Vonneguts


CZ Live performance.

Bruce Willis in Breakfast of Champions FREE MOVIE


FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for entertainment purposes only ...

Plot Summary of Kurt Vonnegut's "Cat's Cradle"


A thrilling animatic of Kurt Vonnegut's "Cat's Cradle" retold in 6 minutes. Learn the characters, settings, themes, and important ...

The Vonneguts


Garage rock with hints of surf and 60's mod smoothed over by 3 part harmonies and surprising melodies.

The Vonneguts - David Bowie (Official Music Video)


The Vonneguts David Bowie Music Video Dir Riggz Webb.

Vonneguts & Glory iOS


Vonneguts & Glory is a short art game I made in about 5 days for 7dfps based on a passage from Kurt Vonnegut's  ...

The Vonneguts - "Automobiles"


The Vonneguts - "Automobiles" Director: Kwesi Reynolds Cinematographer: Marc Lovell.