Royal Pirates - Mirotic [DBSK cover]

DBSKTVXQ - Mirotic Cover (Rock ver) by Royal Pirates


Song: Mirotic - DBSK TVXQ ( ) - Cover : Royal Pirates  ...

Super Junior Sorry Sorry Rock Ver. by Royal Pirates


Uploaded March 30, 2009 Super Junior Sorry Sorry rock remake song originally by Super  ...

Mirotic Royal Pirates Remake Female Cover


This i created by using Audacity.I will do requests if anybody wants any done. Please comment if you like it or if you have a ...

Mirotic DBSK- Vocal Cover by ucanshine89


Mirotic , oh how I LOVE this song! One of my all-time favorites! It is such an amazing song, sung by such an amazing group of guys ...

MONSTA X - Mirotic (TVXQ!) Special Stage M COUNTDOWN 160526 EP.475


M COUNTDOWN|Ep.475 여심 싹쓸이 제대로 시동 건 ′#MONSTA X′ 나도 모르는 사이 빠져버릴 것 같은 ′주문 ( Mirotic )′ 무대!

주문-Mirotic (Magic Spell) (english cover) - TVXQ! DBSK 동방신기 Tohoshinki by flipocrisy


Here's a vocal cover I did of 주문- Mirotic by TVXQ ! DBSK Tohoshinki (THSK) Equipment used: Audio Technica AT2020 ...

[TUTORIAL] Royal Pirates "MIROTIC" Guitar.


tab : Video kinda rushed, I didn't remember the song and the beat, here are most of the chords you ...

Verbal Jint (버벌진트) - 충분히 예뻐 (feat. 산체스 of 팬텀) Royal Pirates Cover


CLICK TO TWEET: 버벌진트 - 충분히 예뻐 (feat. 산체스 of 팬텀) Verbal Jint - You Deserve Better ...

Muse - Time is running out Cover by Royal Pirates


Song: Time is running out - Muse ( ) - Cover : Royal Pirates  ...

WONDER GIRLS Nobody Rock Ver. by Royal Pirates


Uploaded September 30, 2008 wonder girls nobody rock remake by Royal Pirates (fading ...

BTOB - Mirotic [Cover]


PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION. Who are they? The one with glasses - Changseob The one with a brown trenchcoat and no ...

DBSK 동방신기 - Mirotic 주문 (Rock Version)


DL Link: Enjoy and please comment!

Britney Spears - Circus Cover (Rock ver) by Royal Pirates


Song: Circus - Britney Spears ( ) - Cover : Royal Pirates  ...

Royal Pirates - Royal Villain


Lyrics: Keureohke nun kamgo isseo amugeodo bolsu eobge Neoui sesangeun eodumi Deopeo beorige jogeum deo naebeoryeo ...

Mirotic Cover DBSK