Natalie Portman Gangsta Uncensored Rap

Southside Jake and Natalie Portman


If Natalie Portman asks you to get on a track, you better say, YES. I didn't realize how gangsta she was... DANG!

Natalie Portman Rap Snl Parody


Our take on Natalie's Rap Starring: Gwen Rodriguez- Natalie Chris Rodriguez- Gansta Skeletor Vince Rodriguez- Baby Gansta

Stranger Things 3 - SNL


Eleven ( Natalie Portman ) meets Fourteen (Beck Bennett), Nine (Cecily Strong), Five (Pete Davidson), Eighteen (Aidy Bryant) and

Kerry doing Natalie Portman rap


Kerry doing Natalie Portman rap at my house lol.

Natalie’s Rap 2 - SNL Fire 🔥🔥 bars [Reaction] EP3 - Shady Shae


Natalie Rap SNL Saturday Night Live My Link Copyright Disclaimer

Warcraft: Natalie Portman Rap.


Inspired by SNL's Natalie Portman Rap . Then decided to do a warcraft vid on it.

Natalie Portman Rap Drive


I don't know all the words. Actually, hardly any of the words. But once again, I'm bored and driving. Notice the camera falling as I take

Natalie Portman Rap (Explicit)


ROFLLL 3 people asked me to upload it on here so ya LOL Enjoy? LMAO.

natalie rap remake


Just watch...its great!

Alien Lover - SNL


The captain of a ship ( Natalie Portman ) encounters a surprising issue before making love to an alien (Beck Bennett). #SNL #SNL43

Natalie Portman Raps


The best music video to Natalie Portman raps EVER (I don't own this music or anything)

Natalie Portman Gangstah Rap


Kris and Alex goes natalie portman RnB-stylie.

Natalie Portman Rap (cover)


NeyZam Productions presents our first video..... the natalie portman rap cover! Totally loved the original and had to have a go at

Natalie Portman Rap (WLU Non-Linear Project)


A music video project that I filmed and edited for my Non-Linear Editing class. " Natalie's Rap " by The Lonely Island.

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