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lolita; no angels {edit}


A scrub is a guy who thinks he's fly.... Well it's 2:30am currently here and I decided a couple hours ago to make another Lolita edit. I

Fora de sèrie - Àngel Casas i Lolita - 15122016


Fora de sèrie - Àngel Casas i Lolita a "Fora de sèrie"

Streetstyle navy bikini - Lolita Angels


Get the bikini on lolita - angels Interview with Alena working at Lolita Angels .

lolita; dream {edit}


Everything is actually a mess. Another Lolita edit, I know, stop please!!!! We hate the Lolita edits Kara! lmao, deal with it. I think I'm

lolita; crazy in love {edit}


I absolutely loved making this edit. I got the inspiration from the title, since as humble a name of Humbert can be, he was also very

Anime Matsuri Lolita Weekend


From 3-5 April we attended Anime Matsuri in Houston, Texas, one of the largest Japanese fashion-orientated conventions in

►Lolita | Carmen {edit}


Sorry I didn't upload at all last week, but I now have my software sorted so I'm so happy, thanks to an amazing person. I did make

Living Lolita: 5 Angels Attic


Museum's Website: Find me more places: Facebook- Instagram-http:

Lolita mou sagapw ❤ you are really an angel!! ❤


Skotothike se aftokinitiko distixima logo mias asiniditis odigou!! Elpizw na tis paroun tin adia gt an den ide ena skilo sioura en tha

♛lolita; bubblegum bitch♛ {edit}


I spent 8 and a half painful hours on this edit. My program kept crashing a billion times, I had to save it 3 times so unfortunately I

Sweet Lolita Makeup Tutorial


Hey sugar cookies! Natural, pink and sparkly, this makeup will most likely fit a variety of Japanese sweet lolita dresses! (灬╹ω╹灬)

Lolita and Keiko Angels


I dunno...some of the lyrics seemed very fitting! If you didn't guess most of this is about Lolita :(

Lolita Angel Show


Pré parada GLBT De Duque de Caxias 2015.

Angel Beats ~ Everytime we touch ~ AMV


Anime: Angel beats Musik: Everytime we touch ~ Cascada I hope you enjoy^^

Lolita Unboxing! Dream of Arcana by Angels Heart


Watch me freak out over how pretty this dress is! Angels Heart official Taobao shop:

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