Gothic Lolita

Gothic Lolita - Emilie Autumn (with lyrics)


Since wingedzephyr has made their videos private I figured that I could make more to take their place:) I know that mine aren't nearly

Gothic Lolita LOOKBOOK (Fall 2016)


Hej cuties, as some of you requested me to do a new 'three coords of the month' video I decided to do another one but rename it '

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Gothic Lolita


New to Gothic Lolita ? Then this guide is for you. I ask my friend Marie Dauphine to give me a beginners guide to gothic lolita . We talk

Gothic Lolita Transformation


If you have a question you want answered, you can ask me on my tumblr, I check more often than youtube comments! http:

Gothic Lolita Dress Haul Nameless Poem by Ista Mori


Hey Cuties! Today's video is about a gorgeous dress I currently received ♥ I'm so in love and I wanted to share it with you so badly! I



Don't take this too seriously x'D ! BLOOPERS: -------------------------

Gothic Lolita Doll


I was inspired by a lot of things for this look. The manga Rozen Maiden, anime Vampire Knight, and those big eyed gothic dolls. This

Gothic Lolita † LOOKBOOK † ft. Devilinspired


OPEN ME FOR INFORMATIONS ABOUT THE PRODUCTS ETC.♥ Hej lovelies! Due some technical problems and some health

Tutorial: Gothic Lolita Makeup


Hello dolls! Here I share with you this Gothic Lolita makeup. This is an easy look for halloween. Enjoy and subscribe to my channel.

Gothic Dolly Lolita Anime Girl Makeup Tutuorial - [Inspired by Suzuya Juuzo from Tokyo ghoul:re]


How i did my makeup for Suzuya Juuzo in disguise from Tokyo ghoul:re. I wanted to make this tutorial more general, so it can be

TOP 10 Lolita Characters in Anime


Pleasant Monday TOP 10 - Lolita Characters in Anime ☆ GET LOOT ANIME - A Monthly Crate of Anime & Manga Gear - http:

♡ Gothic lolita makeup tutorial + OOTD ♡


Patreon: PRODUCTS: LimeCrime Venus palette - Icon, Creation, Aura KVD Mi Vida Loca

【PV】Die Milch - Rosaria - Japanese Gothic and Lolita unit


Copyright (C) Project "Die-Milch" & ArtJunkie. All Right Reserved. This Project's Site "

18 OOTDs! Gothic Lolita Coordinates | Rose Nocturnalia


A bunch of coordinates from 2016 and 2017! I want to start taking pictures of my coordinates more frequently...I'm super lazy about

Kawaii Scary DIY - How To Sew Gothic Lolita Dress(curtain style front skirt) (Easy)


The link of method(first part of the dress): Elastic waistband method:

Kawaii GOTHIC LOLITA Makeup Tutorial by Japanese model MOCO


使用コスメ♡Used cosmetics♡ Base|MUJI - SUNSCREEN for Sensitive skin (敏感肌用 日焼け止めミルク) Base|MUJI - BASE

ALI PROJECT - Royal Academy of Gothic Lolita


1. Watashi no bara wo Haminasai 2. Alice Douzai Innocent 3. Rōzu-ka no futago-tachi 4. Yuri no hibi wa tsuioku no naka ni hisomi

Gothic Lolita Makeup | Black Friday


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Sweet Gothic Lolita Makeup - Smokey-Eye + Small Dolly Lips


Sorry for reuploading this video, it was taken down by Youtube due to the music i used in the video. 未经准许,禁止转载。微博:

Elegant Gothic Lolita - Solid Black Wardrobe Tour


cakey takes you down a dark path with intensely overexposed camerawork, so you can see the details. music by VGR: .

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