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Classical music from Iran Great masters of the tar Jalil Shahnaz جلیل شهناز


Dédié à Parisa ! 0:00 : 12:40 : 24:38 : Dédié à Parisa ! Jalili Shahnaz (1921-2013) was born in Isfahan, Persia (Iran). Shahnaz ...

Dog turned rock-solid in tar drum rescued


A street dog in Udaipur, India, was found trapped in a drum of tar where we believe she had stuck and completely unable to move ...

Stuck for hours in rock-solid tar, puppies rescued. Watch til the end.


Please make a donation to help rescue street animals in India ...

Ramiz Guliyev - Dialogues with the Tar (Full Album)


1. Amirov: Lullaby (Featuring The Orchestra of the National Instruments of the Azerbaijan State TV and Radio Broadcasting ...

Improvisation of Mohammad Reza Lotfi (Persian محمد رضا لطفی) in Bayat Esfahan Mode on Tar


تکنوازی تار استاد محمد رضا لطفی آواز بیات اصفهان اگر نگویم بهترین ، یقینا یکی از بهترین نمونه های تکنوازی...

Tar dərsləri. 11-ci dərs. Sarı gəlin | Tar lessons. 11th lesson. Sari Gelin


Bu dərsdə biz Sarı gəlin mahnısını öyrənirik. This lesson is devoted to song Sari Gelin.

Tutup Jalan TAR: Ramai tak setuju


Bermula 15 Mac depan, pemilik premis dan pemborong di Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman ( TAR ) dijangka berdepan masalah ...

Tar....An Iranian music instrument


Tar is An Iranian music instrument mainly used in Iranian traditional music, in this video played by an expert Jalil Shahnaz....

Pejman Hadadi: tombak Pouyan Biglar : Tar Iranian Music Chahar mezrab Homayoon


دو نوازی چهار مضراب همایون پژمان حدادی: تمبک پویان بیگلر : تار Chahar mezrab Homayoon Pejman Hadadi: tombak Pouyan Biglar ...



سیاه مشق.

Aqaselim Abdullayev (Tar) (solo) ŞUR


Aqaselim Abdullayev, ( Tar ), (solo) ŞUR.

Persian Tar lessons - www.Rhythmitica.com | آموزش تار ریتمیتیکا


Tar online lessons by Parisa Kashefi book a free consultation session or book live online class, please visit: www.rhythmitica.com.

Puppy rescued covered in tar, watch her happy ending!


A 3 month old street puppy in India had the terrible misfortune of getting stuck in a thick layer of tar near a road that was being ...

Lepeler - Tar (Dj Jabrayilov TRAP Remix)


Lepeler - Tar (Dj Jabrayilov Remix) Dj Jabrayilov 2018.

Ghar Jayegi Tar Jayegi (Remix) | Bollywood Hot Remix Video | Madhushree


Album :- Sabse Bada Song :- Ghar Jayegi Tar Jayegi (Remix) Singer :- Madhushree Music Director :- Rahul Dev Burman, Shibu ...

Don't Pour Hot Molten Tar on an iPhone 6S!


This stuff will burn you and hardens FAST. I wouldn't suggest even messing with it let alone pouring this steaming hot asphalt on ...