Katy Tiz - Whistle - BEAUTYanDABEAST Choreography ft @AsiaMonetRay | Directed by @TimMilgram

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Brittany Parkes
okay but why is no one talking about wearing skirts over jeans 😩
マリー Mari B
Asia got them muscles
Wesal Ali
Asia slayed everyone Let's be real She was amazing
This was really cute and fun! Loved the little girl! So adorable 💃
Alison Wilkinson
is the little girl from dance moms ?😂😂😂
Hawa Nabe
Yes! Asia and the girls rocked it :)
Emma Tonyi
Who only came here to watch asia (me)
ariel michelle
Do any of the Dance Moms fans notice that the blonde in the pink skirt is also in Nia's Star in Your Own Life music video?
Britney Samuels
Asia looked so CUTE! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 I love seeing her kill these chores! 💗👌🏾
Shrek Is Daddy
It's awkward for the old ones because Asia is a better dancer than them and Asia is more in time with the music
Cryastall Rudacille
I love the part at the beginning when Asia comes in
Karlton Thomas
I swear that look like something out the movie. That went hard
Quilan Arnold
Tim is constantly hooking these videos up! Great camera action...fun choreo as well!
They went off!!
Congrats on 1 million subscribers. :-)
Kiarrah Montalvo
Asia Monet Ray was the best dancer In my opinion
Jazmyn Parker
ASIA!!!! i love her
Maurice Walton
Different, but enjoyable!
Gabby Avery
I've been straight obsessed with this the past week XD
Brave Madrid
Asia slayed that so hard. Just saw her in dance moms too :)
camille and londons awesome challenges
Asia is so pretty she is also a really good dancer I am 8and I go to dance in California and everyone loves me but I personally think Asia is better than me
Mocahontez Miya
that's the little girl from Dance Moms?
That little girl is a beast, when she gets older she is going to be unstoppable!
Amber Sutton
I wish I could do something like this
More asia please !!
Quilendy Eugene
I hurt my ankle and I'm smiling and working it😂
Oh my gosh... Asia... she looks 18 in this lol. Thought she was the same age as the other girls at the beggining. Still great though!
Andy Markow
Those outfits always ruin it ... who is always behind those bad decisions
Beautiful Luhh Sisters
My bday is on May 27 and this was close to my birthday
Pb and Jayme
I love this video and asia
Marcella Loods
youre my lovely girl and your lilltle sister😗😙😘😚😍💙💚💛💜💕💋👄
This was cute
Michelle Fabrizius
Good Dance,but:a dress/Skirt with a jeans?!?!?WTF!!😂
Amber Royal
I love Asia😍
Asia got so tall!!! she used to be this tiny fireball!! But now she's a medium fireball hahah
Nathi C
The first time I saw Asia, she reminded me of Taylor lol don't they look a bit alike? I think they do haha
Wavering Washington
I can always appreciate a dance where everyones on time with each other
cheyenne Hall
I love everything but that woman with the black skirt has no hip moment making it look a little bad
Takia Rucker
what the hell it look crazy but good job😀😄😊
Marsha Anis
Abbys lost.. go Asia.
Charmaine's Persona
Asia killed it.She was better then the older ones.
That little girl is the cutest thing I've ever seen and she's an fantastic dancer!
kinda Ross
who where skirts with Jeans
Asia Monet fan forever
asia.. slays!!
LOVE! I wish it was longer! Lol
Kayona Due
I guess people wears it noe
Kawaida H
Oh yeah I'm a boy so yeah
PMP Glanton
is this asia if it is im a bid fan
Lemonade lemon
asia is my cousin on her father side
Victor Lor
Asia's outfit is cute I woulda cully weta that and yrs I'm a girl
Madison Davis
teach me pleasssse
shanoya Whyte
the obvious Question
Makayla Webb
asia is a great dancer
miriam laime
OMG Asia !! <3
Alexandra Paul
asia is my cousin you know
Nea Yanoret Moreto
Asia es la mejor me encanta como ella baila tan bien
Ashley Renerys
Is it just me or does Asia look like Quinta from +BuzzFeedYellow ?
Angelina Mitchell
who yall think better mini barbie or ASIA MONET RAY
Cheyenne Brown
Lets play a game Last digit is who you are 0) Anthony 1)Jake Paul 2) Logan Paul 3) Tessa 4)Ayla 5) Ericka 6) Chance 7) Uncle Kade 8) Asia 9) Maddie
Savannah Mouzon
this is awesome
Cheyanne Mckinney
0.16 the black girls face is funny if u pause LMAO
Ruth McDonald
Oh Nia I really love your music I'm a really big fan of you to
Mohamad Matar
LOVE this video so much . The choreography was so fun and the dancers were amazing and so fun to watch 💖💖💖 I've watched this video so many times
Kiya Nice
Asia slayed not saying the other girls weren't bomb but I think Asia was best, I wish I could dance like that👍😘🙌😁😘😋😝😜😍🙌
Tawheeda Begum
That was awesome. That young girl was amazing! Tell her that for me!
sandy morales
wow aaaaa..... ❤❤ ASIA la mejor bailarina de todas ❤ ❤ me encana
When I saw this on Instagram i expected this to be five minutes long. ITS ONLY A MINUTE LONG UGGGGGHHHHH
Mahogany Bruce
Abby lost big time asia is better than maddie
BreAnna Jacobs
I think I like Alexa's choreography better
Alana A'ga
DANCE TUTOTRIAL....(please haha😄🙌)
Layla Brown
apostolia safarikas
How old are the girls(But not Asia,who slayed BTW)?❤❤
Gabby Avery
OMG I love Asia it was nice seeing her! Nice choreo
Umm... am I the only one who found non of them attractive in those rainbow drag queen clothes. :l Or nah....
liveszy -stayarmyikonic
Asia killed it! She was so good
erica pouncey
I love Asia wish I wash I was her
Montse .Profitós
LoL COOL 🤗🤗🤗
ninaaa aaa
this is the cutest thing in the whole entire world
Milly Xo6
Asia works it
Sifa M
Asia Monet ray😘😝👌👌
widya clarissa
Asia's facial expression is amazing
Ella White
Asia love her 💞👍💞 loved the choreography as well 👌💯
Nakeisha Gillyard
Asia y'all did a great job in this video and I wish I was in it
Leah Beth
Rochelle Chapman
who was the girl who was first shown
Kiara W
She's ALWAYS impressing me further 😋😘
Karina Renteria
Angie Rivera
Love u Asia
Asia dances so mature for her age, she is really talented!
Brianna Delgado
Yo that's Asia I love her show she is amazing
Chrystal Alsina
Asia slaaaayed
Nakia Gregory
Asia was really good
Rosa April
How old is Asia
cutedoggydance aj
Rock it Asia😎
ori connage
Asia Slayed
Jessie Medina
I love asia
It was so good!!! Love you asia❤️