Psychologist session with Barry/Dennis [Split the movie]

That implicit laugh at 1:39 Psychologist Dr. Karen Fletcher has a session with Barry about the incident at work in order to bring Dennis' personality forward and talk about Kevin's safety. Dennis claims that Kevin is too weak, and can't realize how powerful they can be. Dr. Karen doesn't believe that The Beast is his 24th identity and persuades Dennis, that it's just a fantasy. Clip from the movie Split, starring James McAvoy. His acting is overwhelming and leaves the audience completely speechless.

Pasajero De La Brújula
James McAvoy not receiving at least an Oscar nomination for this role was criminal
James McAvoy nailed this role.
Nicole Sakwe
The switch when Dennis stops pretending to be Barry. James is really a brilliant actor. Also this made me sad. For people who have suffered any kind of trauma and abuse
Damn that transition from berry straight to dennis at 3:47 is brilliant. McAvoy is criminally underrated.
Annas Firdausi
the transformation between two personality is awesome.. McAvoy nailed it..
Rebekah Jackson
The physical change you can see in his face when he finally succumb to admitting he was Dennis! Body language, tone of voice, posture, look in his eyes, his face even changed to look more strong and stern.. everything!! 🖤🖤 Soooo sexy!! Talented and was brilliant! James McAvoy should've won a damn oscar for this role!!
Jerry Esque
Dennis, in my opinion, is the most dangerous personality. He is goal oriented, perverted, disciplined, and the worst thing, he is decieving. He is able to imitate his other personalities and pull it off. He can act like barry, and im pretty sure he acted as hedwig to get a kiss too 🤔. Its kinda crazy, a personality acting as another personality. Dennis a very dangerous person. But whats interesting is, he has a big weakness. Compassion. Dennis really opens up when he feels appreciated and understood. This is why i think he likes the psychiatrist, she understands and listens. Also, the kidnapped girl when she says "i sometimes get detention to get away from everyone else". I think dennis goes easy on her cause he sees that she understands the pain he has.
Gateway Realtor
What I really love is that Dennis' portrayal of Barry is slightly over the top compared to when we actually see Barry towards the end. It's his impression & interpretation of Barry's behavior.
Shruti N
Why hasn't he gotten an Oscar for this? I'm so pissed
Sebastian kolroW
I think Dennis and Magneto would get along.
J Logan
Dennis is my favorite alter. Patricia is great too but Dennis you can tell is the one trying to keep it all together
Sharon Muthama
One thing I appreciate about the character of Dr. Flechter is how she treats them (the personalities) with some kind of respect. She knows that Kevin is a patient but she doesn’t see him as ‘crazy’...others in her profession would have suggested he be taken to an asylum, given pills etc, but her compassion (shown with her wiping her tears) enables her to understand him and offer some kind of advice.
Ava Blucher
So let me get this straight James is playing a character “Kevin” while playing another character “Dennis” Who is impersonating another character “Barry” now that is freaking talent! 🙌🏻
"That would be chaos for all of you. Everyone would grab the light." I completely overlooked that part. So that's why when Casey called Kevin's full name later in the movie, all the identities started resurfacing at once, including the people Casey had been trying to avoid in the firsf place (like Dennis and Hedwig).
00 aa
When dr. Fletcher said "You where necessary!" I bust out crying cause that makes me feel good about my Dennis I carry around to survive. My Dennis is also strong and disciplined. But original me is weak.
Shaylah M
the change in his face @ 3:47 is amazing. I really enjoy James in this role.
He really should have been nominated for an Oscar for this role...
Dennis was so hot
keran cassidy
Emily Willis
Damn im obsessed with this movie and james mcavoy fr aha its actually a problem 😂but holey $h1t The way he literally turns into another person/from Barry to Dennis is so fascinating. And that voice 👌💟 39?! Since when james? Ya look well younger
Jaegar Ultima
maybe the way to kill the 23 and the beast is to find a way for Kevin to gain the strength to reintergrate ALL of them into himself. Kevin has to be stronger, the strongest of all the personalities as he is the original one.
Tara Fortier
Love this scene..excellent transition
Chistie D
James McAvoy nailed this scene!
2:31 the subtle switch.
Brandon Bone
Dennis is a pretty good actor v:
Barry S
Im a James fan after this scene. It was just.. Wow
peanut butter and jealous
That little laugh at 0:19 Dennis played Barry so good
Jaedyn Sanders
If use enjoyed this I suggest watching Bates Motel if you already haven’t, real good show
James McDonald just killed it here
Evets Zerimar
Man... what a scene. I was so into it. No music for most of it, no jump scares. Just great dialogue
Nelson Mesones
James McAvoy Deserves a Oscar for this role he is one of my Favorite actors I love that movie Split
1:37 when people tell you they are offended because they think you just assumed their gender
Brandon Wilcox
That switch from Barry to Dennis was insane.
Jenna Ramos
I would LOVE to see a movie showing how Dennis and the others came into existence
Lone wolf
I love how James mcavoy played Dennis he scared the hell out of me when he spoke
1:50 that voice just took my breathe.
Passion Plumber
It's genius acting I like seeing someone genuinely pull of the ability that I have in my real life! Good side it's fun it's easy to take on and a breed mimic other roles or personalities, make good actors ourselves I'd say! Bad side sometimes we have abilities and thoughts that are beyond control and not always good!
Javier Rodriguez
I wish his pupils would dilate, when he switches. Gives it more thrill & effect to it.
This actor should be paid x24 what is supposed to be paid. He just acted as 24 different characters
Areej Hamad
3:47 is awesome
Raquel Silva
and the oscar goes two?
Ntandoyenkosi Zungu
Brooks Carlson
I haven't seen the movie but I think I will tonight. It looks amazing! James is a fantastic actor.
I love how he was just able to switch perfectly it take alot of training to be able to change how you act
Shinji Ikari
The thing that makes this even better is that it's actually Patricia pretending because of the way she sits and purses her lips when she smiles
Lil Yit
Lmfao I gotta watch this movie
SPOILER ALERT "Because Kevin's dad left on a train" CHILLS and tears...
Goofball Productions
Danis? **DENIS*
Mahmoud Amin
هبة الأحمد
We're all struggling,they have to admit that...من اجمل العبارات اللي بتحمل معنى كبيررر😢
Keith Nayo
What if there was a female version of Split; who do you think would have nailed Kendall Wendy Crumb exactly as McAvoy's performance? Jennifer Lawrence Christina Ricci Uma Thurman Toni Collette Elle Fanning?
Jareth The Goblin King
They sometimes will have chips implanted into people's brains for psychological issues. I wonder what happens if he gets one of those but then gets struck by lightning the next day