A Home that Feels like a Luxury Hotel

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Interior Designer, Vanessa Deleon, shows us how she brought a sophisticated boutique hotel vibe to her client’s downtown pad. Natural tones throughout compliment the impressive views of lower Manhattan and beyond. It’s elegant and understated and totally comfortable – everything you want in a hotel or a home!

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Good lord. Somebody knock her off her horse. So much attitude.
It looks too Z Gallerie-ish. Nothing unique. You can pull it off from their website.
Margaret Bieler
I wish I could really see it. A few flashes of bad angles didn't do this justice. I'm sure it very nice.
G Bond
The camera man should be fired
DeShawn Hatcher
Julian Coulden
Why would anyone want their home to look like a hotel? Most hotel rooms lack character, sophistication, warmth and are completely beige, if not in colour then ambiance. The lowest common denominator in interior decoration. In order not to offend anyone? And worst, they are often soulless and clinical What is there to love?
Oscar Gil
" Hotel living " yea that's how I want to live . yea
Sharon Abraham
not impressed
Dimitrios M.
nothing special
Buthaina Ashqar
I agree the camera man should be fired and the woman
i love it, easy clean yet still chic, to live full time at the Ritz or the W would be life. im always trying to get my Santa Monica apartment to be hotel chic yet have struggled with daily upkeep and keeping everything super crisp and clean! ps the unconstructive comments below are pointless !  you have a great eye for aesthetically pleasing design Xx
latino biger
The camera man is amateur
Dramatic drapes? They made me wanna a cry. Just the fact that you have to twist your body to enjoy the view from the sofa tells how illthought the display of the furniture is. And those chairs!!! God! Couldn't you find anything less comfortable? Even a hotel has a good desk area and where is it here? No kitchen(ette)? I get the concept but I wouldn't like living like that. No comfort, just the looks for the sake of the pictures. And I wouldn't trust a woman taste if she dresses up in the middle of the day as if to go to a cocktail party. A woman is more valuable than the way she looks and so is a home. She fails at making a home of a house and at making herself look professional and elegant.
Coconutwater Tatyana
love her outfit, can never go wrong with something black
Reyn Lariosa
The interior designer is too confident hahaha... Nothing special it's not a home it's a building hahaha she didn't give justice for the the amazing view hahaha
I know fake succulents are popular. But please use real flowers geez. Silk flowers don't spell luxury.
Island Persuasion
She didn't do too bad, I mean Rebecca robeson could do better obviously but uno she was going for the hotel theme.
joyce Hamilton
Wouldn't want my home to feel like a hotel!!!
I love this even though it's not my style. It looks cohesive and clean.
I LOVE this!
Staying Positive
i like a homey home...this feels really impersonal (because it is). doesn't feel cozy or relaxing to me at all.
Buddybooboo Milo
The camera man, the woman and the designer should be fired!
Sinister Doings
show the room not her face
Arc Kocsog
Why the hate? It looks nice.
Maia A
i could interior design this a hundred times better
Janet Johnson
How much is the rent?
marquess foust
I can decorate better than her no shade.....lol
just no
Maximino Morelos
I hate the oversize furniture!!!
Nice hotels to have a breathless & relaxing feel. I would like a hotel abode in my full basement.
LOVE it !!!
prénom nom
Nice gold, Silver and métal. A challenge for you, If you may : are you able to do this with a Small budjet! A Kind of Real Art i guess. Would have very much estonishment and pleasure to See that you re able to do it :)
Cecilie M
I loved the apartment but; did not like looking out the window to see buildings! Seeing the ocean, would have been a perfect view!!!
Nicole Green
dinning chairs are fine as long as you eat perched on the edge of your seat, as they are too high for the table!
Lic. Esme
Too many colors.....the gold and browns shoud be away from grays and silvers.....bad taste...not harmonious. ..
not my style at all