Abigail Williams - VII Empyrean: Into The Cold Wastes - Brighton Concorde 2

Abigail Williams playing "VII Empyrean: Into The Cold Wastes" at Brighton Concorde 2 on the Summer Slaughter UK Tour.

there is not samus.......
@INSANEHORDE its just fuckin black metal theres no core
Rick Belmont
Woww Black Core, hahahahahaha stupid music
Nick McLean
This band is gonna be huge in 2 years, just wait. I think they are the best black band since Emporer.
any day lol, dimmu is shit
fuk u.
Proves that you don't need corpse paint to play amazing black metal. Abigail is just as good as bands like Limbonic Art. Abigail Williams >>> Dimmu Borgir IMO
Kick ass. It's funny how differently an american BM bands dress compared to their scandinavian counterparts. Doesn't matter though! It's the music and energy they give out that matters, whether the music's live or not.
Austin Woods
He has'nt really, Look on sick drummer. playing sice he was 13 or 14.
Austin Woods
Lol, that made my night, samus is my favourite drummer. i only wish to be as good as him one day.
Mr. Vapid
ive heard them live and th vocalists new highs sound like they hurt. they sound bad ass but, it doesn't sound like hes using the right technique.
YEa Samus is a god
Mr. Vapid
fuck yeah! i saw them play with the faceless shit was "epic as fuck"
Chris Nelson
there veryy good live
Justin Baker
video is good but audio is unbearable...atleast you tried though thanks.
Stu W
Tasty does not BEGIN to describe her. lmao! ;D
Fucking amazing night!