Fernando Alonso - Super Save

2012 Brazilian Grand Prix - Interlagos.

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alonso is a legend material. i think its safe to say he is legend of this era and will be remembered as prost, lauda, or any other crazy good driver. While vettel will only be known because he has 4 titles not because he was amazing driver. Vettel in my mind is medicore driver at max with car that was 0.5s better 4 years in a row. And that is a fact
Juan Manuel Santoyo Urbina
Yeah, I remember that day, Adrian Newey's third world title... I mean, Sebastian's 3rd world title :v
Le pasa a Vettel y lo tienen que ir a recoger al muro...
He did everything he could in that season... let's hope this year Red Bull drop the ball...
Seasons should always end in tradicional GPs. Interlagos is a nice place for the last race. Abu Dhabi is not!
Zenzi Sage
lol looks like a game glitch
I think he is the best driver atm in F1, but Vettel has the better car...
Dwane Lynch
That man is a fucking legend behind a wheel of an F1 car, let's hope to see more of this kind of thing in 2014, it will definitely sort the men from the boys :-) 
And people think finger boy is better than Alonso? I can't even explain how much I pity those people.
Love the seasons that get battled out till the end in Brasil
such a sick save...impossible
Schumi had 5 titles with Ferrari, Alonso hopes he can be -5 so he can have 5 years no titles! Please support him, he is really trying!
Try N Beat Me
Alonso is the best driver Vettel i dont think could make a save like that
subhashini narva
why this comentators always talking about lewis hamilton
Agustin Andres
his hands are faster than my eyes :)
not often they go full opposite lock like that and save it in the wet. Too bad Alonso just cant get a good car
DavidR 1
HE IS THE BEST! vettel's 4 tiltle not enough to fights alonso's talent!
Niko SikoDiko
The most heartbreaking race for every Alonso fan, he was the ONLY driver who put pressure on Vettel for the entire year, in an arguably worse car.
I got so drained after that loss I literally stopped caring about Formula One. I was so disgusted the Scuderia couldn't win that time and lost out in so many finales. One of the worst days to be honest.
looking back on alonso's performance, gotta say that he is definitely overall the most consistent good driver on the grid. even with ferrari's terrible car this year, he is still putting up a good fight against the redbulls. next year at mclaren will be definitely interesting.
I miss this sound of the V8 SO SO MUCH
Lucas Venusiano
Alonso = best driver Vettel = best car
Darko Vidović
Alonso IS better driven than Vettel, but Vettel is an amazing driver himself.
I miss the sound. 
Matthew Molinaro
shut up, noobs should not judge professional formula one drivers. vettel has been through tons of tough situations, either physically and psychologically, to even get to formula one, and so as fernando. result is a result, no matter what happened to anyone. they are both really really good drivers, you guys have no idea how amazing they are. if you were to drive an f1 car, you wouldnt be able to even brake properly, otherwise you would throw up due to the g force. i am aware that vettel has a better car than fernando's, but he is still one of the best drivers in the whole fucking world. im not a fan of vettels, im actually a massive fan of fernandos, but i never thought that fernando is the absolute best driver in the world, because the 22 racers who drive f1 cars at every weekends, drive better than anyone else in the whole world. that is formula one. so noobs who dont even know what racing is, should really fuck off now.
Madnessisfame Siba
Good God...a true superhero save
Nicolás Soto
An example of car control for me. It was very difficult to go faster without lose grip there, especially for the slick tyres when starting to rain. And then we can still have people saying "Alonso is a bad driver, he doesn't know how to drive", but everyone has their opinion, nobody can like or dislike the same driver.
It is just amazing how he handles the car in such situations.
Diesel Jeans
kut duitsers. alonso kampioen!!
it could have been an epic world championship finale for fernando, who's probably the strongest and most complete driver on the grid.
The best save in Formula 1 ever IMO. Was amazed when watching this live.
Passion Cycling
Vytautas LT
When other drivers pick you as the best among them, even you didn't win the Drivers chamionship, you know you are the real deal. Amazing driver, best in the business at the moment.
Absolutley amazing
danny _r27
The true 2012 world champion. Vettel had a way better car than both ferrari drivers and would get beat by webber most of the time at the beginning. If only McLaren hadn't been so unreliable when they ended up having the fastest car at the end. Vettel can only drive with EBD, the best car (2010-2013) and traction control via Kers mechanism(Singapore through Brazil 2013). Good luck trying to cheat Kimi out by team orders, Marco loves Kimi.
Carlos Jul
Alonso is such a great driver
jonathan holohan
nice video this is really super save  off fernando alonso ,,,, was very rainning on circuit and he risk s alot with medium tyres on wet conditions. If he didn t have the awesome skills he could be on the wall , and off course end the race for him . so alonso best driver. cheers.
sabian ivanuta
alonso sucks.
duble kill
tbh if alonso was in a redbull all these years he would've surpasses schumachers record for titles 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. 
Gopher Yusef
Alonso is the greatest driver on the grid today along with lewis and Kimi, If only Ferrari could make a decent racing car he'd have four world titles by now and his 2015 seat wouldn't be in jeopardy. 
Alonso really deserved a title with Ferrari.
Usman Zubair
2012 Driver's Champion - Fernando Alonso
Did someone say formula drift?
In 2011, he still said it was most important how many wins and titles you achieve. That's what he said when being asked about Vettel's achievements in 2011.. Alonso says whatever fits him best in the moment.
"I don't care if I don't win." That's basically what Alonso did in 2012 when he said the number of titles aren't important, but thanks for insulting me. It shows me that you have no argument whatsoever.
Richárd Gonda - LuckyRacer99
Alonso got a big luck.
Richárd Gonda - LuckyRacer99
Who are the commentators?
Senna- Shumacher- F.Alonso.. Todos los demás son iguales....
Alonso, the real champion of 2012.
Just to piss you, Go to the Hell, with your f*cking cheating car. ;) Just the shame :P Oh, and one more, Go to Vettel onboard site (That exist? :D), because that is your place. And aren't you already got one of his helmet? What a shame again..
Haris Abdagic
epic save
Felipe Massa made one of the best saves / overtake in the singapore GP 2012
Vettel - 2011 Canadian GP Don't make me laugh...
I'm a mistake
love ut when f1 druvers show why they are f1 drivers
ah ah good one your comment made me laugh
Ádám Pajor
Unfortunately, the number of the titles doesn't show his real talent. He is much better than a 2 times world champion! His car isn't.
the last race in brasil
No such thing as an amazing save from Alonso.
Correcting once... twice... and three times. Very nice to see, well done Fernando :)
everyone complaining about vettel's car and alonso's driving skills.. the truth is that alonso is very talented, but he is not a team worker, every team he works with is not happy with him, so they could never develop a good car for him. He will be world champion again only if he joins a team with an already competitive car, he won't be able to work with the team to build one like shumacher did in late 90s or vettel now.. he has no patience
Pedro Lopez garcia
...After being helped by two safety cars and the scuderia Toro Rosso, and by Schumacher as well... and by the stewards with the yellow flags.
I don't like Alonso, but I think Vettel should have given him the 2012 title out of respect
with a car like vettel's , even karthikeyan can do that
Mehmet Alpsoy
Even I pooed a little here myself
nah he just know how to save it his moves are robotic like they program him!
Bruno Sousa
Why all the hate on Vettel ? In my opinion he is the best driver ...
He wouldve been Fuuuuuuuuqqed!!
Stijn Bijlsma
Hoe doet hij dat!?
ofek shaltiel
Λουκάς Τζιβελέκης
pit in and lost Championship...so sad. Vettel is the bEST!
Mark Marksson
a prick , but the best out there, no lewis, no sebastian, fernando is the man ! Fernando fits the all time legends list, right next to the big names of sport, and i know that the truth hurts, to the chain man fans , especially :D
fabiano g souza
Alonso " no mistakes, no mistakes, no mistakes, no mistakes, no mistakes, no mistakes, no mistakes, no mistakes, no mistakes, no mistakes, no mistakes, no mistakes, no mistakes, no mistakes, no mistakes, no mistakes, no mistakes, no mistakes, no mistakes, no mistakes, no mistakes, no mistakes, no mis... what is this?" >you receive a Email from Seb Vettel< [Seb Vettel says: hey fernando, i'm with your girlfriend here] Alonso" YOU SON OF A B...'fernando lost the control of the car', relax alonso, focus, no mistakes, no mistakes [...]"
fabiano g souza
i saw better saves than that
"oh oh he is gone"...NO HE ISNT...HE IS ALONSO
For me Alonso WDC 2012...For you too ??
Matt Gourgoville
dude the point is everybody would cry if maldonado beat them in their home race.
Matt Gourgoville
fuck it.
For Sale: A pair of Fernando Alonso's underpants, may need a little cleaning.
Was an amazing race when, I think it had all the attention it could get when Vettel ended Sector 1 lap 1 facing the wrong way.
Raul Libossart del Campo
Si alonso best driver porque no gana nunca? mmmmmmm?
Raul Libossart del Campo
Dos cosas, soy muy inteligente y se mucho de formula uno apostaria que mucho mas que tu. Por cierto sabias que Briatore dijo que Alonso no es lo que la gente se piensa y lo que ha dicho ultimamente Bernie Ecleston, ejem ese si que sabe de formula 1. Pero bueno tu con tu opinion y yo con la mia. Saca una media de carreras realizadas contra resultados obtenidos y Alonso esta muy por debajo de mucho de sus compañeros de parrila. Pero que muy por debajo.
Michele Predieri
Csobán Frankó
Very Nice! Perfect Player!!!!!!!
Timi Akinlonu
I've seen better
Wesleywei 21
Liam Liam
i cant even comprehend how amazing control like this is...fully in tune with the car, pre-empting the slide before its too late, amazing....
pilot would refer to a plane, try driver for cars :)
Alonso is a great pilot im happy that he s in an italian race club.... PS im italianooooooooo
F1 games have got realistic car control right? I can't even keep it pointing in the right direction on drys, that's how awesome that save was
Justin Gulbransen
I crapped my pants just watching this. Amazing reflexes!
Iñaki Cabeza
really?you are genius mothefucker xD
<3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nicolás T
try doing it.... even on a videogame is not easy
Raymond Chau
Vettel got a car from mars
Michael MSC
/watch?v=QD17cX9MvNg Yea... I hope, he win the title next year;)
meletidou kalliopi
Best save in the formula 1
This is why he's the best driver on the grid!
could watch it all day.