SCORPIONS - Coast to Coast ! Wacken 2012 [HD]

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Scorpions and " coast to coast " Live - Wacken Open Air - W:O:A: August 2012 - Germany Klaus Meine - voc., guit. Rudolf Schenker - guit. Matthias Jabs - guit. Pawel Maciwoda - bass James Kottak - drums Labels: Rhino, RCA, EMI HDadvanced - MikeNadi hard rock , heavy metal MikeNadi , MikeNadi2 , MikeNadi3 , MikeNadi4 , MikeNadiSouthern , MikeNadiMetal - HD music video

The best instrumental ever!! Even when it's not totally in tune.
Too bad Rudolfs guitar wasn't tuned
Hoosier Daddy
The best cruising song of all time. I used to crank this up going thru snow covered woods over the roads where I might not get thru in a little Ford Pinto Wagon with a Bubble window in the back. I called it the "Moon Buggy". Love this!
Nomeans No
epic tune epic band, f**** the haters
Anthony Holmes
His guitar isn't "out of tune". Its actually tuned down to D standard. After hearing it I decided to try it in D and that's exactly the same sound I got. Why he decided to do that I can't say, but after playing it like that I actually like it better. But that's just me
Joe Dov
Thanks Mike. Killer riff just love it forever.
Alejandro Lopez Flores
scorpions lo mejor ....saludos desde chile
Jonathan McGuigan
Klaus' guitar maybe out of tune... But at least he's playing it...
4:15 <3
Чудесный музон 😄😄
Alfred Meneses
My nuts are out of tune Can the best tuners here adjust them.please
Felipe dos santos
Excelente banda ótima música perfeita show de bola
Ca cartonne toujours autant !
Jairo Castro
Obra Maestra.
Nik Kim
Matthias - Rudy !!!!!!!!!!!
Go Buy ONE !
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Go Buy ONE !!!
Go Buy ONE !!!
Rudolf sounds out of tune, very loose rendition for this band. Not Tight at all. Regardless, Scorps \m/
Michael Chess
Thats it ... so awsome
Best band..............................
At 3:43 is magic...............
gianfranco monnni
guitar slightly out of tune
One of their best song !
I saw Micheal Schencker with MSG about this same year.
Love it but the one with Michael Schenker in 2006 at the same place blows this one away
Start A Band Duran Roxy Van Halen Sabbath
That Kottack is such a jerk. Not surprised to see what happened in Dubai.
Animal Magnetism was my first piece of Scorpions vinyl... Still have it. Just can't find a functioning turn-table on which to play it. Thank God for i-tunes and the like.
Dildongo Garcia
I can relate to your comment, true fans had Fly To The Rainbow & In Trance records waaaay before others knew this band existed. they went commercial and most so called fans only know them by the shit played on the radio "Rock You Like A Hurricane" is where THEY started being fans pffffffff
Gagar Sniper
MATTHIAS JABS the very best of the best....!!!!!!!!
Ok, so could you point me out a better "coast to coast" version? What is your favorite anyway? Besides, I said "one of the best" not the best. Now, regarding the quality of the material the band have published after early 90's, the fact is (and it is not my possition) that you can not find the diamonds of the 70's and 80's. This is not a blame for the band. I wish every band had the quality and longlivety of the Scorpions. respect!
Daniele Acquavera
Sounds bad and outta tune...
Marcus C
So you admit that you have not heard The Scorpions much since Love at First Sting. This would explain your ignorant comment on this video. Check them out. You missed a lot in the past 30 years, Much better versions of this great song!
How about 30 years? The truth is that after "Love at first sting" I moved on to other bands. But I still listen to them more frequently than the other bands. I literaly grew up with Scorpions and Accept.
Marcus C
Seriously? You must not be a long time Scorpion fan to post that!
Marcus C
The drummer ruined the song! Why are you people asking who it is??? He has his name tattoo`ed on his chest. It is James Kottak. He is a good drummer, but he overplayed to a great song. Guess the Scorpions wanted him to solo through it, but they ruined a great song. Check out Herman Rarebell versions to see how the song is supposed to be played!
Piss poor performance to be honest. Someone's guitar was outa tune, or they couldn't remember their chords.
This drummer is very good! Thanks from Brazil..............
giotis kopa
james kottak
One of the best "coast to coast" performances I have ever heard! A great performance for a great song!
rodrigo oliveira
muito lokooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uuuuhuuhuuu amo sacorpions manoooo!!!!!
Lucas Souza
James kottak the best Drummer!!!!
chevy Dryden
Rudy rocks yeah gay deaf homos
Frédéric Barrichon
Justin Case
Their stageacting is always a bit cringeworthy.
Evan Palmer
What's up, yo? You're A Good Friend. abject careless 11
Anthony G
Mathias is such a cool cat on the 6 strings
Ra N
Whats the point Scott Stiner?
1:44 - 1:45 is that Henjo Richter from Gamma Ray?
Beast 616
Pedazo de tema. Menos mal que para un tema instrumental que tienen es una pasada. En el pabellón les vi la primera vez en el 1988
гитары что то не звучат у них на этом видосе
Isagani Nobleza
scorpions still the best band
Andrea Sicilia
nr unoooooooooooooooooooo
theLoOK Channel
Kottak .... drunk?🤔🤔🤔🤔
tom tom tv the clash
scorpions 👌👌👌👍👍👍✌✌✌
tom tom tv the clash
good!!!!!!! nice good!!!!! im kid!
Petri Nykänen
Great thats it !!
Gérard Mouton
excellent rien à dire ,vu en concert ,c'est du grand ART.........
Is it me or is Rudy out of tune somewhat?
tuning probls,,,
Love coast to coast but this version is terrible so out of tune
Samarjit Sinha
Why is there no song? And how come it's entitled 'Coast to coast' if it's not uttered even once???
Oh c'mon... after 25 seconds I know for sure that it's playbacked.
Venicio Ferreira
Banda top demais
Rudolfs Guitar sound a bit out of tune
Rayane Balduino marques
Salim Haddad
I never want Rudolf to grow old :,(
Now we know why Michael was the lead guitarist and why Rudolph should stick to playing rhythm while acting like a human Venus Fly Trap.
Дмитрий Лукичев
Что с гитарами?
Lucas Souza
James kottak the best Drummer!!!!
Singer Dex
Rudy's guitar is out o' tune!
Bernd Storz
Love the song, but only with Michael Schenker on the lead.
Thomas Luedeke
That drummer is horrid. Please go get Herman Rarebell back. Oh yeah, also don't forget to tune your instruments....
tis' rudolph tryin 2 copy his younger brother michael with michael's tune, shame on u .
Man parts of this version sound like shit!