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Part 2 has been temporarily taken down due to a copyright claim. We are disputing it on fair use grounds and expect it to go back up in a few weeks. In the meantime you can view it here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/311368469?collection=Zd9blDtIVRXyCg
Devon787 Junior
Vegeta: I'm.....Sorry.... Me: Jesus christ.....Did vegeta just apologize?
This was supposed to be funny, i cried
*Trunks kills Frieza* King Cold yells "MY BABY BOY" *Cell kills Trunks* Vegeta yells "MY BABY BOY" DBZ Father Son love 😂
Dingus Dangus
No one else seems to be asking the most important question... Did the lifetime supply of HETAP go to Gohan or Mr. Satan?
Cole Williams
Anyone else notice that Trunks woke up saying yes it's a very nice desk cause of king yamma and his mahogany desk. *MAHOGANY*
Good thing she's 18 cause mah boys Krillin dat ass.
Yamcha: "Hah, gay." Oh...oh wow, they really called back to the very start of the series with that one, didn't they?
Vortex Warrior
Is anybody else depressed that the fact that we will never see 16 ever again. And the song with 16 in it made me even more depressed.
Boogie O'Winston
Kaiser said on Twitter that we shouldn’t expect Season 4 until 2020, which is understandable (to me at least). TFS works very hard to bring us quality content, and for that, I thank them. See ya in 2020.
sForevoo o
Now, plant your feet. Girt your teeth. And *_EAT. THAT. HORSE!!!_* *Horse...* *Eaten.*
A good abridged series can make you laugh, sure, but when you not only inject humor into it but also add to the characters while keeping their own personalities and the story in mind, THAT my friends is when you have an AMAZING abridged series. It's been a pleasure keeping up with DBZA for a solid decade and I have nothing but high hopes for season 4. BTW my favorite scene was a toss up between Cell's farewell song and the bit with Krillin & 18 at the end. Both are great, but i also wanted to say i really appreciate the use of the Bleach OSTs in this. Keep it up guys.
Jesus Christ, vegeta's "MY BABY BOY" had some genuine emotion behind it, i actually got chills
They missed the big one liner they could have ended that fight with... Gohan: HEY, CELL Cell: _As he is being overwhelmed_ Ugh?! Gohan: *D O D G E*
Andrew Dinse
"Gohan, I want to tell you that if you don't do this, Piccolo is gonna die; your mom is gonna die; EVERYONE is gonna die. But before that, YOU'RE gonna die. And you're better than that! You're better than him! You're better than ME!" That was the moment where DBZ Abridged ceased to be merely a 'parody'. That was the moment where DBZ Abridged took arguably Dragon Ball Z's greatest moment and made it even better. I didn't think it was possible to surpass this moment, but they did it. I only wish we'd have gotten such great lines of dialogue in the official dubs.
Jay M
Looking back on it, Yamcha, Krillin, and Tien all casually exchanging dialogue on dying while Vageta has... his "moment" might be one of my favorite scenes from DBZA. Dragon Balls kill the shock value of character death.
I can imagine all the passive aggressive remarks Dende is gonna throw at Videl
User Name
"I'm not even close to that strong...yet"
David Herrera
Did anyone else clap for krillin at the end
PlayStationX-2 Games
Now plant your feet Grit your teeth And EAT THAT HORSE!!!! Team4Star's Goku #Abridged4ever
Bigger Green
tfs Tien > regular Tien
Lab Matt
Finally my boy Krillin gets the ending he deserves.
Sen Geku
Sixteen's chillin in heaven with the birds.
James MC
i love the titles "Meiosis", "Apoptosis", and "Necrosis" because it shows how cells live. Meiosis split into daughter cells aka Cell's children. Apoptosis is when a single cell is dead aka his kamikaze. Lastly Necrosis is when all of the cells in a tissue is fully dead the father-son kamehameha. A nice little Easter egg for the title Edit: In case you don't know you can find the titles in the description of the video. And one last thank you to tfs for one of if not my favorite abridged series on Youtube thank you all
"RAYQUAZA THE GENIE" XD that made me laugh
27:30 I Got Tears In My Eyes.. Thank You TeamFourStar
Totally Not Mark
I was so sure this was gonna be the last episode ever. Thankfully it's not. Super excited to see season 4 when you guys get the chance! Amazing finish to the cell saga and another brilliant episode
Indra Rosalia
Honestly Dragon Ball should ended here. Gohan is wayyyy stronger than his father. He beat Cell (genetic mix of almost every Z Warrior and Frieza). Vegeta swallowed his pride, helping Gohan, and start turning to good man after Future Trunks died. Trunks's problem with Android has been solved. Goku rest in peace because he know Gohan stronger than him. Last but not least, Krillin find his waifu, LOL. Then, there should be an epilogue 2, after epilogue about Future Trunks. After seven years, Goku back from Afterworld for one day to participate on Tenkaichi Budokai. He beat Vegeta in their last match ever, then Vegeta as a good man finally shake his hand and admit he's one step behind Goku. Then Goku lose to Gohan in the final. Peace forever; no Buu, no GT, no Super.
Nathan Scarecrow Lennox
Everything about this was great. This was really were DBZ was at its peak, everything about Gohan and Cell really felt so intense. Considering the rest of DBZ was kind of not meant to be the way it is (Akira wanted Gohan to be the main character from this poubt forward amongst other changes) and it really shows. This abridged did it a lot of justice even with a humorous spin. But its even stranger, because like the buildup in the original show towards this saga, the abridged did the same. Everything before now has been lighthearted, jokingly, cynical, and even in the Abridged version, they still did away with a lot of the lightheartedness for this fight. It really helped revive the intensity the original show had, even if by accident. The dark humor and abridged characters still make this fight extreme, but with a new style and a new mood, which is awesome. I think the best example of what I'm saying here would be Gohan scolding Vegeta and Vegetas response. Something you would never hear in the original show but it did the moment justice. Gohan: And now I'm monoplegic and Cell's going to kill us all! Well we know Gohan's going to continue fighting but he's doing the typical abridged cynicalism and smartassery about the situation. Vegeta: I'm.. sorry... Not only is this big for Vegetas character in the original, but especially in his exaggerated jackass abridged version. The abridged series is self aware at this moment, knowing that they've exaggerated Vegetas anger, pride, and rudeness and he still apologizes. They know the audience has come to know Vegetas personality to in the abridged series and they know the audience is stunned. And to connect with the audience, to really drive home the severity of the situation, they form Gohans response to double check that the audience understands the importance of that moment. Gohan: *Stunned and silent* ...Oh wow we are fucked. They go as far as to for once do away with the censoring "bleep" just to make sure all of us watching got the memo. A small but bad ass moment that really defines the unique change in mood for this fight. TFS has come really far with their story writing. Granted, a lot of these type of moments rely heavily on the contrast of the original show, but the talent is there nonetheless. Good work you guys, its been a hell of a trip.
Spore Maker
"you could wish a billion Zeni, or a nose!" LMFAO
2:12 Vegeta: AAAARGH *_MYYY BABY BOOOOOOOY!!!!!!_* Gohan: VEGETA NO! Vegeta: *_VEGETA_* *_YES!!!!!!!!!!!!_*
This series is such a blessing on YouTube
Kabir Qirati
"So this is how I die Down an Arm and Killed by an Android Why does it feel so Oddly Familiar?" I love it so much that the Creators know about the Series so well Future Gohan was killed the same way so Gohan has a parallel timeline Deja vu
*So did everyone forget about Bojack?.......*
Ryan Laborde
Gohan gets a lifetime supply of Hetap then, right
Jiraiya Chan
Dude that Eighteen moan at the end... 28:12
New Meta Knight
This was pure gold. Cell's song. The dramatic finish-gag. Vegeta and Trunks giving each other the middle finger. Shenron acting super chill and calling himself Bigger Green. The god damn Krillin owned counter in all its glory. Actually badass and serious moments in the middle of all of this. And just Vegeta in general. Just perfection from start to finish. And you are even confirming a Season 4. God damn, my respect to you guys. DBZA is legit the best thing on the internet right now.
eduardo navarro
I'm surprised that no one mentioned the solar flare image on 10:08
Elaine Thorpe
Would you think a saibaman or hurcule could do more damage to cell
Andrew Lutz
"Will return in Season 4" the year is 2318 still no season 4
the dramatic finish joke cought me off guard. 1000/10 nice to see that they will abridge the buu saga, especially since i kept hearing humors how they will stop after android saga
Roberto Ramos
Welp, season 4 until 2020! Im gonna miss this...
Pokin Ryan
BTW, anyone gonna fill out the incomplete Canadian subs?
16...is with the birds now...
Jake Alter
And with that, krillin owned his owned counter
I lost it at the middle finger edit. You are gods amongst humanity.
Kovu Lion
Dragon Ball TeamFourStar Arc is still best DBZ canon
Did I just see an ad? Not that it bothers me I would watch 50 more for TFS but I thought they couldn't do that
The only part I wish they included in this Season Finale was the parts when Krillin, Yamcha, Tien and Piccolo keep attacking Cell by shooting him in the back. Other than that, it was absolutely PERFECT. Kudos to you TeamFourStar, kudos to you!
Expired Water
teamfourstar, thank you for making this. And I don't just mean the episode, but the entire series, and all the other videos you've put out over the last decade. Because of you I got back into Dragon Ball Z after falling out for years. it's been one great ride rediscovering things that I forgot how much I loved. Thank you so much.
my 1st account
RIP perfect cell you had the biggest boner for frank sinatra.
Lizbeth Martinez
I feel like my seven year old self. I went through tough times when I was younger but I remember this show was something nice. a safe zone if you will, for my younger, lonely and scared self. Thank you for your awesome job, dudes! Can't wait for season 4! Lots of love for every single one of you who made enjoying this show again with renewed enthusiasm happen!
I was hoping with all my might that instead of Vegeta blasting Bell while he was in the beam struggle that he would throw a dog treat at him.
Γιώργος Γραμμ
23:17 Everyone powers up to fly, but Yamcha goes all out lol
So you have decided to do the Buu Saga... Good. Because this was fun and it dosen't matter how long the episodes take between each other, I am sure it will be worth the wait.
Darrian Weathington
Roll for baton pass. *rolled 0* subtracting fan debuff *Critical failure* not only did Goku not die and come back and stronger than before and Gohan faded away into a memory while his weaker little brother became stronger than him
taha elhour
I thinK it was made of MAAAHOGONYYY
Darrian Weathington
So Gohan can see alternate universe's and Goku can See the Future? What is this Gundam?
Cameron Troutman
Bojack Unbound is officially coming soon!
The Haves and the Have Nots Review
I hope this means we'll get a "special episode" or something where Future Trunks goes to his timeline to kill Cell and the Androids!
The 3rd Raul
*can I get a rip in the chat for me 🅱️oi trunks*
I'm honestly really happy for Krillen
I seriously love you guys. You are the shit. Keep doing what your doing.
You guys did a phenomenal job with this. Hard to believe how long you have kept it going and how far y'all have come. Can't wait for season 4 : D
GUYS . . I just came back from the future and the future of TFS and DBZA is gonna be shway! Like Atomic-Shway!!!
They forgot to censor Gohan at 4:10 lol
Did Goku get a semi-functioning brain during that explosion or something?
Leonidas Gouskos
who wants to see trunks destroy his timelines androids and cell? Cause i sure do
Also the way they did the credits had me scared, I was thinkin "Omg please tell me that it's not over (T-T)"... *TFS will return for season 4* Me: (TuT)
French Translation Please =D
Yeah, thanks for specifying "on Earth", by the way! *YAMCHA* ! *YOU* *ASSHOLE* !! Thats easily my favorite part about this episode.
3:51 English(Canada) Subtitles. CinemaSins cameo.
Flaming French Fries
What version of gohans theme is THIS
Thank you, thank you so much for letting me relive my childhood through your awesome parody.And with 16 sitting there to the music box cover of Umnei no Hi I knew that a long lasting adventure had come to an end. I was already crying then you hit me with the Season 4 announcement which didn't make it better. I'm not too good with words, so I'll just say thank you very much for persevering up until this point and bringing us this great content!
SawmanJ YT
Ive watched the bit where goku says bye a billion times but it always gets to me Even tho he alive again in dbz kai
Zachary Schaefer
I was glad to see 16 in heaven with his birds. Guess he did have a soul after all. 😫
You all did great work, but I've really got to say that Kaiser is doing amazing editing. Good job.
Eduardo Sablatura
Goku and Cell I feel like Cell needs to live on, his personality is sooo good. So run a story about him getting revived like everyone else bc technically he killed him self by pissing Gohan on purpose! Since he isn’t really shown in the Buu saga he can be what Napa is to Vegeta, with Goku (phone calls, dreams and what not)like they have a thing with behind everyone’s back!! It’d be AMAZING Goku and Cell Always talking please like this for TFS to see🙏🏻🙏🏻 Alsssoo bc this would be AMAZING
Kyle Shepherd
Holy shit so many great moments through so many years. We don’t deserve you TFS but thank you for working so hard for us. And AWESOME payoff for Krillin and 18 after such a great line back before she was absorbed
18:34 Literally the fanbase when we thought dragon ball is ending
Goku: SEE?! I'm not even close to that. Yet.
Flash Guard
This honestly has been one of the greatest rides in the past 3 seasons. I thought it would stop at 3 but a 4th sounds great. I shall keep hopes for Dragon Ball Super Abridged. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you guys! All of team 4 star for all your hard work and effort you put into this. Seriously. THANK YOU
You guys should make buu saga abriged
Macro Mondo
YES, WE'RE HAVING A SEASON 4 EVERYBODY!!!! LET THE DRAGON KEEP ROARING!!! TFS just...thank you, thank you so much for taking a show that means the world to my childhood, analyzing it, making a comedy out of the original story and improving the writting and history through humorous and serious tones JUST LIKE THE ORIGINAL, you've always looked at Dragon Ball Z with respect and at your audience with Love, and i honestly couldn't help myself from crying with Goku's message, laughing with joy at Krillin's well deserved shining moment, and then cry again in happyness with that ending art of 16, keep on being awesome guys, Kami knows you might be a parody, but through you the new generation can discover what we of the older generation considered AWESOME, while we all have a good laugh.
I've watched this thing multiple times since it came out. God, the final Kamehameha between Cell and Gohan, topped with Cell's "My Way"...I seriously get chills. It's perfect.
Justin Burns
8:47 Vegeta: "THAT... WAS FOR... M'BOY..."
Johnathan McPherson
Finally Canadian subtitles are out
Is no one going to comment on the Solar Flare picture at 10:08?!
Ive watched this like 5 times and can't get Cell's song out of my head.
Zubair Jawad
The best ending in any of there seasons so far
Also the most inspirational line ever..."Now plant your feet, grit your teeth, and EAT THAT HORSE!"
Hungry Goku
Denda is going to be mad when gohan show him veldel
Logan Shinall
Vegeta: Best Dad since 2:12 R.I.P. Super Perfect-er Cell. Krillin owned that last scene. Masterpiece. TFS nailed it.
A great finale. Onestly this makes such a good finale I kind of wish DBZA was ending here. Because while there are good things in it, I find this all in all a better ending than the Buu arc or GT and kind of wish the original series had just called it quits here.
Music box melody plays over image of 16 with the birds in heaven. Tears instantly stream down my cheeks. Jesus you guys are good at what you do
8:36 Carefull Cell, your Frieza is showing.
Abudel Khan
They will be back when there is buu saga