Runaway Instrumental (remake)

In light of yeezy latest album i thought i may aswell attempt to remake the mellow 'runaway' beat.....Enjoy @misterdee_

Apparently this should be played during graduations
great job, best instrumental I've found
Lovro Žitnik
Glad to see this song in which the voice of our generation is finally silent.
Seamus Mintrom
Everyday Interviews 615
Has to be the best one so far
Daniel Sarmiento
Alex Smith
Good shit
Scott Emmer
dan bursuc
Very good
Kaden Sanderson
Hey man, do you mind if I use this in a performance for a college class? I'm mashing it up with another song by The Killers, and I'd give credit to you for the track. I'd really appreciate it :)
Steve Charcas
Very well put together. Thank you
Kamo Songs
Is this free?
Astro Queen
Wish I could find this on iTunes
CapriSkooma hopl
Tyler Baldessari
diig it. real good shit.