Joe Rogan Experience #1169 - Elon Musk

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Elon Musk is a business magnet, investor and engineer.

The New Travel
While everyone is focusing on Elon, I just want to point out that this podcast cements Joe Rogan's place as one of the greatest interviewers of all time.
Erwin Matic
From Mike Lee [00:00:00] 20k Not a Flamethrower sold in 4 days [00:04:00] Boring company - why it started [00:07:00] Boring company - how it started [00:10:00] How Elon manages it's time, how does he has time to do everything [00:12:30] AI [00:21:00] AI + Regulations [00:24:30] AI - Neuralink: Major announcement in the following months [00:29:30] Whisky time [00:34:00] Chimps and bonobos [00:38:00] Social media and effects on people [00:42:00] VR and simulation [00:48:00] Simulations [00:54:00] Checking out weapons [00:55:00] Tesla time! [01:05:00] Tunnels and Flat Earth movement [01:08:30] Tesla roadster performance package (cold gas thrusters, 10k psi) [01:10:00] Flying cars / magnet roads [01:13:00] Planes [01:21:00] Energy consumption [01:26:00] Back on Tesla and cars - Roadster, Autopilot [01:33:00] On people suing Tesla when they break a foot instead of dying [01:45:00] Another glass of whisky [01:45:30] Bottlenecks and what is holding Elon's companies [01:53:00] What keeps you up at night? (Tesla bottlenecks + history of Tesla's bottlenecks) [02:00:00] Tesla Solar roof [02:04:00] Tesla may make products for the house (A/C ?) [02:05:00] Watches [02:10:00] Puffing on a joint [02:15:30] What is the hardest part being you? [02:28:00] Space colonization [02:33:00] Twitter [02:36:00] Ending
Salty Videos
Give us a PART 2!!
Elon got so much shit for his puff at 2:10:35 and there were damn articles written about his expression like he was trying to act like a stoner or something... WTF... all he did was a momentary expression, kinda curious, kinda weirded out by the experience, raised an eyebrow, smirked, and that was that. He didn't sit around with this face like he was Mr Cool Pot Smoker. My god those lunatics writing those articles. It is like when someone takes a picture and you are mid expression and look weird, photobombing yourself essentially. Those jerks took like three frames and tried to make entire articles about it. Regressive imbeciles.
2:21:15 Joe: "what's it like constantly having ideas" Elon: "like a constant explosion" Joe: "explain it like you're talking to a dumb person like me" Elon: *"like a constant explosion"* savage
Judah B
Elon actually thinks before he speaks.
Ron whittaker
He’s definitely the most chill billionaire on earth.
Jackson Laframboise
Why does Elon look more like hes loading than thinking?
Fuck You
The host of Fear Factor showing his samurai sword to the billionaire that’s taking humans to mars on a podcast is the best representation of 2018 that I want to remember it by.
Sarah Fimm
“It’s easy to demonize people. You’re usually wrong about it. People are nicer than you think. Give people more credit.” – Elon Musk
Jo Po
I love Elon, but they need to reprogram his laugh when he gets back to Westworld.
Zeros DaBast
*What a legend... I feel sympathetic for the generations that will read about him on the history books...*
Thinking before speaking. That's a lost art. Or so I thought.
Chronic Skillz
Elon musk leaves school: Space X Mark Zuckerburg leaves school: Facebook Bill Gates leaves school: Microsoft You leave school: McDonalds GG
Jeremy Hogue
“Alcohol is a drug, it was just grandfathered in.” - Elon Musk
Glenn Matthews
And the ONE THING that the media latches onto... Is the fact that Elon smoked a legal plant.
Shubham B
Elon musk is so woke that he Sold his bed.
Anton Carlsson
The fact that Elon is wearing two t-shirts proves he's alien.
James bradley
"Pit" - Elon Musk
Saucey Dave
2:10:10 when they light up. Your welcome
H. Brown
joe "I put on my cutest shirt to show my cleavage for mr musk" Rogan
Cleivis Alfama
Elon Musk 2020 President?
Elon musk is just a likable guy.
Apple Juice Simpson
*_I live by SpaceX, in a suburb of Waco._* When they test their rocket engines, everything hung up on the walls of my house starts to shake, the windows start rattling, and you hear a low rumble from outside. I think it's pretty awesome honesty, and everyone else around here doesn't seem to mind either. *_That's Texas for ya!_*
Zakarias Rif Berggren
I kept thinking of something during the interview, how does he know everything? He sure is a smart man, one of the smartest i would say; but how does he have the answers to everything? And IT HIT ME, as he is the one that came up with the idéa of us using an AI interface that would make us basically sentient; how big are the odds that Elon Musk is CURRENTLY beta or alpha testing the Neural Link? I mean wouldn´t it be logical for him to be using it? This is not some rant but rather something i think is really interesting. Please make this reach top and i would really like discussions about this if possible.
Jo Po
Elon is an amazing credit to society. And for anyone questioning Tesla's battery technology, Elon lasted over two and a half hours without having to be plugged in.
Adam Ross
You can tell Joe was nervous for this interview based on his shirt choice.
Shakeel Ahmed
I feel smarter and more motivated to do something productive after this Thank you
The Truth of the Matter
Living proof that autism doesn't equal handicapped
Bruno Choueri
Loved it but the interview certainly downgraded after Joe smoked. A lot more talking and a lot less listening.
Betterment Boss
Who else is spending their Friday night watching this masterpiece?
Alejandro Basaldúa
Like a read somewhere, Joe Rogan is like Oprah for men haha.
James Grover Windham
Happiness = Reality - Expectation
Wayne Stanar
I like Elon he gets straight to the point even when he is telling a story, other people would be like "in space balls there is a yoda guy seeling merc he had a lunch box and a talking doll and then a flamethrower" nope Elon "Spaceballs. Yoget. Flamethrower" boom, done moving to the next story I don't have time to be bored with you. I like that whish more people were like that. I get so frustrated when people take forever to get to the point.
Javy Huerta
Spider-man is from New York City. Batman is from Gotham. Damnit Joe.
He didn't even inhale, he was just being polite to Joe.
Mayur Arun
Thank you Mr. Rogan I’m rewatching this
Leonard Hyre
1:11:50 Joe Rogan " So what about a magnet road? Elon Musk "ha-ha-ha" Joe Rogan thinks to himself (this guy definitely ain't human) edit: Just actually listened to what joe said. "Ooh! Creepy"
Marty 44
I put off watching this podcast cause of the smoking weed drama and wanted to make my own mind up about it. I listened to it, there is no issue with weed- it's just two guys having a conversation and it's more mind blowing than weed can ever make you think! Top show, well done!
Leonardo Vaz
15:40 is he reading? look at his eye balls
Jo Po
Elon's next business idea, to help fund Tesla, should be a new men's cologne called Elon's Musk. It should be sold in little collectable glass, or metal, SpaceX rockets and Tesla cars.Thank me later.
Cameron Craig
Anybody else think that Elon musk is an alien and his plans to travel to mars is just part of his elaborate plan to get home lmao
Musk is fascinating to watch, his mannerism and talking is hypnotic.
Cuyler McCarthy
Anyone else think Elon Musk is a robot
Luis Ramos
I'm pretty sure he successfully tested the neural link on himself. Someone needs to ask him...
Hair Jordan
“We should dig this pit and then, like, show Eric.” - Elon Musk
Adopted By Samurai
20:28 10 second silence followed by an alien response. I'm scared
Callan Morrison
I think he has high functioning autism.
Chi Sox
This is the modern day equivalent to having Thomas Edison on a podcast in the 19th century
Hassan Abdillahi
watching the entirety of this on LSD was lovely. comical and some points, but very weird at others. loved it.
When Musk said ‘ I’m an alien’ and then smirked.....yes, maybe he really is.
Musk thinks he's in a simulation because he lives a charmed existence that's more exciting than 99.9999% of the population. He actually is one of the main characters on the planet. That's enough to seriously warp your perception of reality. For most people, life is pretty boring.
I actually learned so much from this podcast, it's amazing how knowledgeable both these guys are.
Antonia K Moore
The main difference between Elon Musk and I, plus many people, is that he has the finances to execute his ideas. I have ideas all the time but not the resources to bring them to fruition. Key is to pick one, focus on that, then that will open the door to all your other project so long as it makes money but the con is you also need money for marketing #catch22
This is the scariest shit Ive ever seen!
Yup nope
People are already freaking out about this interview . I like musk even more now knowing he can relax, smoke a joint, and enjoy a drink with a friend without worrying how people view it. History will look kindly upon Musk
eric anton
Very interesting robot.
The Truth of the Matter
When Elon pauses it seems as if he is getting a download lol to respond to Joe's question. Which he may very well be
Daniel Bick
33:33. Elon Musk eats ice. Confirmed.
Veeranna A.Y
How to become the next Joe Rogan ?
Elon Musk truly is like a real life movie character. The pseudo-omniscient mad genius who only speaks in cryptic, fragmented sentences.
Veeranna A.Y
If Joe Rogan starts a cult i will join it !!
Thalia Velázquez
I discovered that I can listen to Elon Musk talk for hours and I'll never get bored.
Adrian Clark
We *need* a million Elon musks
Jo Po
The Elon 5000 just passed the Turing test.
Seth Boehm
I'm now officially an elon musk fanboy
*hits blunt* what if we just bought space
alucard alucardidis
2:16:21 was a very honest and unexpected answer. He almost made me cry. He is compensating for all the idiots that are out there. HEIL MUSK!
Veeranna A.Y
Joe Rogan should write a book
Kurt Cumming
Joe Rogan is my Oprah
Brandon Burns
See how long it takes him to answer a question its very odd he defiantly thinks even simple questions out very cautiously before speaking
Paul M
Would love to see Elon Musk on Waking up with Sam Harris.
Broderick Daniel
😂😂 the curiosity on Elon’s face is priceless @2:10:05
Joe talks my language, Elon is an incredible person. Both are living legends. This conversation is interesting and worth the time.
Ahh yes, my favourite African American.
Very interesting interview, however as someone who has built both machine learning and deep learning models I would have to disagree with elon. We are no where near this AI sci-fi danger reality. AI, self-driving cars, machine learning, deep learning work in similar ways. All AI under the hood is just complex statistics and math. Specifically trigonometry, regression and linear algebra. AI is just statistical models that are built using the following steps: 1. a training data set is included to the model that has a input and the correct/expected output. example: a picture of a dog with the label "dog" 2. Fancy math is used such as vector multiplication and eigenvalues to covert the input to a matrix. example: The picture of a dog is turned to a matrix of numbers where literally each pixel is converted into a number. 3. The software runs the training data and tries to find a numerical pattern in the matrices. It has a certain success percentage. This is the "learning" part of machine learning. example all the pictures of dogs have a certain pattern of pixels, since each pixel is represented by a number the software can "learn" the pattern of numbers that represents a picture of a dog. 4. Logistic regression is used to get the model to at least a 90% success rate 5. A testing data set is now introduced. A testing data has inputs but no outputs or labels. The software has to now use what it learned in the training dataset to guess the correct output or label to the input for the testing dataset. The testing dataset has similar but different inputs than training dataset. Example both have pictures of dogs but different pictures. 6. The model has to apply the label or output to the input. Example a picture of a dog has to be labeled dog and a picture of a cat is labeled cat. This is not a hypothetical example but has been done. Amazing stuff No offense to elon, we are no where close to AI doomsday. AI is just mostly math and statistics. EDIT: Thumbs up so people who are worried about doomsday AI can see!
Ray Martinez
I thought he was an alien before they stated that. Interesting. Elon Musk for President.
MarcDaniel Erasmo
This is a proper interview unlike that 60 minutes crap.
Greg Beals
"Someone's going to bottle it and sell it as a fragrance to French people in another dimension" THIS IS WHY I WATCH JOE ROGAN lol
Downloading laugh:...Complete: "Ha Ha Ha."
Accidental music
So you are a God see Elon you have created what you can't control. The ultimate sin .reminds me of a song by death called pull the plug . EVERYTHING. mr musk can it water ski through a revolving door. Can it create a rock so big it can't pick it up.can it save your soul. Can it be fruitful and multiply.
Kristena Patron
Elon daddy ❤️
Денис Семенов
Илон Красавчик!
Elon’s body movements are robotic...
I woke up this morning to reading a slew of slander regarding Elon Musks appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience last night. Leave it to the mainstream news media to take a 2 hour and 37 minute interview filled with highly intellectual talking points, and reduce it down to a CEO getting drunk and smoking weed with samurai swords & flamethrowers. Last time I checked, Elon Musk is over the age of 21, and lives in a state where recreational marijuana is legal. The man is worth 19.1 billion dollars. He is the founder, CEO, and lead designer of SpaceX; co-founder, CEO, and product architect of Tesla, Inc.; co-founder and CEO of Neuralink and co-founder of PayPal. God forbid the man takes a break from his work to enjoy the finer things in life, like a glass of whiskey and a hit of weed. It's ironic that Elon mentioned that all we need is love, but woke up this morning to a plethora of hate. Maybe if people prioritized their time worrying about their own problems instead of creating unnecessary new ones, the world would be a better place. And by the way, you can tell by the way Elon hit the blunt that he’s not a recreational weed smoker. Unfortunately, he's too busy changing the world, not getting high like the rockets he sends into space.
Ellis Island
Does Elon get really emotional @ 1:19:15 onwards .... he seems to really well up. A new side to him I've never seen.
Jason Theobald
What did elons shirt say? Occupy ???? Probably space or Mars yea? Nvm..... I c
2:10:25 meme part.
alamba Kosins
Dope smoking with Joe Rogan don't slo-mo my pace man When I'm in MySpace it's actually space man
Best podcast of all time. Hands down.
Bails Dug
He’s so attractive. Would love to suck him off. 😩
Jason Theobald
Joe. Ya got great charisma kid but your line of questioning was all over the place. I dont think I could do any better given my humble social status but hindsight is a helluva drug.
jonny blauwal
bugger me this just mesmerizing...............
Miku Peng
I came back here just to say how great this interview is after having to see so many unbearable ones recently, especially the latest one from 60 minutes. Elon musk is a great being, and he needs to be surrounded by more people like Joe Rogan
Elon seemed depressed explaining that the politicians wouldn't listen, that it was futile, that AI ruling over us is inevitable, etc. and that level of fame, money, intelligence comes with a lot of stress it seems. I hope Joe and Elon become good friends, would be good for the world to hear more.
Hansiel 2004
Elon is a weird guy.
2:23:30 Oh shit... So having thoughts & inventions running in your mind all the time isn't normal? I thought everyone was like that but just didn't have the means to build it or money to realize it. Calling it "rare" makes it so awkward.
The Truth of the Matter
Elon "I wish there were more things" Musk
Thank you!
Commando Master
I can't believe Joe got Elon Musk on here!