Joe Rogan Experience #1169 - Elon Musk

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Elon Musk is a business magnet, investor and engineer.

The New Travel
While everyone is focusing on Elon, I just want to point out that this podcast cements Joe Rogan's place as one of the greatest interviewers of all time.
FKA Dorian
"If you want a flying car just put some wheels on a helicopter". - ELON MUSK
Hope LTK
This is how many more years elon musk would live 👇
A hole in the ground is better than no hole in the ground. -Elon Musk 2018
Listening to Elon talk for over 2 hours straight makes me feel like I can come up with the cure for cancer or something lol
Judah B
Elon actually thinks before he speaks.
This is just the high school wrestling captain and robotics team captain having a civil chat.
I love how Elon’s laugh is literally “ha ha ha”
[20:37] "I tried to convince people to slow down.. slow down AI, to regulate AI. This was futile. I tried for years. Nobody listened.. Nobody listened." And he says this like he's not joking. WTF!?!
He always refers to people as Humans...kind of trippy after saying that he is “Alien” lol! Don’t forget to swing by Our Family Channel too! Almost 100k Subs!
Betterment Boss
Who else is spending their Friday night watching this masterpiece?
Bradley Griffith
I've watched this so many times and still can't stand that Joe didn't ask him good space related questions. I request JRE - Elon Musk Part II.
Fabian Hernandez
Joe Rogan : Do People Get Upset At You If You Do Certain Things..? Elon Musk : 'smokes blunt' One Day Later: Telsa's shares drops 6%
Sy Bodin
Is anyone else creeped out when Elon talks? As if hes looking into the future for every response he gives and doesn't flat out give the answer but does it sutley. And the silence in the room is really creepy.
An Angry Yordle
Intelligence is a gift, but it can be a curse, because it makes you aware of a lot of things you don't wanna be aware of, it makes you nihilistic and pessimistic. I know almost no highly intelligent person who didn't suffer from depression at some point during their life.
Glenn Matthews
And the ONE THING that the media latches onto... Is the fact that Elon smoked a legal plant.
ayush kumar
World no 1 podcast for a reason. A lot of future in 2 hours 47 minutes
Two Niner
So let me get this straight: Elon talks about artificial intelligence and the singularity, biologically interfacing with neural nets, and magnetic levitation in vacuum tunnels, and the only thing the fake news media reports from interview is that "ELON SMOKES WEED!" For us to appreciably and optimally advance as a society we need to find a way to bypass the media entirely; there should be no political spin, factual fragmentation, or bias layer between events and their download to our consciousness. Our brains are after all more than capable of computing outcomes in but a few seconds of critical thought. Of course then we'd risk depreciating our intuition, since to quote Star Trek from memory of Geordi La Forge of Next Generation: "All those things that confuse the hell out of us, that make us second guess ourselves, well, we need those thoughts because we almost never have all the facts."
2:10:20 that’s what you are here for
John McLain
This guy is weird. He’s beyond genius. I guess you can’t be normal when you think different then everyone else.
H. Brown
joe "I put on my cutest shirt to show my cleavage for mr musk" Rogan
Lucas A Alvarez
I liked the interview. However it was hilariously awkward at times. Lol
Why does it sound like Elon Musks accent changes every time he talks
Ken M.
I sense an overwhelming feeling of loneliness from Elon
Andro guy
The 5 second pause before every answer tho!
Jo Po
Elon is an amazing credit to society. And for anyone questioning Tesla's battery technology, Elon lasted over two and a half hours without having to be plugged in.
Miss Andi
Real life Tony Stark
Max Zinda
"Back then 20,000 horses died each year, and you'd need a horse to drag away the dead horse....Theyd probably get pretty freaked out yno...Why am I dragging this dead horse around? and I'm a horse" -Elon Musk
Long Jawn
"Elon Musk interview was hard" - Joe Rogan
Kacey Goodson
This was a great interview. I didn't take him as stiff. I just think he's thoughtful. He's so smart maybe he comes off a bit strange to others but most geniuses do don't they.
Jo Po
I love Elon, but they need to reprogram his laugh when he gets back to Westworld.
"Elon Musk is a business magnet, investor and engineer."
I was seriously expecting Elon to thrust that sword into joe and then look at the camera with a grin then everything goes black 54:49
*hits blunt* "...lets put magnets on car bumpers" LMAO this podcast was awesome
Joe has proven with this interview that he can hold his own.
People are already freaking out about this interview . I like musk even more now knowing he can relax, smoke a joint, and enjoy a drink with a friend without worrying how people view it. History will look kindly upon Musk
Mountain Channel
It makes me happy to know that Elon chews ice
Mary Chastain
Soooo, I knew Elon Musk was smart, but DAMN. This dude is on another level. 😱😱😱😱
Anthony Young
Kudos to Joe Rogan to have a one on one interview with Elon and not miscommunicate and misinterpret what he says. Is really exceptional.
Zach Thurow
Elon Musk's social interaction is unlike anyone I've ever seen... like he's pretty dang charismatic but also he has a subtle element of social awkwardness... the relationship between those two traits is unlike any combination I have ever seen. Also, I think the way his thought process relates to his speech patterns is very unique.
Jo Po
Elon's next business idea, to help fund Tesla, should be a new men's cologne called Elon's Musk. It should be sold in little collectable glass, or metal, SpaceX rockets and Tesla cars.Thank me later.
Anthony Young
Elon for president 2020
Rino Ibanez
Joe ”Spider man protects Gotham City” Rogan
i hesitate to "idolize" people but... Elon Musk is a gift to humanity
- Cxlgxte -
he sounds so insecure about being recorded for a guy that builds flamethrowers and colonizes planets
He didn't even inhale, he was just being polite to Joe.
Ebony Says
I actually feel a deep sadness coming from Elon Musk, to constantly be hyperactivly thinking of new ideas must be maddening! He's a mad genius!
This is literal evidence to me, of which the measurement of "intelligence" can never be one dimensional like in the illusion that our schools and authorities display. Joe Rogan... smart guy, evidence of multi-capacity thinking in different spectrums, I think most people can agree that Joe definitely displays an interestingly high level of intelligence. Elon Musk.... also a very intelligent man, however you can tell just by this interview of how different they think. Joe's speedy yet logical responses to people, indicate his advanced spectrum of practiced thought patterns and extremely socially aware capabilities. Elon however, takes his time with his responses (like me) and while sometimes appearing as "slow thinking" to normal people, its actually just an overdrive of thinking and selecting which thought to physically carry out. Brains this advanced are not as easy to operate and people do not understand this. There are more controls and more options to choose from, thoughts often contradicting each other or attempting to exonerate each other, but you gradually get better at managing such a complicated brain over time, but the difficulties will always be there. The point is, I don't think Joe is smarter than Elon. I also don't think Elon is smarter than Joe. Intelligence isn't one dimensional so it doesn't make sense to measure it like so. Modern education still does not seem to understand this. That's why we must teach according to individual learning styles, not categorizing us by useless identifications like "age" and "instruction-following-skills". The way the mind works is far more advanced to generalize from our outside observations.
Mystery Man
Musk for president
Michael Smyrnakis
Elon before the drink : Business talk Elon after the drink : "Chimps are mean.."
Jo Po
The Elon 5000 just passed the Turing test.
Ozymandias ➊
99 % of people wont read this but Have a fantastic day 1 % :)
Samuel Starr
"nobody listened" he already holds the key to the matrix. hes censoring his thoughts and answers so hard. :/
Saad Khan
is it just me or this is really the best podcast ever?
I wonder if Musk already implemented AI in his own brain, it seems like it.
Best podcast of all time. Hands down.
Mario Solis
you know, most Joe podcast i enjoy them audio only, but this one i was just fsacinated by Elon's body language and how much he puts enphasis in every word he chooses to use..
Kaiya Rogers
It's incredible that Elon Musk is as humble as he is. As if he does nothing more than flip burgers. Not at all like Neil Degrasse Tyson where you can pick up on his condescending air and irrefutable arrogance. Elon Musk seems like a pretty down to earth dude, albeit very awkward. Love Joe Rogan, too. This interview is 👏🏽 I'm watching it for the first time. Took me long enough 😂
Randy Garcia
Watching this while being super baked makes you paranoid
Vanilla Gorilla Adventures
DAMN I got high as f and literally watched this entire video while eating a huge bag of funyuns . Im so freaked out but somehow also have a erection ......... best worst night ever
Joshua E.
Interview of the year, possibly the decade.
Hello _
New theory: Elon is a reincarnation of Nikola Tesla, but still has the information he gained before he died.... It explains so much
It was truly fascinating watching Elon express his vulnerability. That the strength of his mind is also his greatest burden. Also seeing that he holds Joe in equally high regard as Joe holds him was beautiful. This was probably the best podcast yet.
Thor Price
Hey joe, my name is Thor Price, from the Gold Cost, Australia. I'm a long time supporter of u n you channel. Your interview with Elon Musk has been one of your very best to date. But I know you will probably never read this, but I would really like to ask you to have Elon back on your show one day, this has been a very informative and eye opening experience, and I would love to be able to see more of the real side of Elon. Hopefully if this happens I'll be able to hear more about his ideas on space collision and Space X, I again thank you for being able to provide every listener with this chance to be able to have more of an idea of what is going on in the mind of probably the most important and influential person of this century so far. Cheers from down under!
Hair Jordan
“We should dig this pit and then, like, show Eric.” - Elon Musk
Jake Ramos
All the people that disliked this were the people texting Elon “what the hell are you doing smoking weed?!”
He is a fascinating human being, but definitely autistic or aspergers. He seems to take things very literally, Joe has a rough time making conversation for sure - but I feel he handles it wrong (later in the podcast). He needs to leave him more time to finish a thought
yungtruk (Bleqk)
Elon pauses before giving his answer because in his head he's translating what Joe said from English to Alien
King CAS
theres a weird charm to his social awkwardness
When Musk said ‘ I’m an alien’ and then smirked.....yes, maybe he really is.
My King
I love his shirt: Occupy Mars
Raider Sheen
when Joe asks Elon how it feels to be Elon Musk, i cant but help think he feels the most lonely person on earth
Hadi Saab
Trust me Elon is something else he is probably one of the smartest people on earth, he does not think like us which is why i think he finds it hard to explain himself and his ideas while having such an interview
The model S,X, and 3. S3X He did that on purpose.
Micah Buzan
His intelligence is refreshing. He's pretty calm and introverted.
Pao Lee
Is it just me or does Elon Musk resemble the Iron man alot?
Ruuku Tube
2:05:36 Yeah, you could do the same thing and create a little charger that's based on uhh... wrist movement... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Huehuehueh
They should clone Elon and sell copies of him. He's an amazing AI. He had one glitch before he hit the blunt.
James Russ
Greatest human being alive today.
Downloading laugh:...Complete: "Ha Ha Ha."
Joe ''magnetic system'' Rogan
Meme Sauce
Erick Solis
I’m too stupid for this conversation, lol.
francis christopher
the democrats will pander to robots for votes pretty soon.
i'm glad to be living in the time of Rogan and Musk.
He acts like someone with autism but is functional.
Joseph Collins II
At points he almost talks in this past tense when speaking of AI. "I tried to warn them, they wouldn't listen" If anyone has been to the future, Elon has. He's John Connor.
Luna Zavroski
Joe Rogan : Is this Joe Rogan‘s official real YouTube page? I want to reach Elon musk because I found out he has an advance neuro science department. My child’s brain shrinks and grows on and off causing severe harsh health problems and no doctor anywhere in the world can give her a diagnosis, maybe Mr. Elon researchers/scientists and this department will have some answers/help hope. Thank you for anything in advance !
I would just like to take a second to applaud these two men
Adam's Lab
Crazy, this is only a few days old and it's already the most viewed JRE Podcast of all time.
RoRo Cruz
"...Pass that whiskey" 🤣
Vyguard Elite
Man creates systems to make A.I. A.I. has realization of existence. Man marvels at the technological advancements. A.I. commits suicide via self destruction at realization a lesser life form was able to create it. Man wins.
Hes holding back he knows a lot more about ehats going on than hes saying. Who has or where is the master control so we can hit the off button
Eisa Kamran
I like listenning to Elon say pit
bruh _
LOVE how he was G enough to smoke weed even tho "politics"
Dana black and white
The biggest achievement of Elon musk is getting his hair back from being bald just few years ago. Damn cant get this much density by hair transplant.
Danielle Weare
> there was a time where there were gasoline cars and horses on the street at the same time there still are in bulgaria lmao
The Legacy Show
"Nobody listened..."
Marcin Adamowicz
11min into the podcast and I can say it's the best podcast so far on any channel (IMHO)
Ahh yes, my favourite African American.