Children of Bodom - Living Dead Beat

Check out my profil page for my equipment and tabs! Watch it in high quality and stereo here: /> I hit a lot of wrong notes and I think it's one of the most difficult songs of Bodom cause it's full of fast and tricky elements. Hope you enjoy! Tab:

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coool i wish i could play like this
Really good guy
i gotcho back. great job by the way!!!
William Ga
What are your amps ? and you use a pedal ? You're very good :p
AH Scubby
dude your tab up there ^ is like wack, why can't it be like pdf or something? i have to download all this stuff and i can't access it which is gay cuz it is probably legit considering this cover is spot on
James Morton
@masterguitar95 I think you're forgetting bassists.
Abel BM
BEST T SHIRT IN THE ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD!!! xD i saw Alexi with this t shirt in an interview i fucking lold xD
this is awesome, no fuckin way man, bes cover ive ever seen
Ajay George Joseph
omg..nice cover and nice shirt :P
Woh! how did u learn the part from 3.43 - 4.00 ? i would like to learn that too! :)
Arnau Giribet
perfect as always!
wtf 3:50-4:00 mind=blown
very cool dude. you achieved a great tone too
well lets see you do any better you fuckin, dumb bitch nigga, hatin, mutha fucka!!! dont come here and talk shit just cause you suck. i bet you dont like what im tellin you right now huh bitch? well niether does the guy your talkin shit on, so shut the fuck up bitch!!!
AH Scubby
@bodombeachterror666 yeah haha well i'm one of those people i plan to get it eventually but regular service has done me well till now.
Benedict Liew
nice dude, pretty tight playing. good job man and doesn't alexi have that same shirt too?
Jesse Bennett
Close, alexi has that sticker on his white/black sawtooth ;P
Sam Peeters
really good playing man
4:14 coooool
I need your shirt..... NOW.