Children of Bodom - Living Dead Beat

Check out my profil page for my equipment and tabs! Watch it in high quality and stereo here: /> I hit a lot of wrong notes and I think it's one of the most difficult songs of Bodom cause it's full of fast and tricky elements. Hope you enjoy! Tab:

James Morton
@masterguitar95 I think you're forgetting bassists.
AH Scubby
@bodombeachterror666 yeah haha well i'm one of those people i plan to get it eventually but regular service has done me well till now.
AH Scubby
dude your tab up there ^ is like wack, why can't it be like pdf or something? i have to download all this stuff and i can't access it which is gay cuz it is probably legit considering this cover is spot on
Sam Peeters
really good playing man
I need your shirt..... NOW.
coool i wish i could play like this
Really good guy
very cool dude. you achieved a great tone too
wtf 3:50-4:00 mind=blown
William Ga
What are your amps ? and you use a pedal ? You're very good :p
Abel BM
BEST T SHIRT IN THE ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD!!! xD i saw Alexi with this t shirt in an interview i fucking lold xD
Jesse Bennett
Close, alexi has that sticker on his white/black sawtooth ;P
Woh! how did u learn the part from 3.43 - 4.00 ? i would like to learn that too! :)
Benedict Liew
nice dude, pretty tight playing. good job man and doesn't alexi have that same shirt too?
i gotcho back. great job by the way!!!
4:14 coooool
this is awesome, no fuckin way man, bes cover ive ever seen
Ajay George Joseph
omg..nice cover and nice shirt :P
Arnau Giribet
perfect as always!