Rafer Alston Mixtape

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Rafer Alston Mix

Tom H
Rafer was Jamaica Queens born and raised, needs to be an East Coast track for the mix
perfect song for this vid :-)
Harri v'Jah
y he neva went full "skip to my lou" in da NBA i will neva know! Rmour was he got called by the commissioner and told that show boating style is not allowed...but who knows
Man so much talent
zZ zzZ zZZ zzzZZ
Skip to my lou~~
Wesa Zazoo
Skip representing every street baller world wide! Respect to the ballers playing on dirt and the black top regardless of weather!
50% 3 points no much handles for a streetballer
Bridgette Little
Haters shut up he is the greatest handler in the NBA history top 100 or 50 point guards of all time good deep range 95 deep range
Hot Sauce who???
Trevy Singintoyobitchlikecarlthomas
Hands down best handle ever in the nba
John C
You replayed the ones no one wanted and didn't replay the best ones
Jamal Spellman
Kymani Amedee
what's this song
T Everett
dang the game winner he hit vs the mavs not on here
yao ming so happy
jacob kidd
jkidd from harlem lol watching ur mix tape
Sahej Singh
happy birthday
juan sagredo
my favorite basketball player.-
IT Shifty
Hongzhi Wang
I really miss that Rocket
R Kelly
0:19 ref was like damn Rafer why you gotta embarass him like that
Nobody can steal ball from his hands, even AI.
@krisyoman fine ballhandling is all there would be my man but that's for sure not enough to be a pro guard u got to be able to play D to have a court vision to have a feel for the teamplay bascketball to pass well and ofcourse not doin violations(a lot) and score.. sory I just dont see sauce been able to transfer to this it's 2 little 2 late 4 him he will always remain a street legend wich is not that bad at all ;)
@w8amonth one of the most rediculouse things I'vs ever herd and I'm not eaven a street hater I love streetball but I'm a realist sauce has no chance of getting in any nba team he'll always stay on the streets whith his type of playn bascketball
Gabrielle Nice
i wish rafer could get 2 an all-star game...that would b gr8 2 watch him embarrass all lol
Randy Rodriguez
@AmbassadorAusar Give him more playing time.... and i guarantee he would be a allstar point guard
Ambassador Ausar
I have to agree with jessesam. Everyone needs to relax.. Skip is a great park ball player, but an average and in most nights below average N.B.A. player. And I love Skip so it's not hate. He was never able to dominate in the pros as he did in the park and that is a FACT!
relax..he had a few good games and he wasnt doing good at the finals thats why stand brought in neilson. rafer at his best is a average point guard. nothing special
michael young
Rafer is nice, but there was a guy from Harlem,Ny by the name of Frank Streety...the original shake and bake
dr. Dre - still D.R.E
not steve nash
Manny Munny
philly needs to go get that boy
Can't shoot for shit just because he isn't in the NBA yet doesn't mean they can't shoot. Just look at Rafer's 7 3's straight!!!!!! I hope there's more AND1 TFB to come specially 720 and Guy Dupuy that would be better dunkers than Vince. James White is in the NBA and he'll play starter.
Doesn't mean he don't dunk. I've seen him dunk from all over youtube videos one time I forgot where it is but that's exactly Rafer he dunks!!
wow..that video almost got all his career shots made in the nba. amazing
Yes he dunks!!!!!!
I think this video is best I have ever seen!
great mix man
Lucas Kounoupis
Skp to my lou owns!