Kelly Wells talkin shit

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is there an atm around here?

Tsila N. Andria
This would have been perfect in a tarantino movie
sixtyeight Whiskey
0:36 "I don't think so, I said no." I'm going to go out on a limb here, but I'm thinking that is the first time Kelly Wells has uttered those words.
Mark Lilley
This woman is an absolute treasure and if more wives acted like her for their husbands there would be far fewer divorces.
If I had the chance I'd probably withdraw $300 and enter a locked room with her. Hopefully I saved a couple of loads up because the way she talks makes me bust in like 60 seconds lmao.
Calvin L. Stevens
I don't get these people insulting porn actresses... she makes money, period.
Do what you must, I have already won
Anyone got rwo grand I can borrow real quick?
Ebony LaVette
What a whorebag im sure your parent are proud of what you made of your life
249er X
Lovely lass
Nuno Lima
This girl is a sexual godess forever. The real woman!! I whant adore she in one altar!
joe smith
300 for an  hour? ill give  her  a  1000
Charlie Magri
What a nice person she is, but she has a unique look which is very appealing and something beneficial must therefore be underneath. Her voice is incredible; so soothing, but she explains things so nicely and just to watch her eyes makes it all feel so wonderful!I really love the aura she dispels as she moves around, because she makes whatever she's going to do come at you with a big surprise and it feels like I'm going to have the best day of my life! Kelly Wells has that special look in her face which stands out as unique and sets her apart from others who always seem to look very similar to others you've seen before and after! It makes you want to learn more about that special personality too, because that must also be so different. Also, others will notice her instantly and if she's with you, they'll be quite envious! She interacts with males so well and differs from other women in respect that she's not intimidated and she seems to enjoy the chase; the games they play to pursue her. She's a bit of a tease; doesn't take things too seriously and just an all-round nice woman who loves to have a laugh, She laughs; she makes me laugh and I wish she had her own talk show! She'd really motivate me to treat each day like it were my last, if she were with me. Something about her which makes me want to match her in every way! Obviously stunning and sexy, but she knows how to flirt and to give what makes guys hang onto her every word. Can I learn to give women like her what they expect, but they are very rare and I'll probably be 100 the next time I see one like Kelly Wells!
David Cherokee
She used to babysit me when she was dating my uncle.
I love this chick
lol  classy 
lana jade karma
Damn! What a whorebag
Adrian Smith
Does anyone know where can I find Kelly Wells on Social Media? Where Kelly Wells in 2017?
Oo je Bosko Obradovic iz dveri, lako ga je prepoznati.
Joseph Walker
damn Jessica
Denise Lovail
Typical woman money motivates them and babies. Think twice about here there plenty of girls give it up for free.
PS4 & Stuff
Jerome Love
Whatever happened to her?
Gustavo Gonzales
marry chist\mass....kelly
i Love you Kelly
The 'urb man420
Only two grand nice
She now runs an escort agency, "The Hetaera Agency". So I guess now she is a madame.
Jason Park
She wouldn't do it before she get into porn. but now she will do it for 300 a hour?
Pedro Jorge
what movie is that? 
300 an hour ?? thats all she makes for being pornstar,  She probably doesnt consider it working what she does for livin,   just makin money from a hobby 
André Moreira
No honor , no dignity .
Darren Domek
Unnatural sex. Forgot which one.
that woman is a crazy l know that porn star l got sex dvd she appear in scenes she talked dirty in the sex scene too talked more shit than the devil but with sense of humor & craziness
über alles
This girl is desperate. You'd need to give me a MILLION dollars so I can shit on you... But fuck that, I rather sell meth.
Obinna Chukwudi Obijiaku (Nwa Ikenga)
She is the hottest girl in the universe.. ...i could duck her in the ass all day every day
Ink Addict
You're kidding yourself if you think no porn stars have STD's....
Scott Mescudi
i know her brother...
Alex S
I would like to have a daughter like her.
Alex S
I would like to have a daughter like her.
dont judge some ppl like that type of sex.personally i find it hot
$2K? Hell yes I would.
i love kelly
1 whore 1 cup
Talkin shit, literally
Mr V - I
Brian Pumper?
Lexingston Steele and Jean-Claude Batiste may have fucked her quite hard till some point she squirted mildly and also DP-ed the shit out her, I think Prince Yahshua and Rico Strong would have fuck Kelly Wells aggressively and senseless. If they DP her, I think both her ass and pussy would be damn sore.
flex jewarez
i'd take her out for a nice seafood dinner and MAYBE call her back the next day.
mehmet yilmaz
*Analfuckwhore from hell!*
if they had STDs they wouldnt still be in the industry dumbass
Bitch is insane but a fuck goddess nonetheless. Much I'd love to do. Hell, I couldn't keep up if I tried.
OMG she's soo nasty and filthy
André Soares
linda !
Kelly lies!! She has never said no to anything! If it involves her asshole, Kelly will do it. What the hell has Kelly not done?
your a fuking piece of shit loser u moron!
@TLJAWSIMIB and I quote her in " oh yeah give me the big black cock I want dark meat, come on nigga this is how I want it" and she continued by saying " gonna fuck a white girl and have,lots of babys" today was my first time watching her I would never touch her. If you stick your dick in her it,will grow arms and legs jump down throw up look at you and scream WHYYYY!!!!! then die you on the other hand,will never pee again TRAGIC
marry me
Classy girl, haha! Whatever though, if she can do that and be fine with herself then more power to her because let's be honest most people will do some pretty sick things to make a quick buck. She's just one of the few who will admit the lengths at which she'll go to do it.
Eric Sales
I Highly doubt it. you just wanna bang her like anyone here LOL
wade reed
i was fine with kelly till i saw this video with her taking a huge butt plug in her ass and then i was like ewe
$300 an that all?
Stanislaw II
She looks like a very cool girl to hang out and play chess or play basketball with
Reborn Again
damn my old mom thought she was an actress in some modern hollywood movies, Kelly's cool, i hope she start some talk show and shit, she's good
Tay wayne
i love kelly wells best pornostar and nice asshole :)
I Love Kelly Wells...... Great actor, Her best rolls are with Max Hardcore...
She's so beautfiul.
Steven C
I've always lover her since of humor. I could just hang with her all day and laugh. Kelly u r a riot..
@vobo8998 porn stars don't make much money but if you bang kelly wells you will leave with the clap for sure,and possibly HIV/AIDS
Gumbo Jambalaya
Damn.. only $300 I'd pay for it
@leighmonty13 lol
If I had sex with her, she would kill me.
i love this dirty slut, her and Annette Schartz know how to please a man properly
lee mont
proper hardcore shit she dose,she wont let a guy shit on her but she will let 20 odd guys spunk over her face and in anoughter porno swollow 20 more and anoughter let 10 odd guys gangbang her in all holes a bit conterdictory
Is she Irish? Partly?
Gina Darling
I just saw one of her porns for the first time....She looked so doped out and disgusting..
Did´nt she use to be Sporty Spice out of the Spice Girls???
lmao Wtf,,
Hangrong Pan
Pee? Shit on me? WTF
Joe Prasad
Asfar Ameeralee
how much is 2 grand???
thats kinda hot...fap fap fap
Wow hwve u seen the sick things she does i thought she made wwy more money than that she did it with 3 guys at 1 time where the good lord split you dwmn and sh said ehe ould do thevother thing for $1000 tragic
Mᴇᴅɪᴄɪɴᴇ Mᴀɴ
@ITALOVER2 God damn man, where the fuck do you get your weed?
Holy shit, she does her scenes for only 300 dollars? Don't most porn girls have prices at about $1000 or something? $2500 for BBG? cheap whore. I love it.
I reckon she has 7 different kinds of jizz up both holes 24/7.she has the morals of a crack ho.
if she did that to me i think i would fall in loveXD LOVE YOU KELLY!!!
Ahh, 240p, we meet again.
@JohnHolleger It's actually either Kelly Wells or someone else kneeling in front the camera, starting another scene. You can tell it is not a butt because of the leg-line on the right side.
Jorge Walker
always keepin it classy girls.
Fuck if I know why, but her face just screams pretty and happy with a good attitude. Most models are bland, inexpressive, or ditzy. For some reason she actually looks to enjoy what she does and have a sense of happiness. Someone having fun is a lot hotter than just someone doing a dirty thing.
who the fuck is mike canada
I love this woman. She's one of the best!!!
moe lestangus
@Brasil230383 plenty of it mate
a spoon full of dick boogers helps the cumslut go down
I fucking love her so much
Stanislaw II
@facesofdeathfan I've seen her being almost raped by two guys, who later cum in her pussy which is most humiliating thing in porn.
anyone seen the vid where she sounds like a chipmunk?
@facesofdeathfan You nasty. LOL.
New Night
All day for 2 grand. That's driving me crazy with possibilities.
New Night
@GanjaZombi2 A lot of women in Saint Louis and Detroit can't make 2 grand a month. But they mess around a lot with who they want for free OR they pay for it. And I stuck alone and dry wonder if 5 grand would actually give me some time with Kelly at that 300 per hour rate.