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Following a national scandal when actor Shakti Kapoor was caught in a hidden camera sting, the BBC's Tanya Datta investigates whether there is a "Casting Couch" culture in the Indian film industry, in which sexual favours are traded for on-screen roles... Producer/Director Darius Bazargan

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balaji devanathan
Cast Couching is every where in every profession. Its there in Hollywood, bollywood and in IBM, Microsoft. In Bollywood Dynasty heroines only may survive out of this network.
prasad kelgandre
shakti kapoor mc teri beti k saath hota toh kya karta re bhadve
Jane Dl
why are most people in the video blaming it on the women? it's the men/directors/producers who have the upper hand in this situation. they are misusing their power and exploiting women
In Bollywood the more you bend over the more roles and better pay you get .Just ask Karan Johar ,he's a legend at it!
Sudhanshu Sisodiya
lol, he respects Sonia
Chelsea Jones
"It exists everywhere, it's no big deal". No big deal? Just a complete and utter embarrassment to the film and television industry. This does not happen everywhere!! That is a lame excuse for people who want to take the easy road to fame instead of blowing people away with their talent and hard work. It's an excuse used by sleazy men who are in this for the wrong reasons. Maybe they should consider instead a career in the porn industry?? The greatest films in the world were made with the most talented groups of people they could find, not with the most eager to get into bed with someone. The person who is the most suited for the role, the most talented and the most hard working should always win the role- end of story. We are artists not animals. What a joke.
rocky Gurung
10:14 Daisy Shah (looking very frustrated & sad) This fatso so called master ganesh really took advantage of her.Hats off to salman & sohail for introducing her in their big project.
Rajesh Singh
The stark and naked fact is that Bollywood is far more decadent and hypocritical than any Hindu god-man it satirizes so brazenly. It makes its millions by lionizing bogus social and media icons, peddling blatant lies, bad ideas, and delusion, all in the name of art, mostly fake art of dubious authenticity and quality. It never practices in reality what it preaches on screen. It’s a fraternity full of shameless self-servers, liars, backbiters, lechers and counterfeiters.
Sam Shepard
This MOFO still thinks he did NOTHING wrong. In a sexually depraved society these men are reliving their teenage years.
Messedup Birdie
This is a joke!!!!, Seriously? Everyone is EQUALLY involved in this. I mean lets just be honest. No offense to any person but woman always PLAY the innocent part, no matter who does it.
Joe M
Bollywood / Hollywood / Modeling world / This is the nature of the glamour & fame industries. Should it happen? No... As a report, however its about like a documentary on college students drinking .
Shakti Kapoor internalized his role to well as a bad
bijaye tokhai
those perverts should shag their mums and sisters.
Sushama Dhawale
Who didn't Bhatt or De sleep with? Bunch of hypocrites, that De is pornographic writer, this is what she exactly wants, Bhatt enjoyed his heroines in he past.
Ocavi Cabavi
Clearly exist and almost of stars have gone it .It's the price to pay for fame . Men and women alike
Ocavi Cabavi
And now Mahesh and Shakti have their daughters in the industry. .interesting.
Fatty Boomber
Shakti ...seriously as one man to you really think you're fooling anyone by saying it's about give or take. When you say to a person they will get somewhere if they give themselves up, how is that not a subtle form of rape. You're telling women that to get anywhere in the industry they'll have to give it up. Mate, that's one sick way of trying to justify your actions. And to say it happens around the world??? Women and girls are being sold into sexual slavery around the doe that mean it's ok because it's a global sickness???/ You disgrace yourself and all us men. However, I don't know why people are surprised. I have many many friends (girls) who work in this industry and it seems that every single fucking director or casting agent expects them to sleep with them to get ahead. I won't mention names but one director who worked with an aussie cricketer in a movie asked my friend to send him pics of her in her underwear and when she refused, he had the nerve to call her a cock tease. ... I've been around the industry long enough to know that Indian men who cast actors and those that are directors alike, are unbelievably sick fucks. It doesn't even bother them that they're married. Advice to women, girls and perhaps even guys who want to join bollywood...don't. Unless you want to sleep with every ugly fuck to get ahead.
Tanmay Mukim
Awesome editing,BBC Bollywood film produce kyon nahi karta??ab toh casting k liye Shakti bhi hai.
Tanmay Mukim
Corridor of all "HARD WORK" (5.someone;) .SHAkti kapoor HI HI (7.22) ROFL .Shakti kapoor still thinks that he didn't done anything wrong ha ha ha "RAPIST"
Susan Blake
The Bollywood film industry should create unions or organizations if they don't already have them in order to have some kind of protection and voice against this kind of exploitation.
Avinash Patil
mahesh bhatt himself did casting couch.
shobha de plays the poser of the chaste and sound woman very well
If u wanna get a role u gotta lie on the couch or bend down next to it. Occupational hazard. Just ask Preity, Ash, SRK, Katrina, Mallika, Esha, Ranvir, Sid M, pretty much EVERYONE unless you are coming from a family from the industry who can help you land roles or finance films.  
20 20
Excellent documentary exposing the truth or India.
Partha Ghosh
Women know it very well that if they can rope in any rich director in rape charges she can walk out with a fortune......
Ocavi Cabavi
Majority of actors are Gigolos and a lot of actresses are luxury prostitutes, escorts..etc. Sad but true.
অরুণ বাঙালি হিন্দু
Almost all bollywood actresses since mid 1980s along with Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu film actresses are *sophisticated prostitutes*. They are ready to sleep with anybody just for money and fame!!!
Interestingly the same shakti kapoor has a beautiful daughter who debuted in movies. I wonder how her journey would have been. ..and about Mr. Bhatt, well I have heard he is not clean either, watch his movies and you'll know.
Patrick Holmes
Show this to shraddha kapoor.
Tanya Datta on the beach! She should be in movies herself. 
Hitler Rage
I will be the next movie star of Bollywood ,just like Amitabh Bachchan>>>Please CALL ME
Albert Louis Lopez
the term came from where? Hollywood the casting couch. Now Bollywood wants to copy Hollywood so guess what.
Everyone knows this for years, when I was a kid and used to visit Bombay our own neighbour were involved that's only about 25 yrs ago I am sure it goes back further but is that something new? obviously not, it happens in Hollywood and it happens in Bollywood. I am more worried about how they are saying and not accepting that its not an EXPLOIT that's get me, FKN oath it is an exploit ffs wtf is wrong with Indian men. Just fkn accept it is wrong and move on, denying is bad and give majority of Indian men a bad name... Just cos someone offers them sex and stuff doesn't make it right and become general acceptance wow... Hopefully new generation will fix it, I am optimistic anyhow....
The casting couch is all over the world, especially in the USA. It is sad, that a person's talent (singing, dancing, and acting) does not get them ahead all the time, but their sexuality and what moral compass they are willing to give up or compromise to get fame and fortune. It is like almost selling your soul. Not all famous people sleep their way up to the top, but for many throughout time it was the way to get a break in that industry. 
good. These kinds of things should be exposed.The only people who have a problem with this would probably be the guilty. But in the end its all a choice. Its sad that it is the way it is but none of these girls or maybe guys are being held at gunpoint to provide these favors. Its just whats more important to these people, fame and fortune or being morally sound. 
Black Mamba
Superb documentary!!! I bet Indian will fail for more 100 years if given a chance to open up such issues. Great job.
Stop trying to act like male casting couching dont go on and it's just the women! Male prostitutes and the gay male casting couch exists too like every where else in the world!
When his daughter gets asked for sexual favor to get a role in a movie, then he will realize his mistake.
Maha Yana
y r tey interviewing shakti kapoor
Briana Marie Davis
Why is his apartment stuck in the 80's? And why is his wig so obviously a wig?
So much clutter in Shakti Kapoor's apartment...and his mind! haha!
What is that punjabi song that keeps playing ..." Mitran da"
boe diddly
He just copies mick jagger in his style
boe diddly
He looks like mick jagger and the beetles baby
Tanmay Mukim
"Sakshi Sivanand" ye kaun hai. Yeh toh SHAKTI ki supporter niklee. Sakshi Sivanand HI HI (7.22 in shakti's voice)
Sameena Rani
not good
The women who have the talent will not go for this "co-operation" gimmick, since they will either retreat or give pass to the lower class producers and directors. The only actress who had any potential in this expose-was Shakshi Shivananda.  The rest take bit parts get tossed around the circle of drunken men. The casting couch is an ancient practice in Hollywood or is just a question of the sleaziness of the process.
Such a bad documentary. No one thinks the film industry is full of 'morality' not even India's 'conservative masses'. and you interview and show the fringes of the industry and call them 'stars'.
Well at least Shakti is honest
CAFY Designs
Great and well put together documentary. Women have to get ahead in life using their acting skills, not take the easy route. Like Shakti Kapoor says "90% of the women who sleep around (co-operate) do not make it into the movies. Women's rights have to be honored. By women making the right choices, they can honor themselves and not allow unscrupulous men to degrade them for a place in Bollywood. The culture in Bollywood has to change and this can come about only if women start thinking for themselves.
Greg Tamakki
Some of these Bollywood chicks are f'n hot...
Rubiks Cube
Preeti (at 24th minute) spoke really intelligently. Rare to see such mature and expressive women in bollywood. Hope she has a good career. That said who is the cheapo director casting cheapo shakthi kapoor after this whole his doings were made public. I can't look at the females related to these men the same way. I won't be surprised if shakthi kapoor has slept with shradha kapoor. How is society allowing shakthi kapoor to walk in public with even an ounce of dignity leave alone revive his career.
Jigme Bhutia
What if was shaktis daughter
Animesh M
India T V is Chutiya sala!
mohammed ali
My dad used to tell me that Directors are "Dalley" i.e pimps. I thought this was common knowledge. Even in Hollywood it is obvious to see. Even macho actors like Dwayne Johnson have been sodomized by aged Zionist Directors. How else would a talentless steroid junkie become a top actor? How else would Will Smith or his children become top actors. Truth is these ppl have no talent whatsoever. The Directors who are owned by Mafia and Zionists select a "vessel". They molest them and make them a superstar overnight. The "vessel" must obey orders all the time. They cannot spend their wealth on helping ppl. They must endorse products like Coca Cola and buy lavish cars etc. Most of the time they are so damaged they sold their soul for money and fame they usually commit suicide via overdose in their middle age. It is all a drama that now everyone knows.
Naveen Mahantesh
What is the song that the documentary begins with? Bhangra song?
Roger Fernandes
If the film industry doesn't think it's wrong to ask vulnerable girls to, 'co-operate' then why are they crying foul when India TV used it's own methods to conduct sting operations? If what the film industry does isn't wrong then what India TV does isn't wrong either.
Abdul AlpLimIndFox
What is the difference between Bollywood and Hindi films?
Tanmay Mukim
Mujhe pahle se pata tha Shakti kapoor ko acting nahi aati woh jo kuch bhi screen pe karta hai woh toh "3 MONTHS" ki training ka natija hai ;) ROFL (Dhak ki cheeky)  AAO(it means come here in english)>>may be he is trying to seduce someone.
viking dragons
Casting couch isn't a problem rather there should be casting couch in film industry...Indian People are hippocrates so any one who is complaining and raising banners against it are enjoying porn in a close room. it doesn't makes any difference if even a porn start is casted (like Sunny leone) the only thing is she should be presentable in front of the camera and little talent of acting that's all Indian public need, rather Indian man is happy to know that the heroin on the cinema screen is a professional porn star if she is performing in front of the camera that's all it takes beside that with whom she sleeps doesn't matter, rather Indian men gets a hardon in his pant knowing about this gossips in the air so casting couch is all good and the gossips and MMS should keep coming out..THIS IS A WIN WIN SITUATION  BOTH THE ACTOR/ACTRESS GETS PUBLICITY AND PUBLIC GETS SOME ENTERTAINMENT...rather I would say if the actor/actress is talented should do this so that they get more film offers to show there talent and give a thrust to there carrier
ravi khedar
BBC: Unlike the west...... Well, this didnt age well!!
naadia khan
i like
ck kc
daisy shah at 10.14.....
Atul Singh
BBC is one of the worst holier than thou organisation ...they love to come to third world and especially in India and paint a black picture...No body is denying that casting couch is not there in Bollywood...but I would love to see these snots do a documentary in their own backyard .... Almost the same time this documentary is filmed ... Lord Archer super mare i.e. Lord Jeffery Archer was jailed of perjury ...for trying to hide sleeping with a prostitute  by a elaborate web of lies with false diary entries etc .  I will be happy to see any film which BBC would have made to show the politician and a literary figure philandering and its effect and causes in London. Is BBC listening .....
Christina Depa
 lol Hollywood took over Bollywood ,,,funny 
jai ho  actress daisy shah at 10:14
bull shiza
shoba is beautiful
Jack Spratt
Tapesh Majumdar
Shakti Kapoor ' ko chadh gayi ' Yaaron !! ( Shakti Kapoor is  in an inebriated condition !!  ) What can one expect from an idiot like this fellow ? 
bull shiza
the women on here are only complaing because they were happy to give it up but they were never going to make it anyway ugly no talent
Vijaya Kumar Ragawan
South indian tamil movie much more better than Mumbai. Because in Tamilnadu anyone can be an actor provided if you are accepted by the people there.or publc. I do not know much of casting couch there. Now days you can promote yourself in short film you tube to become an actor.
amit patil
could see jai ho heroine daisy shah wit ganesh acharya