This World - Bollywood: The Casting Couch

Following a national scandal when actor Shakti Kapoor was caught in a hidden camera sting, the BBC's Tanya Datta investigates whether there is a "Casting Couch" culture in the Indian film industry, in which sexual favours are traded for on-screen roles... Producer/Director Darius Bazargan

Video Master
This guy is such a creep. He had ZERO remorse. Sleezy garbage.
Skylar Kadambi
Interviewing mahesh Bhatt on this topic is the height of irony
Karan Soni
who noticed daisy shah @ 10:14
Ocavi Cabavi
And now Mahesh and Shakti have their daughters in the industry. .interesting.
Ocavi Cabavi
Majority of actors are Gigolos and a lot of actresses are luxury prostitutes, escorts..etc. Sad but true.
Avinash Patil
mahesh bhatt himself did casting couch.
Chelsea Jones
"It exists everywhere, it's no big deal". No big deal? Just a complete and utter embarrassment to the film and television industry. This does not happen everywhere!! That is a lame excuse for people who want to take the easy road to fame instead of blowing people away with their talent and hard work. It's an excuse used by sleazy men who are in this for the wrong reasons. Maybe they should consider instead a career in the porn industry?? The greatest films in the world were made with the most talented groups of people they could find, not with the most eager to get into bed with someone. The person who is the most suited for the role, the most talented and the most hard working should always win the role- end of story. We are artists not animals. What a joke.
Somehow this is recommended on 2018 to many ppl. Wonder what's the catch.
Sam Shepard
This MOFO still thinks he did NOTHING wrong. In a sexually depraved society these men are reliving their teenage years.
Rinky Sen
This is what happens when a Shakti Kapoor gets caught in India vs Harvey Winestien getting caught in Hollywood. Look at the difference!!!
Briana Marie Davis
Why is his apartment stuck in the 80's? And why is his wig so obviously a wig?
Mandar Mahadik
the people who noticed daisy shah @ 10:14...So what? Her business is her business none of your business..:P
suraj punjabi
You interviewed Mahesh Bhatt for this hahaha. Thats like interviewing trump on someone elses collusion scandal.
So much clutter in Shakti Kapoor's apartment...and his mind! haha!
viva loco
Shakti ,kaun?!!! Exactly.... Why is he getting a screen time BBC?!! The actors who spoke against the sting operation are most definitely involved in asking such "favours"'
Wonder how he would feel if someone did this to his own daughter shraddaa 😳😳😳😳
Rwik Kumar Dutta
It's so weird to watch this video in 2018!!!
The journalist should be ashamed too - She is laughing and giggling with BC Kapoor instead of giving him a tough time
Jennifer Johnson
What a stupid fool. If he thought this interview would improve his image, he's delusional. And what's with that cross he's wearing? Ugh.
In Bollywood the more you bend over the more roles and better pay you get .Just ask Karan Johar ,he's a legend at it!
Sonia gandhi.. strongest lady 😂😂😆😯😆😂😃😡
Chutiya Shakti blamed God and justifying his act !! I am expecting a new biopic like Sanju will come soon where Shakti will be shown as God men and was just a victim of media !! Chutiya pa
ujjwal sharma
Why did BBC gave voice to shakti kapoor instead of the victims... ?????
shobha de plays the poser of the chaste and sound woman very well
Joe M
Bollywood / Hollywood / Modeling world / This is the nature of the glamour & fame industries. Should it happen? No... As a report, however its about like a documentary on college students drinking .
When his daughter gets asked for sexual favor to get a role in a movie, then he will realize his mistake.
Shakti Kapoor internalized his role to well as a bad
Is he for real!? Seriously! He looks and acts like a pimp but he's the victim!
Jane Dl
why are most people in the video blaming it on the women? it's the men/directors/producers who have the upper hand in this situation. they are misusing their power and exploiting women
Britswiss Ameri
15:17 That's not the nature of the job!! sexual exploitation is not the nature of the job mam, it's the nature of the MEN!! Please fix your thinking, your attitude!!
Sudhanshu Sisodiya
lol, he respects Sonia
Interestingly the same shakti kapoor has a beautiful daughter who debuted in movies. I wonder how her journey would have been. ..and about Mr. Bhatt, well I have heard he is not clean either, watch his movies and you'll know.
abrar kachawa
shakti kapoor is a devil.. its like asking devil to define ethics.. all film industry is into this.. they are all far away from the morals that they portray on the screen.. stay away .. no point to make money and fame at the cost of morals.. being better from insight is much better than making money and fame at the cost of being devil..
Shakti Kapoor got caught on video and was banned from the industry for a week and then the ban was lifted and he came back like it means nothing to anyone. Proof of how corrupt India is. No matter how sexually open they get, the treatment toward Indian women is deplorable.
Ms Visio
I want Shraddha Kapoor to "cooperate" with me
Paareey Dutt
Lol 3:40 pre tihar sudhir Chaudhry
aan Deol
Do a sting on Modi 😝
Sofia Elena
It doesn't matter if the woman is an adult, if she is strong or intelligent, or not pressured into anything. What these men do is an abuse of power. The one with the power is always the one to blame. To have to sell your sexuality, something so intimate and sacred, to get a job you want is disgusting. It's so very sad that all people still haven't understood this.
Ritik Sharma
@20:08 that pervert is justifying the casting couch. Heights of shamlessness.
Tanmay Mukim
Corridor of all "HARD WORK" (5.someone;) .SHAkti kapoor HI HI (7.22) ROFL .Shakti kapoor still thinks that he didn't done anything wrong ha ha ha "RAPIST"
balaji devanathan
Cast Couching is every where in every profession. Its there in Hollywood, bollywood and in IBM, Microsoft. In Bollywood Dynasty heroines only may survive out of this network.
Jigme Bhutia
What if was shaktis daughter
He was drunk and got caught haha, but get the big cats
rocky Gurung
10:14 Daisy Shah (looking very frustrated & sad) This fatso so called master ganesh really took advantage of her.Hats off to salman & sohail for introducing her in their big project.
Messedup Birdie
This is a joke!!!!, Seriously? Everyone is EQUALLY involved in this. I mean lets just be honest. No offense to any person but woman always PLAY the innocent part, no matter who does it.
Nischal Koirala
shakti kapoor ki beti ki chut maaru bsdk..
Mere Mamujan
Interviewing mahesh butt really? He is the king of casting couch
Britswiss Ameri
I was working in advertising agency. My boss and I went for a client meeting together. As we sat in the lobby waiting for our party to arrive, he told me I look irresistibly beautiful and that he finds me irresistible. Meeting got over....I had to go back in the same car as him. It was VERY hard for me. I saved myself from him but soon he tried making sexual advance at me again. This time I decided to quit.... I quit and got another job. Then moved to US for higher studies but never spoke to him again. 15 years later the guy reached out to me via a friend asking for forgiveness.
Black Mamba
Superb documentary!!! I bet Indian will fail for more 100 years if given a chance to open up such issues. Great job.
Sushama Dhawale
Who didn't Bhatt or De sleep with? Bunch of hypocrites, that De is pornographic writer, this is what she exactly wants, Bhatt enjoyed his heroines in he past.
Nmoto G2
Why is he wearing a cross? Converted?
BrownGirlLifts TV
ok what dance move is that 10:02
bijaye tokhai
those perverts should shag their mums and sisters.
You Tuber
@25:10 This is WRONG- "Vast majority of women have compromised on their route to success". Unlike the West, most Indians don't take sex lightly. Casting couch might be rampant in Bollywood, but it's not even close to that in other areas like engineering, medicine, teaching etc. Take it from me, I was a working female professional at a large company there, where women seemed to be paid and recognized on par with men and a large number of them continued working and achieving success even after becoming mothers.
boe diddly
He looks like mick jagger and the beetles baby
Susan Blake
The Bollywood film industry should create unions or organizations if they don't already have them in order to have some kind of protection and voice against this kind of exploitation.
Raj Srivastav
why don't they name the people so that we could stop going to the movies made by them.....
Well at least Shakti is honest
20 20
Excellent documentary exposing the truth or India.
Abby Rash
Shakti ji what else do u expect from ppl?? Tht exploiting scumbags like urself shud b forgiven?
No wonder Priyanka Chopra got roles. Bollywood ke naam pe Dhanda karti hain saali saare Buddeh Directors se goad mein baith kay uthi hain woh!
Tanmay Mukim
Awesome editing,BBC Bollywood film produce kyon nahi karta??ab toh casting k liye Shakti bhi hai.
sakshi desi jennifer aniston
jeeja jee
which girl indian films is real actor non without missworld or beauty they are nothing they can not act even their voices are done by someone else like katrina
Ocavi Cabavi
Clearly exist and almost of stars have gone it .It's the price to pay for fame . Men and women alike
Ayman Zaman
13:42 shooting set of Aashiq Banaya Aapne anyone noticed that?
Sovan Mohanty
Shrdha lives here with Sakti ?
Buddhist (Anhänger des Dalai Lama)
Specially Emraan Hashmi is known for asking for obscene scene before the camera and sexual favours behind the camera.
Bollywood: casting couch is normal, it's not rape nor is it victimization Also bollywood: I CAN'T BELEIVE THIS MAN RATED US OUT!!! India TV shouldn't expose us like that, we are gonna try victim blaming and see if it works, let's get all the top notch Bollywood actors together and support the man. If casting couch is normal and found in every industry why is Bollywood so scared and mad about getting exposed...Bollywood is a joke, plaigiarism, casting couch, nepotism, fake beauty, etc. Idk why Indians even watch it.
Akshay Chaturvedi
shakti kapoor, mahesh butt pedashi madarchood
Tunisha Sharma
Okay only 2 of them were caught so they all became so scared and started accusing the media in a fear that one day they will expose them one day. On all actors face I could see fear more than anger
Gopal Sharma
ye madarchod hai !
Indian women athome
Even Tanushree Dutta couldn't guess that today she appeared in this documentary and tomorrow she would be the one kick starting the movement!! What an irony
Shams Puri
There are laws in the West as Mahesh Bhatt says, but even there Mr Weinstein and others of that ilk have brought misery to many women who are now coming out of the woodwork and being empowered by the #Me Too#movement. Hopefully a similar initiative will prevail in India too, but my guess is, it will take a lot longer for that type of change, without proper laws to protect women there.
Shams Puri
This is really unpalatable and it breaks my heart to learn that our young generation are going down such a slippery slope. No concept of best practice in this entertainment business, it seems.
Abhishek Sengupta
Is this guy for real... at 7.45 he says that god this is not fair...maa kasam..kya chutiya insaan hai...instead of being ashamed of his deeds..i am Speechless..
c. lince
one cannot go ahead in entertainment industry.i.e. film,fashion etc without compromise
Ritz Matt
Both men and women of the industry are to blame for this.. Casting couch exists cause many lewd women have used sex as a plus point over the years and made it 'norm' just to get ahead in their career.. Its no surprise that the men are demanding it now since they got it from other women.. Some lewd women do it and the rest gets caught in it.. Men are no less, all freaking despos. And its not limited to exploitation of actresses alone, even male actors go thru this issue. I personally know friends (male and female) who went thru this but were left behind since they refused.. Talent is of no value..
What we witnessed was just the tip of the iceberg.It's a common and a routine affair in Bollywood and other film industries in India.Many actors lack dignity in this industry. Bollywood is full of corruption and nepotism.The worthy and the deserving is left behind to make way for their sons,daughters,nieces and nephews.People like Shakti Kapoor should be stoned publicly. Where were the feminists then ? This incident should have sparked an outrage.These so called feminists are not there when it actually needs them....They are bloody hypocrites,spineless pseudo feminists.Bollywood and other film industries are rotten to the core.In this era only the evil ,flourish and prosper.Despite all the evidence against them police and law bows to them and licks their feet.No morals and integrity whatsoever.We the people have power in our hands.Boycott the offenders movies.But guess what..this country is full of sheep and idiots.And this is the sole reason why many are elevated to the god status.
Xyz Sing
Haha mahesh bhatt one who participated in casting couch is preaching abouthow bad it is hahaha.
13:49 - Thats Tanushree Dutta, even she did not know that time (while making of this documentary) that she would have to face something similar.
Pranav Narayan
Mahesh Bhatt is Harvey Weinstein of Bollywood
It cant really be called an exploitation if the woman herself wants to sleep with a powerful man for her own benefits. Its just lack of morality on both sides
Mandar Mahadik
Tanushree Dutta was harassed @13:47
Bangalore Central
i wish to see Shraddha kapoor reaction on this ha ha ha ha ha
Jayaprakash Balan
All those people who come to fore in front of the camera and say that they were never and would never be part of the casting couch are fooling the people especially the girls who leave everything and come to the industry to just get a role of a heroine. Casting couch always were and will exist in an industry especially glamour where nothing except fame and money matters. And even the most respected directors, producers and others would be involved in it. And nobody inside the industry would dare to talk about that or refute against that because the fact in India is that no rule of respectful working exists even in the eyes of law. So, its mostly about exploitation of ones poverty, passion and dream. The simple logic is that can any new comer ever dare to say no to top stars, top directors, top producers when your life and dream are itself depend on that one break. So naturally any Tom, Dick and Harry connected to film industry can easily exploit a new comer. Its another point whether that one break do really matter or make you a star or not. Even if any forum is there inside the industry, they are not powerful enough to protect the new entrants or anyone who is getting exploited.
TravelGuru Ashish
BBC you have covered C grade actors and not mainstream actors but yes agree Bollywood is most unorganised industry compared to other industry outside.
Behappy Always
i am making a porn film and two girls in the film accused me of casting couch
ck kc
daisy shah at 10.14.....
Anon ymous
Auuuuuuuuuunnnnn... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cruelty exposed? How about rightfully exposed?
Christina Reji
He is disgusting. He has a daughter! Good god!!!!!!what a disgusting freak....I can't watch anyone from his family anymore! Hypocrites!
who noticed Daisy Shah @ 10:15 th min
Albert Louis Lopez
the term came from where? Hollywood the casting couch. Now Bollywood wants to copy Hollywood so guess what.
z a z
I just checked guys. The documentary was made before 2nd September 2005. Since the expose have things changed. This is a very old documentary. The movie shooting was Aashique Banaya Aap Ne. The nephew of Mahesh Bhatt: Emraan Hashmi and Sonu Sood movie
tushar shukla
Bollywood is overcrowded brothel , it's brothrlwood.
Zakir Ali Khan
I was thinking if that interview of shakti kapoor has taken right in 2018 what would have been his thought about SONIA GANDHI after the shits bjp had been created in these past 4 years by media power 🤘 anyways strongest means the powerful which unfortunately she was at that time and probably in future after the upcoming 5years 2019-2024 (BJP again) crisis .
Angry Young man Vanqisher of tyranny
Bollywood had been having Weinstein moments of exposing via sting and calling out casting couch long before Hollywood....It's rather hollwyood having #bollycouch moments....Can't believe that children were dancing to a song with lyrics like boom boom I want you in my room to spend a night together
O.K so the women get their role with a casting couch. But what about the men, what do they do? Bribe? Bribes, direct or indirect ( casting couch ) seems to be a norm at many places. Caught red handed the culprits should be punished for good, as is done to Govt officers, by the CBI. Shakti is wrong, casting couch is NOT everywhere. I am quite sure Bimal Roy, Hrishikesh Mukerjee, and many others were of a different league.
Alter Ego
This is a good report. It has brought out so many ridiculous contradictions that I don't even know where to start. But I'll try. The first and foremost fact is that the myriads of old goats in the Indian print, electronic and film media, who mouth their outrage hypocritically, are obscene sex-seekers and SEXISTS themselves, man or woman. Some of them have put out grotesque sexual trash that certain decision-makers in the education department, in their infinite peversity, have made mandatory reading for students!! What these peddlers of porn say at any point of time depends on which way the wind is blowing on a particular issue, and whether it would benefit them to go with it or against it at that particular point of time, LOL!! And they all contribute handsomely towards rampant mysoginy in the country in their own big and small ways. Dyeing their hair and dying to still look beautiful, they have amazing shelf-lives and they see to it that they remain relevant to social discourse long after they have grown long in the nose-hairs, filling the screens and the pages of books, newspapers and magazines with their own different brands of fetid sexual pulp. And these people, who are 'vocal' representatives of the middle class, known in common parlance as 'page 3 celebrities', whom the paparazzi habitually make a bee-line for, for their 'views', usually sit pretty and mouth holy crap about the 'exploitation' in the film industry, while they continue to do the very thing that they are flapping their tongues against! Second, a person in this report is revealing his insight about how girls who give in to this exploitation will not be taken seriously by the director/producer and may not be given roles that require 'dignity' because they had just given 'it' to him and therefore, must lack that quality (as much as he, presumably, does!) as if HE did not just make that happen with her, knowing full well that it was HE who was making her fail his 'test'! Well, even so, why must he act as if that must be the end of it? Having consumed the goods, why can't he now make her 'act' as if she had dignity? Can't she just 'act' as if that dirty contact with him didn't happen? LOL! What a convenient excuse to get more of the same, till the 'right' actor came along! Thirdly, at some point the report comments that those men from poor economic backgrounds streaming in to see the cinemas might get confused between what's going on in the film industry and the 'squeaky clean moral' messages given off by the films themselves. That's such a laugh! The messages are not clean, they're always suggestively squalid, exactly reflecting the minds that make them. Perversity and obscenity rule the screens, contributing mightily to the mental, physical, psychological and social rape culture against women (and against goats and puppies too, if recent news reports are any indication!). Practically the whole of India REEKS of the stuff that these hypocritical perverts collecctively put out. Does anyone think that Nirbhaya happened out of the blue, all of a sudden? No, it is the kind of thing that can happen only in a country where mysogyny has reigned supreme and SATURATED its beds and its very SOIL for millennia! Anyone notice how the streaming audience consists exclusively of sweaty men with not a single woman in sight? Why is that? Is it because women do not need entertainment the same as everyone else? No, it's because a woman wouldn't know where to look as the contents of the film are revealed and pawing and worse from the horribly-titillated male viewers would become a reality and the whole theatre would explode into an orgy, LOL! It's not funny. The contents of the films are WAY WORSE than pornography. The storyline is formulaic and does not matter that much. What is mainly on offer always (even though concientious censors have tried to do their best, from time to time, against the obscene, raucous voices of the bigwigs of the industy) is a 'masala' mix of hot, roiling, steamy, larger-than-life, extremely colourful sexual perversion, that has made monsters out of generations of mysoginistically encultured men, and endangered the lives and limbs of hundreds of generations of girls and women over the eons in India ON A DAILY BASIS. Many Nirbhayas happen all over the country and has been happening for centuries. It's the cultural mindset of a people. The popular media have helped to widely, and wildly, propagate it, through, of all things, SONG AND DANCE and pseudo-intellectualism.