All Pokémon Opening Theme Songs (with season 18)

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Naruto Uzumaki
every song ends with "POKEMON"
daft banna
Im watching the old anime its good cus they dont spend 6 years to get to each gym also i loved the first season of black and white but it went downhill from there ruby and sapphire was quite good but pearl and diamond was awesome dawn is so cool plus his infernape one of his best pokemon clearly
The Cuck Channel
0:00 - Indigo League 1:01 - Adventures on the Orange Islands 2:02 - The Johto Journeys 3:05 - Johto League Champions 3:52 - Master Quest 4:38 - Advanced 5:25 - Advanced Challenge 6:11 - Advanced Battle 7:12 - Battle Frontier 7:45 - Diamond and Pearl 8:17 - Battle Dimension 8:50 - Galactic Battles 9:29 - Sinnoh League Victors 10:07 - Black & White 10:38 - Rival Destinies 11:08 - Adventures in Unova 11:38 - Adventures in Unova and Beyond 12:08 - XY 12:39 - Kalos Quest
JCR Rikari
Naruto is a father... Ichigo is a father... Yugi is a father... Goku is a father...(grandfather too?) But Ash? After 20 years.... *ASH IS STILL 10 YEARS OLD!*
Aleks Mtr
DP is underrated af
Tranquila Diamond
It stopped all the nostalgia for me when cartoon networks took over. I like al the other songs but never beats the one from 4kids
l like the advanced battle
Dani Lang
4kids are the Gods of making theme songs. No doubt in my mind that Indigo League to Battle Frontier themes were AWESOME! The DP Sinnoh Era themes were really good as well. I know people hate those seasons, which I never got why, but they were really good. I actually miss Dawn, Piplup & Brock. Black & White Unova Era themes were...meh. I really liked BW Rival Destinies theme song and Adventure in Unvoa (And Beyond) was ok but those seasons like the Themes didn't really attract me like seasons before that. X&Y Kalos Era themes really came back with the series in a whole. There first theme was nostalgic galore and Be A Hero is AWESOME. It reminded me of the Advance Era Themes.
Everything before black and white is good.
*the sinnoh themes are the best ones*
I think Dawn is the coolest PokeGirl. She fit Ash's persona perfectly!
Thot Destroyer
1. Galactic Battles 2. Advanced Battles 3. The very first one 4. First pokemon black and white one 5. Battle dimention
The 90th hunter
POKEMON!! POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Love diamond and pearls intro)
Kayla m
the bw openings make me so emotional. anything related to gen 5 makes me so emotional because those games were amazing and it’s definitely the most sentimental and dearest gen to me.
Lizbeth Araiza
Nothing beats the original *NOTHINGGGGGGGGGGG*
The Aquatic Blader
Time Stamps 0:00 Start of video 13:09 end of video you're welcome
Marios TheCoolGuy
Best intro: Advanced Battle Best series:Advanced( seasons 6-9) Series with awesome gym battles:Advanced series, XY series
Guy Levi
the openings of pokemon diamond and pearl they're the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My opinion on each pokemon show Kanto: 4/5 its a classic, its original, but i hate when people say its the best just because other people say so, or "its original Jhoto: 4/5 i love the show, only thing, its that its a bit repetitive, i get that there's new pokemon, but besides that, we have the same characters, same stuff, other than that, its good Hoenn: 5/5 i love this show, it is an absolutely great show, nothing to say. Sinnoh: 4/5 i love gallatic battles, i love the movies, especially arceus and the jewel of life. Unova: 4/5 i get why people say its a terrible reboot, but it introduced me to the pokemon franchise, and i personally like the black and white series X and y: 4/5 its a nice show, it improved after black and white. xy&Z: 5/5 two words ash greninja Sun and moon: 0/5 its terrible, i just hate it, we wen't from ash bring cool, and mature, to just going back to a kid, and what the hell ash going to school, c'mon Pokémon you're losing some older fans
10:07 Where I stopped watching Pokemon.
I love all Pokemon theme songs
Dylan Shadowstar
i'm so glad x and y is trying to fix the errors of black and white,
Donavin Merriweather
i loved b&w it never sucked i liked iris and cilen
fan roblox
Where are pokemon fans???raise your hand
Legendary Singh
WARNING: I’m a biased person but I think xy was a great season (I’m probably the only one who thinks this.)
Josef Muller
Why I am watching this Me, 20th of April 2018
Dylan Desselle
Sad thing is I started Pokemon with Black and White. And for some reason, whenever I think Pokemon, I think of Ash, Iris, and Cilan.
LinxGaming 157
Season 1 was best
Anthony Reviews!
Once Diamond Pearl's theme kicked in I found myself enjoying the rest less and less. Then all of a sudden the last song hits and it's awesome.
Neema Pant
Unbeatable song is my favorite. But every song ends with '' pokemon ''
At 0:44 Ash is throwing a Pokeball in the air like he's saying "I'm already a master" think of it!
Yelloyoshi Yoshi's
I wanna be the very best Like no one ever was To catch them is my real test To train them is my cause I will travel across the land Searching far and wide Each Pokémon to understand The power that's inside Pokémon (Gotta catch 'em all), it's you and me I know it's my destiny Pokémon...ooh, you're my best friend In a world we must defend Pokémon (Gotta catch 'em all), a heart so true Our courage will pull us through You teach me, and I'll teach you Pokémon Gotta catch 'em all! Gotta catch 'em all! Gotta catch 'em all! Pokémon! Yeah...yeaah... Got the power Yeah...yeaah... So you wanna be the Master of Pokémon! Understand the secrets and Have some fun So you wanna be the Master of Pokémon! Do you have the skills to be Number one!? I wanna take the ultimate step Find the courage to be bold (Pokémon) To risk it all and not forget The lessons that I hold I wanna go where no one's been Far beyond the crowd (Pokémon) Learn the ways to take command Use the power that's in my hand Oh hey! We all live in a Pokémon world (Po-ké-mon) I wanna be the greatest Master of them all! (Greatest Master) We all live in a Pokémon world (Po-ké-mon) Put myself to the test To be better than all the rest So you wanna be the Master of Pokémon! Understand the secrets and have some fun! We all live in a Pokémon world (Po-ké-mon) I wanna be the greatest Master of them all! (Greatest Master) We all live in a Pokémon world (Po-ké-mon) Put myself to the test To be better than all the rest It's a whole new world we live in... Pokémon Johto! Tedetedede-Tededetedede Everybody wants to be a master Everybody wants to show their skills Everybody wants to get there faster, Make their way to the top of the hill Each time, Yout try Gonna get a little bit better Each step, You climb Is one more step up the ladder It's al whole new world we live in Tedetedede... It's a whole new way to see Tedetedede... It's a whole new place with a brand new attitude But ya still gotta catch 'em all, Be the best that you can be Tededetetede-Tedetetede Tededetetede-Tedetetede (Pokémon Johto) Tedete It's a whole new world we live in But ya still gotta catch 'em all Be the best the best that you can be Tedetetede (Pokémon Johto) POKÉMON JOHTO Let's do it I wanna be the very best Like no one ever was (No one ever was) To catch them is my real test To train them is my cause My whole life has led to this Time to test my skills I know I just can't miss Gonna show the world Born to be a winner Born to be a Champion Born to be a winner Born to be the very best Born to be a winner! Pokémon! I wanna be the very best Like no one ever was To catch them is my real test To train them is my cause I will travel across the land Searching far and wide Each Pokémon to understand The power that's inside Pokémon (Gotta catch 'em all), it's you and me I know it's my destiny Pokémon...ooh, you're my best friend In a world we must defend Pokémon (Gotta catch 'em all), a heart so true Our courage will pull us through You teach me, and I'll teach you Pokémon Gotta catch 'em all! Gotta catch 'em all! Gotta catch 'em all! A kid from Pallet Town with a brand new world to see Don't know what's ahead but it won't get the best of me There's so much to learn and battles to be won I've advanced so far but still there's always more to come Take a step and I'm on my way... Gonna start all over again I wanna be a hero! Pokémon: Advanced! I'm on my way! I wanna be a hero! Give me just one chance... And the future will decide... If there's a hero buried deep inside... I wanna be a hero! Pokémon!! Pokémon! Every Trainer has a choice To listen to that voice inside. I know the battle may be long, Winners may have come and gone - but I will carry on! Yeah, this dream will last forever, And this dream will never die, We will rise to meet the challenge every time. (Advanced Challenge) Yeah, this dream keeps us together, This shows that you and I - Will be the best that the world's ever seen, Because we always will follow this dream! Pokémon! OHHHWHWHHHHHWHWHWH I'm unbeatable Walking down this endless highway With nothing but my friends beside me We'll never give in, we'll never rest Advanced Battle is the ultimate test From the earth to land The sea and sky They can never win, but they sure can try OHHWHWWHWH I'm unbeatable Pokémon (Advanced Battle!) OHWHWHWHWHW I'm undefeatable From the stars and the ancient past They come to play, but they'll never last OHWWHHHHHWHWHWH I'm unbeatable Pokémon (Advanced Battle!) OHWWHWHWHWWWWH I'm undefeatable You think you'll win, but soon you'll see You may beat some, but you can't beat me I'm undefeatable Pokémon! It's a battle, win or lose It's the friends you make, it's the road you choose You've got the right stuff So make your mind up Find the courage inside of you If you're strong you'll survive And you'll keep your dream alive It's the Battle Frontier Pokémon! Be the best you can be And find your destiny It's the master plan The power's in your hand Pokémon! Pokémon! Pokémon! It's all about the challenges. It's a brand new game and a brand new world. New rivals, as you fight for survival. Nothing can stop you, Diamond and Pearl. Pokémon! It's all about the battle. You gotta play smart. You gotta move faster behind every win there's a chance to begin, again! You gotta take it all if you wanna be a master... Pokémon! Pokémon! It's time for adventure, Diamond and Pearl. We can change the world. Pokémon! Pokémon! Another day, another fight Another chance to make things right (Pokémon!) We will be strong, the way it should be Ready for the challenge, you and me! We will be heroes (Pokémon!) We can change the world if we try (Darkrai!) I go where you go (Pokémon!) Forever friends, you and I (Darkrai!) We will be heroes Pokémon! Sometimes it's hard to know, Which way you're supposed to go. But deep inside, you know you're strong. If you follow your heart, you can't be wrong. Sometimes it's hard to see, Just what's your destiny. But when you find the path that's true, You'll know that's the one for you. Stand up! (Stand up!) For what is right. Be brave! (Be brave!) Get ready to fight! Hold on! (Hold on!) We're friends for life. And if we come, together as one, Complete the quest, that we've begon. We will win the battle! Pokémon! It's about you, It's about me, It's about hope, It's about dreams. It's about friends that work together, To claim their destiny. It's about reaching for the sky, (Pokémon) Having the courage, And willing to try. It's about never giving up, So hold your head up, And we will carry on, (Sinnoh League Victors) Pokémon! It's always hard, When the journey begins. Hard to find your way; Hard to make amends. But there's nothing you can't do, 'Cause you've got the power inside of you. It's never easy, To make a choice: To keep things inside, Or raise your voice. But for everyone there comes a time When the light inside begins to shine. It's not always right or wrong, As long as your spirit's strong. It's not always win or lose, It's the road you choose; The answer's within. It's not always black and white, But your heart always knows what's right. But let the journey begin. Pokémon Sometimes it's hard to know, which way your supposed to gooooo. But deep inside you know you're strong. If you follow your heart you can't be wrong. Sometimes it's hard to seeeeee. Just what's your destiny. But when you find the path thats true. You know tjats the 1 for you. Stand up (stand up) for whats right. Be brave(be brave) get ready to fight. Hold on (hold on) were friends for life. And if we come together as 1. Complete the quest we've begon. We will win the battle. Pokémon. Now I'm lazy yo go further on. ):
Akshat Mishra
I miss those days when pokemon was the one of the best anime 😭
The first black and white and the second diamond and pearl songs blew me away. Easily my favorites. I prefer the BW one, as I like the song and the visuals are fantastic and very different, new, and interesting for the series.
George Makrinakis
Who agrees with me that Shauna Tierno and Trevor were a waste of time in x and y Yes I HATE the three alot and alot and alot
maaaan if only Ash had Gible evolved to Garchomp, good luck to Charizard and Pikachu :P
BC Bcast
Watching the Pokemon twitch marathon 👌
Ash was so cool in the kalos region XD
Tom Foolery
Wait was that a tyranitar running beside brock. 7:32
My favourite to least favourite themes: 1.) Galatic Battles, 2.) Advanced Battle, 3.) XY, 4.) Battle Dimension, 5.) Advanced Challenge, 6.) Johto Journeys, 7.) Master Quest, 8.) Battle Frontier, 9.) Orange Islands, 10.) Adventures in Unova, 11.) XY "Be a hero", 12.) Sinnoh League Victors, 13.) Indigo Legue, 14.) Rival Destinies, 15.) Advanced, 16.) DP, 17.) Johto League Champions, I didn't like Johto Legue Champions because it wasn't that original, and DP was boring.
Rejected Sceptile
Excuse me WHERES XY&Z
Shadman Shakib
Orange, Master quest, Advance challenge my favav :)
DrAKo QwAn
Battle domension and galactic battles is without a doubt the best openings to pokemon ever.
每个人都希望世界Shadow of Darkness
My fav song is be a hero
While the first is and will always be the best I personally love s4 and s6 even more. 4 because idk what reason made me love that theme as a kid and season 6 because it had a huge impact at the time, eveything was so different than usual with new characters and pokemon. After that the feeling just started fading until the xy series which brought hype back that would be lost again due to sun and moon 🙁
Literal Cube
Love Pokémon, love all the theme songs, love Goomy, and my brother, who also loves Pokémon. <3 Thanks for the video!
i believe pokemon would be 100% better with the characters actually growing older. back when pokemon started Ash was only 10 years old. now many years later he is still only 10. would be better if he aged (along with his friends) so adults now, children back then, would still feel connected.
Gen 5 overall had a good story. But the Pokémon Jesus Christ. I just didn’t like how the Pokémon looked.
Corey Stussi
Ahhh man, season 18 was very epic, didn't doubt it for 1 second, I put this on well the other video that had 17 and just listen to it and now so much more joy to hear this!! Thanks for the upload
I think I'm the only one who actually likes the B&W themes....
Taco bot
Andocool XD
Worst to Best 21 Sun and Moon 20 Sinnoh League Victors 19 XY 18 Battle Dimension 17 Galactic Battles 16 Master Quest 15 Adventures in Unova 14 Rival Destinies 13 SM: Ultra Adventures 12 Advanced Challenge 11 Battle Frontier 10 Jotho League Champions 9 Black and White 8 Kalas Quest 7 Advanced Battle 6 XYZ 5 The Johto Journeys 4 Orange Islands 3 Advanced 2 Diamond and Pearl 1 Indigo League
sword of war
those black and white ones make me want to puke love most of the others tho
the songs really decreased in quality over the seasons :(
AMC Javelin
Back then cartoon Network was amazing
john Vicaire III
Id like to see a future pokemon anime with a different main character.
TIS_Floats Andrade
Dp best season
karan kharat
2019 ?
Kanto and Orange Islands: Epic in every sense of the words. Just what we need to get us excited for an episode. Johto Saga: Epic again. Johto Journeys is about exploring a new region, Johto League Champions is about growing as a trainer, Master Quest is a well rounded one to finish an epic collection of songs. Hoenn Saga: Good but not as good as before. Advanced was OK but a bit slow. Advanced Challenge was good, a massive improvement. Advanced Battle was the most epic one of the bunch by far. Battle Frontier was good but short, an OK start to the new dubbing company. Sinnoh Saga: A bit abyssmal in all honesty. Diamond and Pearl was just OK, rapping didn't suit. Battle Dimension was the worst one of all, Friendship is magic bullcrap started. Galactic Battles was an improvement and more than likely the best of the four. The last Sinnoh one was way too slow. Unova Saga: Black and White was just OK imo. The next one was an improvement but the third one, Adventures in Unova (and beyond) was easily one of the best in years. XY Saga: As a remix I usually don't like them but this one was done sooooo well. The Be a Hero one is just.....OK. It feels like there should be more to it.
Blake Productions
Update please with season 19
I LUV THE 17 and 18
Lawless Lonewolf
These still give me goosebumps
I loved openings 5-15, those were my childhood series 😭
Orange island Pokémon bring back so many memories
PandaEats Tofu
Ahhh back to kids😊 miss it
Itachi Uchiha
Can you share your secret of how did you upload it without getting blocked? Please?
Manya y
Mfs where is Hindi version? Fck this era.
Dreams Are Your Hope
who's watching this in 2018
The first one is the best one :)
Polarized ツ
I like Serena cus like Ash x Serena XDDDDDDDD Ok I'm sorry
fan roblox
Nice its the best pokemon music i ever heard when im a 7 years old kid
Lawrence Cheng
ok so many oh hi weasel edit:so many edit2: Ok black and white? Edit3: sorry I talk too much edit4: dude ya know why I know everyone? Because. I watched every EP oh-Oh we belong together edit5: but I didn’t watch XY it needs money but ima try to watch it now
Fred Polizzi
Why no one never realized lucario was just chilling in the opening sequence of advanced battle ??
Patrick Star
Indigo league is da best *prove me right*
Cunning Smile
After all this time does anyone remember why Team Rocket is after Pikachu?
Gen 5 kills them all!
Match from bfb
you forgot the second version of galactic battles intro
The theme songs get progressively worse throughout the seasons, I don’t care much for nostalgia but the older theme songs are so much catchier
Esteban Chicas
The black and white op are really good and the anime is quite bad
Manny Pineda
The Downfall starts after Advance Battle. . RIP 4Kids.
the dood
4 kids was the best
Leandro Lucio
Sinnoh League Victors was the shit, loved it
Candy Skull
My top 5 favourite seasons and theme songs in order from best to worst 1. Rivel Destinies 2. Galactic Battles 3. Adventures in Unova 4. Advanced Battle 5. Gotta Catch em all 1. XYZ (includes XY and XYZ) 2. Unova 3. Kanto 4. Sinnoh 5. Hoenn PS: Sun and Moon sucks
MannyB Light
4:50 brings me so much nostalgia about how excited was for gen three after the johto league introduced blaziken
Ryan Su
I am the first one To like this comment
Pie Pierrot
Goddd, so much nostalgia! The Johto League Champions theme was my jam when I was a kid! I mean they're all awesome and catchy (at least all the earlier ones) and bring back fond memories but that one was just... I would literally rewind the tape (or was it a dvd?) just to listen to that song over and over again. XD Still catchy, even after all these years! Sadly I kinda stopped watching gradually as I just didn't like the way the show was changing. I mean I guess I can't really complain, the show must evolve (pun intended) in order to stay alive with the younger generation. I grew older, too, and I guess the anime just didn't appeal to me anymore. I was no longer the target demographic. Still love the games though, I'm 21 and still enjoy the games! ^_^
everything after indigo sucks
Pokemon Center TV
XY and XYZ was just amazing
A Lakshman Rao
I liked the songs from the Advanced Battle.
XxCookie lover2076xX
I love all the songs 🙂 yay
I started Pokemon at diamond and pearl. then went back to first season. and went from DP to X and Y
Camilo Baldwin-Osorno
why am i watching this
Random person
Guys did you know theres a Pokemon theory where the Pokemon show stops at the 12th Region and Ash will turn 11
John Kastanos
I’m unbeatable is my favorite
lol just came here because of detective Pikachu that triggered my childhood.
Kaito Momota - Luminary of the Stars
It’s funny to think how I got into the Pokemon hype. It was just that my mom clicked on a random episode to wake me up, and I started watching every single day, until my love for the franchise grew and grew. And now, here I am.
I hardly play any Pokemon games but I remember adoring the anime back in the days, I can remember up from the first opening to Diamond and Pearl. Not sure why I eventually stop watching it halfway but still, it sure does was one hell of a crack for my childhood days.
did anyone notice misty in the advanced battle theme song