The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 movie review

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 1 comes to theatres, and Jeremy gives you his review. Twilight haters will enjoy this....Twi-hards should still watch it. come know you want to.... See more videos by Jeremy here: /> For more Awesometacularness, Subscribe to Jeremys blog here:

LOL, those stones killed me XD
Rick Sanchez the intergalactic Hellspawn
remember when vampires were cool? like blade, Legacy of kain, and lost boys
Couldn't Belle just be on top when they have sex? ................ Why do I even care?
i used to say twilight was the worst love story ever invented by man. then i took a fifty shades of grey to the knee.
Strelok Audio Design
hahahaha, thank god I´ve never seen any of these films
Vauni 98
Came here to see the original "nothing" rating. :D
Duke of Lorraine
How to make an excellent remake of this movie : make the author of Game of Thrones write the wedding scene.
Daya Subramanian
The stones sex thing killed me but that Taylor Lautner impression OH MY GOD XD
Anakin & Padme > Edward & Bella
Had to re-watch this just for the 'stones' thing... absolutely classic xD
The Android Next Door
I want to see Alucard just rip them all apart.
Still a better love story than twi.... Oh wait.
SKIN ON SKIN, LET THE LOVE BEGIN. Am I the only one who died at this scene
Confession Bear: I actually enjoy seeing your reviews on bad movies more than good ones. It's like watching comedies.
Alex Andrews
In ONE movie, Finn and Rey had a more believable and realistic budding romance than these two idiots did in this entire damn saga. Hell I buy Katniss and Peeta, or Anakin and Padme, more than these two.
Edward Whitlock
That stone joke was hilarious XD
*watches **1:52**-**1:56* .... you sir have just earned yourself another subscriber...
Rachel Fraser
Omg I'm crying with laughter
Mila BlackSheep
The rocks part had me cracking up!
Keerthana M
Be as it may be (which is a review of a horrible movie), this is pure comedy gold!
Jorge Cabrera
Jeremy, you should have a TV show. "The Jeremy Jahns Show". It would be Awesometacular.
Gabrielle Joy Durrett
When he started knocking the stones together, I started laughing hysterically! Great review!
The scariest part of twilight is having to watch the movie
I want to see count Dracula kill all the twilight charecters
Lori Burnip
Want a real vampire love story? Watch BUFFY not frickin Twilight!
"You Douche-Bag!!!" That has been my opinion of Edward Cullen since Book 2 and Movie 1 
Eric Stevenson
This is the best review Jeremy has ever done!
Looney Lela
I feel like this series could have been better if the characters weren't so bland and stupid. And make the story a little more consistent. But the main problem for me is the characters.
Madame Fluffy
So...Edward read baby Renesmee's mind while she was in Bella's womb and he proclaimed she was just like Bella., he couldn't read her thoughts either, huh? Just a void of nothingness.
Those stones! I laughed till I cried.
Nick Schafer
Well I did something similar when I was 11. My class went and saw a stage performance of The Sound of Music, and there was a part were the main character girl leaves a note about her true feelings for this guy that's getting married and why she's leaving the house, and when the fiancé comes out reach letter and rips up the n when the fiancé comes out, read the note, and then rips it up, I just inexplicably blurted out very frankly, "You bitch." And half the theatre laughed their butts off. Teacher was so mad at me though.
Gaaaahahahaha, I came back to watch this video after watching the review for 50 Shades of Grey (where the rating was "vortex of nothing") since this movie also got a 'nothing' rating. This is the funniest review EVER! XD
Gotta be the best intro ever <3
Alice Kirkland
its a bad movie that made a lot of money =v=
soumen sinha
this review is AWESOMETACULAR !!!
Urdnot Stark
i personally thin this is jeremy's greatest review of a movie that was not a retro review
Charles C
hilarious! so where do you get a couple of pebbles at short notice for a movie review?
Thumbnail says it all 
A Certain Anime Theory Making Girl
Am I the only one who noticed that half the review is about how bad and strange the sex was? Jeremy almost sounds insulted. XD
Dan W
What is funnier than Jeremy reviewing the Twilight saga? Nothing.
Joseph H
I enjoy the movies but yeah. The acting is terrible lol
I can safely say that this is one movie I will never watch. I can sit through absolutely anything, I have the innate ability to switch off the critical elements of my brain for the duration, go with the flow and only afterwards go "okay, so that was a thing". I've sat through Dungeons and Dragons and Battlefield Earth, for crying out loud. And, with this ability in mind, I decided to give in to the hype and watch Twilight (the first one). I got it for like £1 in a charity shop. So yeah, I put it in. I saw about an hour and then I fell asleep. I should point out that this never happens - no matter what, once I start to watch a movie, I have a weird OCD type thing where I *have* to see it through to the end. I thought "okay, I was tired, give it another shot" - less than 40 minutes and... yep, sleepy times. Third time's a charm, I said to myself. Less than 30 minutes this time and I was out like a light once more. I donated the DVD back to the charity shop the next day. Although I do now know that if I ever suffer from insomnia, there is a guaranteed solution available.
Aj Jingco
It's ok to like a TRASH series like 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight if ONLY your pirating them!
Hahaha 2:24 "she gets preggers" hahaha awesome!
I hate the movie series myself. Can't stand it (apart from that one fight scene in the last movie). But I will say this, Jake doesn't exactly "fall in love" with whatsherface. The way they explain "imprinting" on another person, makes it seem like she just all of a sudden matters to him. So he is whatever she needs him to be. When she's born, he's her protector, when she ages, he becomes something else. That was my impression of it anyway. Either way, the series was pretty stupid. Bella is a love sick dingdong. She's like a modern day Juliet.
James McDonough
I have 2 sisters that love these books and movies and will not listen to reason. Thanks for your support and being for me man =)
Just Some Dude k
did you know that the book twilight is rejected 10 times its that bad
I came here after watching the 50 shade darker review just to see if the legend were true. There was INDEED ANOTHER MOVIE that was worst than dog shit. The real question is nothing worse than dogshit square or are they both a metaphor of a bad movie that is so horrendous that even the Lovecraftian horrors beyond space and understanding pale in comparison?
Isaac Carmichael
I'll say this, I'm glad that Pattinson and Stewart went back into the indie scene . Pattinson is getting way much better at acting (especially in The Rover and in his partnership with David Cronenberg) and Stewart is good in films like Still Alice and Clouds of Sils Maria. But I hope Taylor Lautner quits acting. I'm sorry but he is JUST TERRIBLE! Pattinson and Stewart have done a lot better since these horrible atrocities disguised as movies. But Lautner will never be good.
I envy those rocks. They get to be in a review with Jeremy.
Seon Darlington
Lol I never saw this dude but this .... Was so funny ... My girl would flip if she sees this lol haha
Fun fact: Julianne Moore played Kristen Stewart's mom in another movie lol
Jason Adler
When Jeremy whipped out the rocks I lost it
Lefteris Tsakiridis
The Twilight series are the best of the best reviews of Jeremy.
It's funny how this is now the second worst movie in Jeremy's catalog. Also I forgot how funny the rock bit was!
kop kop helooo
I still stand by the statement twilight, a girl choice between necrophilia or bestiality
Omg, I laughed so hard at this, thank you Jeremy ^-^/
fai ali
your funniest movie review to date ahahaha
Rhino Thunder
I never understood the part where the Native Americans have to transform into werewolves just so they can have a council meeting and I guess it was so that they can do the wolf intimidation thing but other than that it didn't really make sense like they need to transform into werewolves just so they can gather together and have a werewolf council meeting and if we're going to Harry Potter talk when they technically be an animagus and not a werewolf because the vampires and werewolves where vampires in the Twilight Saga cannot go out during the daytime but their skin Sparkles until about Movie number 3 in which their skin stops sparkling and never does ever again after that and the werewolves can transform whenever they want even though that was explained with really good detail in Harry Potter and which an animagus is someone who can really change into an animal whenever they want and a werewolf is someone who had the side of a full moon has no choice it was a lot like Stephenie Meyer and read through the Harry Potter series thought about the idea of people being able to change into animals kind of like that movie / book series Animorphs where that old show Manimal and then call it something that we've known the mythology of for over a hundred years through literature and TV a werewolf we've read books about werewolves over 100 years ago in the 1800's and that's given us our knowledge and mythology and understanding of werewolves and vampires because we understood the fact that if you're aware of wolf you turn into a wolf at the side of a full moon which is about 12 a year and if your a vampire the sun is literally a deadly laser and kills you and if you have to run outside it either takes away a lot of your power and severely weakens you or it continuously wakens you until you die because the sun is a deadly laser 2 vampires and vampires can go out in the daylight and the real reason they don't go out is because they're covered in glitter and they glitter in the sunlight until film 3 in which they stop glittering in the sunlight are Native Americans and the Native Americans descended from wolves because Evolution baby even though the going theories that we evolved from some sort of monkey Sasquatch hybrid thing unless you're super religious than you just believe that God kind of poof made a man inside this perfect garden LS broke one of his ribs which must have been incredibly painful we'll just have to they don't actually detail in the Bible and if you actually think about it would have been incredibly more been painful and would have left him severely scarred because they're removing an entire rib anyways and use that as the basis to form a woman so it's like we've had these preset mythologies that go along with vampire and werewolf for over 200 years not even that in the 15 hundreds they had Count Dracula who was a real person in history and the fact is that he did like to lock himself inside his house which is barely anyone saw him and thought it was some kind of hermit and then someone came up with the idea that he was a vampire and that's why no one ever saw him outside because if you was outside it was during the night when everyone sleeps in the village and we do have ancient stories of guys transformer into a K-9 wolf type thing and going on causing have it again at the side of a full moon so these fictional books that gave us the set lure come from Legends long before the books were ever written which is why the rules that apply to vampire and werewolf are in literature and movies pretty set in stone unless you're Stephenie Meyer you apparently doesn't understand that vampires vampires cannot come outside into sunlight during the day because they won't be waking so much that they can't defend themselves against a infant child who is trying to fight them or that they actually die and that she doesn't understand the fact that werewolves do not get to decide whatever they want to transform it is the full moon that decides if they get the transform
hahahaha the stone parts are so funny
Josephine Mauro
I laughed way too hard at this, like it really wasn't as hilarious as I thought it would be. Jeremy is just too funny!
Captain Martin Walker
"The vampires and werewolves have very very naughty kids. Go to Sporks and kill them all, Jason. Make mommy proud."
Beautifully Gabbie
I hate this movie series , I only watched it for Seth.
Brawny Paper Towel Man is my favorite character. Him and the one actual vampire in Part II, Garrett.
Timber Humphrey
0:00 - 0:05 that's the whole review right there lol
When you started banging those rocks together, I rolled around on the floor laughing my ass off!!!.lol
Samniss Arandeen
Replace "vampires" with Sith Lords and we'd have a much better film series.
Robert Payne
There is only one vampire that can redeem the image of vampires and that's Alucard from Hellsing Ultimate, best vampire ever :)
Ben Daulton
sharknado is better than Twilight.
I so disagree!! I love the "Twilight" movies! Every time I'm really tired but can't sleep because I worry too much o something, I just need to play any of the "Twilight" and after 3 minutes, I snore! My own sleeping pills! Love them!!
Suparna Bose
"Okay I'll watch the baby, coz the house is soundproof or whatever... CREEPY BASTARD" 😂😂xD
That movie was... That movie... That, that was bad...
This is just one of the best reviews ever!!
Melissa D
If this gets rereleased in 3D I will say in the movie theater, "Skin on skin. Let the love begin." Thank you Jeremy for that strike of comedic gold for me to say if that ever occurs.
Davis Parks
I love how all the Twilight fans' comments have a total of 0 likes.
Anyone know wheres that scene in the beginning came from?
Mikayla K
that stone part omg I was cracking up!
Charlie Hancock
I wish Muse had refused to allow their music to be used.
Christian's Reviews
I always knew "Twilight" was going to fail. Nobody listened to me.
Vanille Nina
"Wow thank you life" lmfaooo omg
Maks Tracy
This is so much more entertaining than the movie
This review is so wrong! Chess it's NOT boring.
Cringey Cartoons
and just like that, nothing was born
Charlie (Brawny paper towel man) has always been my favorite and the only good thing too come out of those movies (of the one I've seen and others reviewed). I love you, Jeremy. XD
Carlos Munoz
Jeremy Jahns, can you do a Review of Tom And Jerry The Movie (1992)? Because this movie is so bad, that everything in this movie is cringeworthy.
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 <3
1:33 I'm surprised nobody made a meme of that yet cause that little part right there, could be used for a lot of things in this day and age.
Jacob Hunter
I could tell by the thumbnail that this was going to be fun
Bomb Ass Bish
Brawnie paper towel man😂😂😂🙏🙏🙏
Susan Whitehall
I love twilight in the same way that Lucas loves the power glove. It's so bad.
Jeikobu Kooruman
Everybody's got one creepy uncle.
Why didn't Bella just ride Edward. Edward wouldn't really have to touch her.
VivaVideo User
the twilight saga:breaking wind part 1
Gina S
omfg I'm dying😂😂😂 Taylor is a bad actor tho
Vishakha Sen
I remember having a really bad day and going in for Breaking Dawn part 1 because nothing else was on at that time and coming out screeching. I'm not kidding. I came out screeching.
P.R.Ime, the Platinum Ranger
Hanah Porter
If someone held a gun to my head and said, "Which one is worse? Twilight or Fifty Shades of Grey? Pick one or you die." I honestly don't know which is worse. They're both awful.
Titan Payne
Worst series ever