Everything Wrong With Split In 16 Minutes Or Less

Split! The movie that put M. Night back on the map! I guess. I mean... I don't know... I watched it and thought it was just okay, and the connection to another film felt forced and saccarine. But what do I know? I'm just an Internet asshole, so... Next week: Super-obscure superhero sins and not-so-obscure superhero sins. May is Mental Health Month, and it's a subject that means a lot to us here at CinemaSins. In fact, we’re partnering with Mental Health America (MHA) to not only to raise awareness of mental health issues – but also to raise a little money, too. We’ve got a brand-new Cinema Sins t-shirt in the shop, and all of the profits from the sale of the shirt will be donated to our friends at MHA. Click here to check out or purchase the shirt: Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?! Podcast: />Sins Video Playlist: />Tweet us: />Reddit with us: />Tumble us: />Call us: 405-459-7466 Jeremy's book: Merch:

Jace Carsonne
Not an amazing movie, but holy shit James McAvoy really stepped up his game with this role. He's a killer actor.
hey at least the kidnapper didn't think of the "let's make a centipede out of humans" idea amr?
Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
I don't care what this guy says, Split was an amazing movie. The best character is hands-down Hedwig. He is hilarious, and my favorite thing he said is "You're probably pregnant now... Am I a good kisser? " Btw, all he did was kiss her lol.
john Rizzo
i remember when cinema sins nitpicked actual sins and not just personal things they didnt like with the movie. pepperidge farms remembers.
westy_ besty
0:21 Wait, why is it a movie sin if a character who's supposed to be lonely, looks lonely?
William LU
cinema sins is the way to watch films for free
Jack Norman-Sokoll
Cinimasins: Sins Unbreakable for not having a sequel Also Cinimasins: Sins Unbreakable sequel for being a sequel to Unbreakable...
Josephine Singer
One thing you missed is that if Barry was in the light long enough to write all those emails couldn’t he have called the cops or set the girls free before the beast come out
Hamiltrash 4 life
If I'm going to be honest this movie was very fascinating to me.
Holy Crap he called the dead dad thing from glass!
What if one of the personalities had a multiple personality disorder? Would they have multiple personalities as well?
13:32 predicted major Glass spoiler lmfao
jonathan lavezzi
The acting by him in this movie is amazing
Diamond Collie
DID is.. really complex. There are aware of each other, and there is often a "leader" identity who functions as the runner up to the host identity. These guys are pretty cool! They can help arrange when an identity can come out, and help resolve issues between identities. Some identities refer to others as "mom" or "dad", mostly the littles. I have a little identity (6 years old), she refers to me by my name, but my "leader" identity as "mommy". It's like... an internal family, really. And often clothes help these identities express themselves! My little, Juliet, loves wearing tutus and big/baggy clothing that she can tug on and see fluff up when she bounces around. I can even get her to do chores sometimes by leaving her little notes, and often I get colored pictures or scribbled doodles in return (which are adorably childish compared to my more professional drawing skills, since art is my job after all)
Drea Wäll
We were diagnosed in Sheppard Pratt’s intensive inpatient trauma center in 2014 after a 10-year assessment between multiple facilities and honestly, yeah, awareness of each other isn’t a sin here since they were in CPTSD and DID treatment long term. We do have awareness and fluid communication with each other after going through the extensive work it takes in professional, complex trauma-informed mental health settings to achieve co-consciousness. It doesn’t remove the amnesic barriers between fronts, so we still don’t have any semblance of consciousness when we aren’t out front, but it does make communicating what we do during our time easier between integrated parts. Which, since ‘unification’ integration isn’t possible, is the best we can hope for. The bit about optic nerves regenerating is weird to us though in particular because yeah, none of this is accurate, but things like what he’s describing do happen for an actual real reason—Conversion Disorder. Our body has minimal hearing remaining but because of my own problems I am deaf. The sensorineural hearing loss from our mitochondrial disease won’t ~regenerate~ just because someone else is out long enough, but just like personality/eating disorders, Conversion Disorder, functional neurological/GI/lung/pain/autonomic disorders, and specific manifestations like our pseudohypacusis. Conversion/‘hysterical’ blindness (and deafness, paraplegia, aphasia, motor dysfunction, and hemiplegia as well as non-CD somatoform pain disorders, psychogenic seizures, and somatic vomiting/vasovagal syncope response to panic) does happen in both singletons and separate implicit alter states, ESPECIALLY with trauma disorders—which DID is—so why not just say that? We DO have some physical differences, MRI scans and anaphylactic reactions and such, but spontaneously regenerating body parts....isn’t one of them. 😂 There was legitimately no reason to make that up to demonstrate a plot point that already has a real life explanation...? But of all the actual sins this trash series commits, co-consciousness is not one of them. Furthering stigma that’s far more dangerous than any of us absolutely is however. [—D]
Willy_Th3_ Walrus
He really is an amazing actor
j m
"Everything wrong...." Pfffff, I wasted my time here
Katarina Baird
Cinemasins, really failed on this one. I watched this expecting to hear at least one good point.
Olivia Tuck
Tulane University is in Louisiana.........my cousin goes there it’s actually a pretty nice school
Jamie Kirlluhp
First of all, how dare you.
Noah Linforth
when you watch an "everything wrong with" instead of the movie
Arbor Meow
This movie is a very inaccurate interpretation of DID. They should have a disclosure at the end to say that there was a lot artistic license used. Many of the traits do match up with the traits of systems with DID but very loosely. If anyone wants to know more about DID, you should check out DisosiaDID. The system explains the science of the Disorder, what it's like to live with it, coping strategies and much more. They also talk about other mental health disorders!
super namekian
actually it is a real disorder I know someone who has it though it's not dangerous however it can make it extremely difficult for the person who has it to have a normal life cuz they have no control over when they go into the other personality
Sneaky Soto
Actually predicted that Kevin’s dad died in the train crash geez
Brenda Fluffy
sorry I really liked this movie James Mcavoy played all these characters really freaking well he even plays james mcavoy really freaking well !
Aaliyah Strong
Should've also added 30 sins for Dr. Fletcher, a woman who probably spent many years studying reverse psychology, telling Dennis that she didn't agree with him holding the girls and that he needed to let them go. Because in reality she could've said she understood and left and called the cops. But no. He had to take her too.
lollipop princess
As someone with DID, this movie earns plenty of sins.
Mustafa Sulman
"Tulane university is obviously a made up school" boy 😂
Faceless Face
You 👏 guys 👏 need 👏 to 👏 do 👏 Glass 👏
Pugest pug
X2 speed and it only takes 8min BOIIIIIIIIII
This is what happens when professor X tries to control too many minds.
HardBlizzard Lê Thành An
first time seeing the thumbnail thought its was one punch man the movie
Gaming 101 A plus
The beast let Casey go in the end because she was a cutter which showed him that she was abused which leads me to the question, why would any of the personalities make a female teenager take her clothes off. Why would a personality make a child feel abused
SPOILER ALERT @13:30 wow.. good call..
Big Frank
You were right!! About the train yard 🤭🤯
Sam Yogis
you'd be the worst possible person to ever watch a movie with
M Nagano
0:22 why Are there to v's insted od w (VVitch insted od Witch)
Sanai Broxton
I like how you were like "Tulane University is obviously a made up school."
Rachel Bresley
Tulane is real omg 😂
TreySyrup 13
Who elses favourite personality is hedwig?
Jozie Charles
"Asian music can help digestion" *Gee by Girls' Generation starts playing*
"that this even sort of works-*ding*" that got a real lol out of me
Ray Mejia
Hey CinemaSins, do the video to Bradley Cooper's "A Star is Born".
Jennifer Hill
Damn you totally called it with Kevin's dad!! Good job!
Eddie Jay Sylvester-King
I tell people I have OSDD "Oh, like Split!" Nooooooo.....
"The girls' final moments of freedom are spend discovering the CinemaSins YouTube channel for the first time." - Haha
Lol...i love you bro...so smart🙌🙌🙌😄
So the guy basically uses something called ''The Secret'' but very evolved. THE END
Haley Lu Richardson is so pretty.
Spoiler for Glass: 13:29 Nicely done. Two years early, you anticipated the connection between Kevin and Mr. Glass. Well done!
Those aren't expositional flashbacks
Cole Gargano
“Dennis” reminds me of Roger from American Dad
Professor Pyg
Holy crap at13:35 he got the twist to Glass way before it came out
Sydney Morien
when she is on the computer it says its 10:25 am when its dark out for the beast
Elle Jay Hall
Yes, DID personalities are often aware of each other. ONE SIN OFF!
16:19 my SNSD fangirl jumped out!!!😂
Zamir Bulbul
That is amazing how you predicted the plot twist of Glass before It was even made. Respect
Dead Philix
The guy speaks so fast i thought me speed was on x2..
You gave it Sins, for the opening?
Dang I thought you were going to take off a sin for the part where McAvoy cycles through the personalities, just amazing acting
Quela Star Winters
Lmao I remember when this movie came out, I live at the like half way point between the two areas and I was scared asf😂
Lizzie Dizzie
I like how he says "why does he have Barry's voice" like people can't change their voice
B izichyld
For an M. Night movie I was expecting more legit sins. This is mostly grasping at straws. No real plot holes to speak of? Must mean this is a pretty solid movie. Though I must say, during Dr Fletcher’s first conversation with Barry I was singing in my head “what can I saaay, it’s exposition!”
YOU MISSED A SIN! In the parking lot scene, when they are all at the trunk, you can see the entire camera crew's feet in the reflection of the bumper.
Jericho Kane
I actually really enjoyed this film
Ben Maceo
He’s joking about Tulane right sorry if I’m just dumb
Hi im Bob
13:31 Well done, Cinamasins.
books from Windblown
Deconstruction of Super villain origins story.
What if one of the personalities had a multiple personality disorder? Would they have multiple personalities as well?
Short answer: Everything is wrong with Split
Haiti Junior
This longer then 16 mins
the punisher
Are you enemies with cinemawins
Susan Sokoloski
I watch Cinema Sins for some great laughs. James McAvoy was great in this but why do Betty Buckley's characters get crushed to death so often?
Ive heard very split reviews about this movie!!
Just subscribed ! I agree with this review. 😂
L. Bokros
Ive gotten 8 million college emails from Tulane university in the past week. sadly, its real.
Silent Gamer
Get a chance go for the eyes you will have full control once they have no eyes ...dark but works
P Nis
Maybe M. Night Shalamysh made a movie that isn't equivalent to semi-explosive diarrhea with peanuts and corn bits in it.
Dead Chris
Im sinning you for brining up fidget spinners
Something Smells
Be honest. You struggled with this one.
James Esterline
Everything Wrong With BumbleBee.
yutas cake
Olivia C.S
Omigosh. The Girls Generation bit- I died. 😂😂😂
Molly Grove
Tulane is 100% a real university...you get a sin for not at least using google.
I wonder if he can enjoy any movie
Lucy Scarbrough
This movie is amazong
Unless you were being sarcastic, Tulane is a university , Ohio state beat them pretty badly this season or last😂
J McA killed this role, can't wait for Mr. Glass.
This man talks about the lady saving emails from 4 years ago. I have unopened emails from 2011.
I love the thought that you and cinemawins are in a huge feud
Prog MetalDeity
@13:30, VERY well-called, sir. Slow golf clap worthy.
Ahmad Khan
The beast on valentines day: "Does someone need a hug?" lol, haha
Elizabeth Mullas
"even for a doctor this is some unintelligible handwriting" 🤣
The13th Rose
Extra sin: This movie didn't do any research on Dissociative Identity Disorder beyond "multiple personalities are scary"
"No" -CinemaSins, 2017
Eno Kirn
Hedwig is too precious *ONE SIN OFF*
olivia chapman
James McAvoy from the innocent character in narnia to killer in split.
Brawn Davis
0:29 bro what? The mixed one definitely the coldest 😂😂
Kerrington Shorter
James McAvoy is an amazing actor, i dont care what anyone says.. for me being an aspiring actor its gotta be tough as shit playing 20 somethin different characters in one... and doing it well
omds i never would've expected snsd 😂😂😂😂😂