You Made a Way // Matt Gilman

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A Worship Highlight from Onething 2009: Matt Gilman sings the song "You Made a Way" at the Onething 2009 annual young adult conference in Kansas City. This song is featured on the Onething 2009 album "Where I Belong (live)," which is available at /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our website: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #IHOPKC #onething

Adriano martins
amazing. presence of Jesus I love Jesus I am yours, you are mine And we ll be together forever
Charity Alyse
the kid yawning at 3:05 totally made me yawn aswell HAHA
Babyson Xavier
i love u the living lord,please take my shame and emptiness away
I love this song!
I love this I love this I love this.
Oh, With every stripe...Thank you Jesus for those stripes. How you have loved me.