Do You Hear "Yanny" or "Laurel"? (SOLVED with SCIENCE)

Yanny vs. Laurel audio illusion solved! PHEW FINALLY! Listen to our new PODCAST: />Watch our SCIENCE MUSIC PARODIES: /> Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown Written by: Rachel Salt, Greg Brown & Mitch Moffit Illustrated by: Max Simmons Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot FOLLOW US! Instagram and Twitter: @whalewatchmeplz and @mitchellmoffit Clickable: and /> AsapINSTAGRAM: />Facebook: />Twitter: />Tumblr: /> SNAPCHAT US 'whalewatchmeplz' and 'pixelmitch' Created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz). Send us stuff! ASAPSCIENCE INC. P.O. Box 93, Toronto P Toronto, ON, M5S2S6 References/Further Reading: A Linguist Explains Why 'Laurel' Sounds Like 'Yanny' Yanny vs. Laurel is ‘The Dress of 2018'—but these sound experts think they can end the debate right now Yanny or Laurel? The science behind the audio version of The Dress Laurel or Yanny? What science has to say or Laurel: why do some people hear a different word? “Yanny” or “Laurel”: the audio clip that’s tearing the internet apart Yanny Laurel vote audio illusion the dress Do you hear Yanny or Laurel Cloe Feldman What Do You Hear?!

TheBreadHead s
YANNY TEAM: Keep the likes odd LAUREL TEAM: Keep the likes even I hear yanny so I’m gonna start by giving this comment one like!!
AFK Clan
Starbucks: What's your name Me: laurel Starbucks: *Writes yanny* ik that this meme is old af but ok
Justin Y.
Me: i hear yanny Laurel listeners: *You pick the wrong choice fooooool*
Nini xo
It's not really Yanny it's more like "Yammy"?
Aesthetic Tranny
Yesterday I hear yanny, now it’s laurel????? Update: It’s back to yanny again?
N& P
On a date... "I love you laurel." Laurel:"whose Yanny!?!?!?
Sheetal Lahoti
Hotel waiter : what's your name miss? Laurel: my name is Laurel. Hotel waiter: ok Yanny go to room no. 203.
Allison's Pug World
Lol I ONLY hear Yanny no matter the pitch or whatever
Amellie Zaitzev
I heard laurel. Now I can only here yanny. rip
absolute wasteman
Yanny:Turn it down until it's almost mute Laurel:turn it up Both: halfway
Jordan VerBruggen
yanny =👍👍like Loural=comment
Gachalaxy Panda
I hear neither Yanny or Laurel. I hear Miami. I feel so deaf.
T.M.K Production
At first I hear Hanny then yammy than laurel then I hear both Theres somthing wth me or is it everyone
Ringer Arnos
2018 i heard Yanny *WHY DO I HEAR LAUREL IN 2019!!??*
Shazia Ahmad
I use to hear yanny but now laurel OML I'VE GROWN UP!!!!
Nika Veverička
*"DO U HEAR YANNY?"* Yanny *.......* Yanny *"OR LAUREL?"* Yanny *.......* Yanny Wtf?😂😂😂😂😂 OMG THANK U FOR THE LIKES 🤩❤️😂 I NEVER GOT THAT MUCH
Pear Fruit
i dont hear yanny.... i dont hear laurel... I HEAR... Yewwy... (im actually not kidding, i actually hear yewwy.)
Tanya Luv Lux
If the volume on my phone is low, i hear loaral BUT IF ITS LOUF WTF I HEAR YANNY
StaviTDX Plays
I hear laurel. But when he put the pitch down by 30% I herd yally
Clipzy Gamez
WAIT I HEARD BOTH AND THIS IS HOW: All I did was mouth the word and I would hear it 😂
"Do you hear yanny?" *LAUREL.... LAUREL* "or do you hear laurel?" *YANNY.... YANNY* I think my brain is messed up...
Nala The Galaxy Wolf
I hear yanny then Laurel IT DRIVES ME INSANE
Tip Productions or Ireland mapper XD [requests]
0.25 = Laurel 2.00 = 99% of the time yanny
Tae Tae
omg this so sooo strange the first time ive heard that was yanny *then i sended this to my friend* and now i hear laurel 😭
Pastel Cream
OMG when i clicked this video i heard Laurel then it went back to yanny
i think its white and gold
Casey Lynn
I only hear yaMMy not yanny not laurel but YAMMY yes with a m
iiP a s t e l l y ii
All of a sudden I hear Laurel. A year ago I heard yanny. What
ÆstheticHazelGrey Builds
I hear both it just idk I here Yanny then laurel idkwhy
Tharshana Aribin
What da heck back when this was relevant I heard Yanny and now I hear Laurel?
Madi Tolman
I can hear both, whichever word I think of while he's playing it is the word I hear
Miguel Mattos
I usually hear yanny, but somehow I heard laurel once
I hear Yanny, so i say Laurel to be cool like the other 53% losers...
Wait.. last time i watched this i heard yanny and a while ago they alternated... and now i'm stuck w/ Laurel BUT MY BROTHER HEARS YANNY
Ka Ho Yim
"Do you hear Yanny?" ("Yanny, Yanny") "Do you hear Laurel?" ("Yanny, Yanny")
Best Man
Holy shit this happened almost a year ago... I can't believe it.
Coco Cyber
I hear both ot the same time. Do I suffer from schizophrenia???! 😱
MyCats&Me Paige
I'm trying to hear yanny so hard but I still hear Laurel
Kicklis Dare
I cant seem to even hear laurel i tried this all year
Basti Zarate
Me: Hi, What's your name? Lady: Laurel Me: Hi Yanny 😂
Army Bts
Eu ouvi Yanny dps de 2 segundos ouvi Laurel
When you Slow It down itsyanny if yo U hear laurel
David Imperato
I heard "The FitnessGram pacer test is a multistage..."
When I hear laurel it is low pitched and sometimes when I hear yanny it's high pitched?
Zebra Spread
Like=Laurel Reply =Yanny
GameCenterJerry [GCJ]
I can make myself hear both. If you hear Yanny, try and imagine the slightest hint of Laurel. And vice versa
Bria Hogan
How the heck do you hear laurel? I still hear yanny when the pitch is adjusted!
Emily Bujor
I’m a kid and I hear Laurel, even if I try to hear Yanny!😂🤷‍♀️
Fabz Gaming
Most times I hear Yanny but sometimes I hear laurel
I really wanna hear Laurel.. But all I ever heard was YANNY Edit: I've learned the ability to hear Laurel now guys
Jared Stultz
When you said yanny at the beginning I heard laurel
Kawaii Potato
Yanny is like yammy Laurel is like lauren LaureZside Yammyxox
This is the first time i her laurel!
The best part is that in the intro it goes “Do you hear Yanny?” *to me* _L A U R E L_
10,000 subs with no videos challenge
Stranger:And what is your name Kid:Yanny Stranger:Okay Laurel nice to meet you
pan pan
Why do I hear clearly yanny?
Jesse Williams
How bout it's 2 diff audio tracks laid over each other
Cyber Cat
I can make myself hear both like if I hear laurel I’ll focus on the word yanny and hear that
Cyber Cat
I can make myself hear both like if I hear laurel I’ll focus on the word yanny and hear that
What's your name? Yanny. Nice to meet you, Laurel. i hear yanny btw
xThaddeus Does Stuff
Do you hear Yanny? no it literally says laurel 4 times
wdw is deh best man band
I hear Laurel I've always heard laurel and it not an age thing I'm 13 lol
The Golden Apple
I'm young ( 10 years old ) I hear Laurel.
Random Guy
Me: Hi, what's your name? Laurel: My name is Laurel. Me: Nice to meet you laurel!
Hlunkur Fimm
yanny =👍👍like Loural=comment
Yanny and laurel are so 2018....... I hear both
if you hear Laurel like if you hear Yanny comment
0:00 I heard Laurel when it showed yanny and nanny it showed laurel
1278 Yo
When you hear “you’re a disappointment” instead of yanny or laurel.
W Stavig
for those who cant hear both: expect laurel as a deep mans voice. yanny as a high pitched voice.
I died when he said laurel then the computer said yanny
crimson wind
I hear yanny louder but i hear laurel but not to loud
Ann Marquez
I hear them both litteraly I hear Yanny and Laurel
Joe Capo
The audio version of the dress
мe, мyѕelғ and ι
I heard only Laurel, BUT NOW I HEAR ONLY YANNY!!!! :0
Chasegod ツ
It’s now a dead meme but I still hear yanny
Adam Ben Chehida
I can hear both, if I focus on each one.
xXPhoenix FlameXx
I hear yanny when the sound is sped up and slowed down
Øllimations uwu
Person A: Knock, knock! Person B: Who's there? Person A: Laurel! Person B: Yanny who?!
Olivia Hayes
I don’t hear yanny OR LAUREL I HEAR: YARRY
itz a me a Mario
i cxan hear both just not when i want it ;-;
Do you hear Yanny ? Do you hear laurel ? *LAUREL LAUREL* *LAUREL LAUREL*
calipa the best
I can hear both if I look at the word yanny I can hear it is also the same with laurel
Donkey Kong
All I hear is " The Earth is flat"
Knock knock Who's There? Laurel. Yanny who?
spicy sushi
It goes from yanny to yannal to laurel 🤣
Brayden PlaysRoblox
Uhh if I think about yanny I hear yanny but if I think about laurel I think about laurel!
Dividing the NATION?? Its called WORLD WIDE WEB ... americans...
Like : Laurel Comment : Yanny
The custard Doggos
I heard Laurel but now I hear yanny
Alex Klik
1:03 who else can see mona lisa in the yanny one
When it said yanny i heard laurel and when he said laurel i heard yanny
who? what?
Wait so I heard laurel then I heard yanny then I heard laurel help
Rock Guitar Lessons - BobbyCrispy
The bigger question: Who is Yanny and Laurel?
cus when my friend showed me it, i didn't read it. I just thought it said lary
the penguin duos
With the pitch up 30 I heard yammy and then laurl and yes It is yammy that I heard y a mm y
Foxygirl XD
I hear laurel... Like if you do too :3
Anna Rismawati
2018 yanny 2019 still yanny
my brain hurts trying to hear laurel
Jade Cruz
Ha I here laurel Yanny people you wrong