Magic Kaito 1412 Episode 11 12 English Sub Full | まじっく快斗 2015

Miss Nadeen
20:10 kaito just passed out an ad for us to watch detective conan lol
Hero The Ghost
"Nah,it couldn't be" Not gonna question the Giant Star,that happens to look like the one that was just stolen,sitting on top of you tree? How is he a detective?
etty vro123
I think both of them need to go out and tell each other that they love each other. he knows he likes her.
No One Special
Ah kid-sama give me a miracle too XD, yeahhh, right, calm down there :')
Ugne Kasparaityte
"now there's the kid i know and LOVE " WTF THAT MEANS???????????????????????????
H-H Heroes 247
raa nechean is like aouko and aouko looks like raa nechean
Tigris The Tiger Animatronic
"I know and love" GGGGAAAAYYYY and pedophilia