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3d audio experience | Drums Music in 3d Sound #3 | Lazy Boys Productions. Use a pair of headphones and close your eyes for the best experience. You will hear music that moves around you. It's a 3d audio, headphones required. Listening to 3d sound headphones are the must. Make sure that your headphones are stereo. Like and subscribe us for more videos. Leave your feedback in comments section. IMPORTANT NOTE: This "3d sound" limits on which headphones you are using. Also Watch: Drums in 3d sound #2 />Drums in 3d sound #4 />Drums in 3d sound #5 />Drums in 3d sound #6 /> ▶Follow Lazy Boys Productions: /> /> /> /> Image is from my favorite websites: www.pixabay.com and www.pexels.com PRODUCER: LAZY BOYS PRODUCTIONS. ©AUDIO, 2017 LAZY BOYS PRODUCTIONS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Head related transfer function(HRTF) is used to create this 3d sound along with other effects. HRTF is generally used in top-level video games, but I find it interesting when i use this HRTF in Music, now most of the people became a fan of it. Hope you people also like it. It's not panning or some damn thing. Some devices and headphones don't support this, so they feel only left and right..!
krushna zore
Hit like if you get goosebumps
it forced me to see here n there for drum beats.......lol😛😛
dheeraj kumar
extraordinary dude.....
Ashutosh Sahu
Rocking drum Beats and Electro music mix . Wonderful 👌👌👌
this video has confirmed for me that I can indeed hear with my 2 ears
Deepneel Boral
Again a beautiful creation.... love your channel.... keep the work going..... all the best .....
Anuj Tiwari
was that magic or somthing..great lazy boyz
durgesh baranwal
Like it before you listen to it... 😎😃😃
Abhinav Bilwankar
why don't you make voice of mosquito its sound is good for listen
Jackson S
From where the sound comes ,am looking👀👀 that side⬆↗➡↘⬇↙⬅↖⤴⤵↩↪!!!😅😆
Kang Koro
the sound spinning arround my ears... 👂👂😂😂
Kuch naya sikhe
very nice
snehank kamble
great job man ,loved it , the best way to enjoy is wear a good quality headphone and close your eyes u Rock man😍😍😍👍💪💪🔥🔥
Bad Boy
i feel like the beats are moving through my ers
Rancid Potato
How is this possible . I got goosebumps all over me !!!!!
Anshak Gulbadher
Awesome guys🤘
Akash Sahu
amazing creativity it's totally awesome 👌👌👌👌👍👍
Tanmay Naidu
Dolby Atmos here I come
Tyrion Lannister
did I enter NIRVANA
Anthony Menezes
Raw_ Mix
Its awesome dude😍
Damb im high! Btw i love it... try to make a song like trap,edm or something ;)
Shuven US
COOL..... Surprised
Your the biggest fan is here 😘
swift nobody
i love this video and ur channel it is really 5d😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Yash Salve
anyone els has butterflies in the head kinda feeling ?
i love it
Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Very good....pls tell me what is the intro music of the video..
Poujhit Music
nice mix of electric music, nice!!!
uday dalai
Nice music. .....
Ubes khan
Bhai... Awesome 🌟
wow nice
Ritu Roy
nice bro
Nabanita Samanta
extraordinary music
Kavy Patel
i love it awesome 😊😊
Manish Kalauni
Gamers Incorporation
OMG great vid hahah
akash patil
Nice one,😍
Manish Thakur
guyz you are not lazy u r CRAZY BOYS !!
Ch Chandu
awsom channel bro superb super
Atmakuri Sampath Shamu
Vikas Gajbhiye
Bhai me nahane ke baad sun raha tha to mere right ear se pani aa gaya.....😢
Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Pls tell me what is the intro music of the video
Riska Alexandre
Oahahahaha Im crazy for hear this 😍😘
U guys nailed it 😘
Mr. Roboto
You do amazing work thank you so much for the 5D experience I appreciate your hard work and please keep making more you are truly awesome LAZY BOYS PRODUCTIONS
Bhim Singh
Wow best music buddy ;; i can lift more weight in the gym
Ahmad Waleed Al-zubi
Man that's unbelievable...
youuu tubeee
Rakesh r u from Andhra Pradesh?
youuu tubeee
the great
manas singha
man u r awesome!!...wonda hw ya cr8 it?
Pardeep Singh Lohia
Wow.. Hard beat drum..nice
Rafkat Daffodilian
It is shaking My bed... Omg.... Super job...
mohammad irfan
Amzning ...
Kudu Piye
Abishek ABI
My whole body is vibrating by the room vibrating sound
Mr. Sahil
Ultimate 👌😎 🔥 🔥👈
Dean Dede
my head is spinning around and around lol bahbahh
A-3 Laughters
Boom Doom
both of my ears are okay.... confirmed
Zeel Patel
Wow Awesome Bro ✌👌
Rajan Bhandari
that should be a perfect score....thankx
Nabendu Samanta
best of best 👌✌
Ankit Sen
saquirul's best for all
fine .....
vijay kumar Kharatmul
which music is this n who created
Kalyan x
enjoying a lot
Parth Verma
super awesome
Sandeep Sawant
dur joy
cool music dude..awesome
Modi Qureshi
The Drummm <3 Best thing I've heard today! Well done!
Tarek Mamdouh
KhateyPerry Xx
Now this is what i called 5d audio😉its so lit btw
Vicky Verma
Really so cool
BN Music
cooll Listen to mine too
KS Edits
nice one
regina hudarso
So sexy... Love it
kiran sapakale
मजा आलि बुवा लय भारि
mahendra Rawat
grt bro,,,✌✌ I like it👍👍
Alamin khan
best music ever i've listen.. just mind blowing.....
Geet Venkat
really cool
keep them guessing
Renjith Ma
my goodness ....its an amazing one...excited..shocked to hear it..i think my ear gona explode..fabulous..good luck guys...waiting for your other musics
sayantan chakraborty
one of my best experience ever....
rocking miuce .I like your miuce
T̶h̶e̶ ̶ ̶H̶u̶n̶t̶e̶r̶
can i use this music to video? Like Like like:D
The Real Abstract
Oh nice 😍
wow brother its amazing
kunal nagwanshi
Nice bro...
Arun the Aviator
Mukrang Terang
this is awesome
Sabir pendari
it's Awesome
Jesus christ 😁👍👍👍
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Patel Anil
Nice music.