3d audio experience | Drums Music in 3d Sound #3 | Lazy Boys Productions

3d audio experience | Drums Music in 3d Sound #3 | Lazy Boys Productions. Use a pair of headphones and close your eyes for the best experience. You will hear music that moves around you. It's a 3d audio, headphones required. Listening to 3d sound headphones are the must. Make sure that your headphones are stereo. Like and subscribe us for more videos. Leave your feedback in the comments section. IMPORTANT NOTE: This "3d sound" limits on which headphones you are using. Subscribe to our Bass Boosted channel "Lazy Boys Bass" Here /> Also Watch: Drums in 3d sound #2 />Drums in 3d sound #4 />Drums in 3d sound #5 />Drums in 3d sound #6 />Mad Mix in 3d /> ▶Follow Lazy Boys Productions: /> /> /> /> Images are from Pexels and Pixabay websites. Converted into 3d by Lazy Boys Productions.

krushna zore
Hit like if you get goosebumps
Oranjeboom Studio's
this video has confirmed for me that I can indeed hear with my 2 ears
Musical Rythm
I was having a bad day! Thanks.This gave a little smile on my face!
Jackson S
From where the sound comes ,am looking👀👀 that side⬆↗➡↘⬇↙⬅↖⤴⤵↩↪!!!😅😆
Abhinav Bilwankar
why don't you make voice of mosquito its sound is good for listen
manoj Kamble
😁🅰🅰😁😁😁😁😁 🅰😁😁🅰😁😁🅰😁 🅰🅰🅰🅰😁🅰🅰🅰 🅰😁😁🅰😁😁🅰😁 🅰😁😁🅰😁😁😁😁 ✔✔✔✔✔✔
Tanmay Naidu
Dolby Atmos here I come
Anuj Tiwari
was that magic or somthing..great lazy boyz
Dheeraj kumar
extraordinary dude.....
Bhim Singh
Wow best music buddy ;; i can lift more weight in the gym
Ashutosh Sahu
Rocking drum Beats and Electro music mix . Wonderful 👌👌👌
Deepneel Boral
Again a beautiful creation.... love your channel.... keep the work going..... all the best .....
Dean Dede
my head is spinning around and around lol bahbahh
Abhishek Tripathi
wait ..lemme raise the volume....ohh yeah...!!
Mr. Roboto
You do amazing work thank you so much for the 5D experience I appreciate your hard work and please keep making more you are truly awesome LAZY BOYS PRODUCTIONS
I put the headphone on my bunny's ear...it's a lion now.
Riska Risma
Oahahahaha Im crazy for hear this 😍😘
durgesh baranwal
Like it before you listen to it... 😎😃😃
snehank kamble
great job man ,loved it , the best way to enjoy is wear a good quality headphone and close your eyes u Rock man😍😍😍👍💪💪🔥🔥
Hemanta Karmakar
Very good....pls tell me what is the intro music of the video..
Tushar Pandhe
This is awesome, I shared this with so many friends .I never share videos but this is outstanding.
Mihir Gawand
This is Awesome !
KillerQueen Plat
it won't stop moving 😂😍
How is this possible . I got goosebumps all over me !!!!!
Wow increíble 😨🤤 magnífica 💖
Ahmad waleed Al-zubi
Man that's unbelievable...
Kiran Adhikari
i feel like the beats are moving through my ers
rajesh thakur
Zym k liye achcha h Baki sab samanya h
Lakshay Gupta
The sign of perfection 😍 Unfortunately due to accident i left playing music ive got one request for ya plz fulfill it if u can plz do a cover song on mortal kombat theme in 5d glad to hear positive response thank you 😇😇
Dr Sanjeev Kumar D L
Super sounds.. excellent. I felt like I was somewhere in a theatre with just headphones and my Mobile
Nic Nice
The sound go around in my head...that was really cooooooool
wow nice
Viktar Zhurauliou
Первое видео из многих подобных, где услышал в своих наушниках что-либо перед(!) собой - интересная технология, как и хрень с #AI играющим Арканоид, забивающим шарик за блоки, стоит вложения бабла. :-) (y)
الدحمي ل
مجلة أنادي للجاج
Game Over
This is outstanding 👍👍👍👍
Tri Setyo Baskoro
the sound spinning arround my ears... 👂👂😂😂
Ravi maheshwari
it is like the beat of the drums is going through my years like it if its true
regina hudarso
So sexy... Love it
nice mix of electric music, nice!!!
uday dalai
Nice music. .....
Alxndr GT
Excelente, iba y regresaba por mi cabeza. xD
Abhishek Rawat
my ears just got soothed ..loved it..heard with #skullcandy.. 😊😊👌
Yash Salve
anyone els has butterflies in the head kinda feeling ?
Sachin Saraswat
I was waiting when someone Sing song
Abir Sarkar
After listening = main kha hu ???? 😨😵😵😵😵
Fareed ansari
kmal ka music hai yr jabardast
Supermanhank12 Superman
my family
how was this possible
Lara Ghorly
كتير حلو
vijay kumar Kharatmul
which music is this n who created
Gaurav singh
Listened on 5.1 surround sound with closed eyes... Amazing
Somadri Chatterjee
With Shure SE215... Fantastic beats and drop arrangements.
Bihari Fun- with Gun
Mehebub Alam
that's what is called as music
aman kashyap
kuch hai bhi bkwas 😫😫😫
I recommend Dolby Atmos enabled phones like Lenovo k4 note will give u the best sound like cinematic sound
Official Suresh Sharma
Just awesome... M literally crying.. For this awesome 5d 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Muhammad Bilal
Vikas Gajbhiye
Bhai me nahane ke baad sun raha tha to mere right ear se pani aa gaya.....😢
Deepak Jadhav
saras audio Che Bhai....
Sachin Jartarkar
Nice. Something different music
Zej96 Sam
Ahaha... 💓 That drum bass... My God! Gave me Eargasm!!! 🎧🎼💗 😍
Gokula Tamilan
Please add tamil songs...lazy boyzz
Antriksh Sharma
Baba, Kya baat hai
Naresh Rajpurohit
Ayush Awasthi
I listen this song daily
Vinod Sharma
Illusion's of sound that challenge revolution
short film and Music vedios
This music is perfect and matches with my Lamborghini aventador
Shaikh Abuzaid
Just 475 k subscriber and 3.6 million views this is called best performance
Abishek ABI
My whole body is vibrating by the room vibrating sound
Karthick Krish
AWESOME..... Guys... Compose some beat song... Like This..
Seazan Auditore
feels um in the center of some moving drums....hahaha...you guys awesome.
Abdulhakkim Afmaj
ma eyes & ear & heart & moving together right now. and i like to hats off to ma head set from PHILiPHS
Gaurav Mehmi
give me app please plaese plaese plaese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sethuram Sanjai
This is one of the VERY few videos which Actually show what's written in the thumbnail or title Edit : LOVED IT
Mudassar Zulfiqar
just wow... breaking everything Flying to Jupiter
Vaibhav Pratap Singh
Ben Shine
You can cure any one mate ........awesome........
Nic Nice
Afseer Afshi
ashutosh kumar
Lavkush Yadav
rahul bhagat
Vijay Kumar
Am getting a tingly feeling around the back of my head, neck and back. I'll be a super saiyan now 😂😂
Techno Fox
*brain explodes* this, was, mind blowing
Sheraz Zaidi
Rajitha Vandebona Jr
Another Awesome Lazy Boys Production..... I am Loving it... <3 <3
Abhi Shek
IM using apple earphones and it sounds awesome really massive
vishwajeet chatterjee
Now I need better headphones... Ha Ha... Awesome work.... mind blowing
Raw_ Mix
Its awesome dude😍
swatantra mishra
that's amezing .....perfect 3d sound 👌👌
rocky gamer gamer
Amazing sound efect
ananth raj
excellent ,wonderful effect amazing. thankyou.
Daniyal Aamir
End 👌👍
Ganesh Yendluri
Gr8 Mixing.......... I keep turning my eyes as the music goes around
Raveendra Bharadwaj
Can anybody post shiva tandavam with this type of music thanks in advance
Desi Munda
Darn this is amazing. It gave me tickle and goosebumps 😁😁
MOBA Central
OMG GOOSEBUMPS EVERYWHERE! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rehan Rana
Mind blowing