Buu Saga Update, Hells release date, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Finale, and More! | TFS Update

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Payton Tate
Good luck guys, Buu's probably gonna be the toughest saga for you guys to abridge, but I know it's going to be amazing, no matter how long it takes.
People asking about Buu saga and I'm like "HELL YEAH OTHERWORLD TOURNAMENT"
OneAndOnly Lokey
I just want more Piccolo, Nail, Kami gags.
That Guy
Kai 3; Piccolo: “I’m 3 guys now.” Kami & Nail: “Sup.”
Katamari Dumb-acy
I'm gonna miss Hellsing abridged when it ends :-:
Oh yes team three star is black and back!
Tyler Thewriter
Does Krillin get a win counter for the Bojack movie?
This username is not unnecessarily long
I swear to god if you don't give buu a voice like the Japanese one that makes him sound like a Russian that's smoked a pack a day for his whole life I will be deeply disappointed.
We're about halfway through November. When is Hellsing...?
It's halfway through November. Where's that Hellsing Ultimate Abridged finale!?
Nick Murphy
Hey, hey Krillin. Senzu Scream!
Can't wait to see the scene where mr.popo "fights" goten and trunks :)
Kade Smash
Who would have thought, years and years and years ago, when y'all started DBZ abridged that you would turn into such big stars with all this amazing content? I'm happy for y'all. And I look forward to more of what you got =3
Sean Perrine
Ok it's November... WHEN ARE WE GETTING HELLSING!!! michiganders
Game Face
Shawn Heatherly
Phase 4 of DBZA sounds like a solid plan to me. That Hellsing Ulimate finale is gonna be so bittersweet for me, I can't believe we've reached the end.
Shiv Puri
Helsing abridged when?
Zocker Bro
When in november comes Hellsing Abridged Final out tho? pls not like 30th november or something like that
Satellite Vi
When Hellsing?
Deni Elmurzaev
when is Hellsing coming out?
Kalidou Diop
I am my father’s son
Where's Hellsing? I *_NEED_* my Hellsing! Do you know what happens when I don't get fresh Hellsing?! The last guy who found out didn't live long enough to tell of it!
What about hellsing ultimate
Amir Blanche
If it was highly requested would u do dragonball super abridged
Christopher Witherspoon
I can already hear bojack pirate assent in the next movie abridged. ARGH!!!
Cayden Pittman
I almost cried when I found out they were doing a Buu Saga!
Travis H
Just in general, is Hellsing Abridged going to be released early November, mid November, or late November? Not asking for a specific release date, just a rough estimate.
Mr. Cuttystabby
Hellsing Abridged is late, fym
‘Senzu screams’ for when your robot wife needs you to make major bank!
Hash Crab
DBZA updates begin at 2:54
Crimson Oath
Where the hellsing out thoughhh
elquenna blue
Hi when are y'all dropping a new hellsing ultimate ep?
Doom Paul
I gotta know, what's the background music?
Doom Mood15
Pray to Masakox to not faint doing the ssj3 screams
Jacob Sendejar
Super Blazin
Jalan Henderson
Lol when he was talking about November I thought he was gonna say something else.....
Fadi Khoury
not too hyped for the buu saga but give me that hellsing abriged episode tho
I won't settle for anything less than Bojack's transformation making him into Bojack Horseman
colt harrmon
Michi then gander as in a male goose. Michigander
John Kramer
Try not to die in Detroit.
shadowman bob
No hellsing this year?
Hellsing Ultimate Finale? All good things must come to an end i suppose...
I remember saying around 2010 "can't wait for the buu saga in 2020" who would have knew i was so right?
Blue Blaze King
Johan Lano
Wait just another.. YEAR
Cesar Cruz
You guys should get DevilArtemis to do some voices
Michael Buehler
A finale for Hellsing Abridged, good reason to watch them all over again.
MidNight DarkChocolate
Never in my life would I every think it would reach the Buu Saga
fluttercord fanatic
Wher the h is hellsing abiget part 9
Nathan Flannery
I never dared to dream that we would be blessed with DBZA Kai 3..... TeamFourStar, you are doing the Lord's work.
Mese Ktet
"Michiganers" And honestly I was surprised when Kaiser said you were continuing DBZa at all. This would have been a fitting place to leave it off and everyone must be getting pretty exhausted for a project that you don't get to make ad revue on. So take your time and looking forward to those other projects.
Vash Starwind
The Final Fantasy 7 Abridged is really good too. I'm still waiting excitedly for season 3 of that!
Christopher Witherspoon
A bojack movie is nice enough but... WHEN BROLY 2!!!
Jaden Consterk
Kai 3: Cell: I WILL JUST BLOW UP THE PLANET ALONG WITH YOU Cell: *Does the Kamehameha* Gohan: Stop it! Cell: No! Gohan: STOP IT! Cell: *Tongue Spitting* Gohan: KAMEHAMEHA!!!!! Cell: NOOOOO
Legendary Paul Tenjou
I've been watching and re watching tfs since it appeared I'm now 16 and almost 17 plz at this rate I'll be 25 when tfs finishes this series. I love you guys keep it up so someday I can share this love with my kids and grandkids.
Noah McClure
when Bojack?
Jalan Henderson
Goku teased for bojack whne he was like to gohan "your movies next"
P. E. R.
This is gonna sound weird but, all I can say is, I'm proud of ya'll😊.
16: I am hilarious and you will repeat everything I sa- *crushed by Cell* Krillin:*upset quack* Gohan: This ruffles MY JAMMIES! HAAAAA! *squeak! SSJ2* Cell:...k so what's going on here? Gohan: I AM A SUPER SANDWICH, TOO! *pops Cell in the gut* Cell: *throws up 18 and converts back to semi-perfect* PRICK! *inflates himself just like a balloon*
Red Vanquish
2:53 Oh yeah, because that's totally on my mind, not some particular "fuck-mothering vampire" or anything, no not at all. Bro, don't dance around Hellsing like that, at least say some time in november we're not entirely sure or something.
Epic Lamp
My guess for how long buu saga gonna be is 4 years
Azzura Nijuka
Can’t wait for SSJ3 “This is a Super Saiyan And this is a Super Duper Saiyan, AND THIS IS TO GO EVEN FURTHER BEYOND *voice crack Super Dee Duper Saiyan”
Nate Hitpas
I can’t wait to see your guys’ rendition of the Punching Machine scene from the World Tournament arc.
Farhan Siddiqui
I don’t know how to feel cuz that season 3 finale was perfect and I don’t want them to ruin it but then I wanna watch more dbza
Dianne Morris
hey team four plese do dragon ball gt and movie
Ivan Petters Duarte
I hope they do the GT Saga too or the first episode and in the ending of it Bills wake up, finds out of this timeline and erases xD Or maybe make a parallel abridged series xD
deranged heister
Imagine in dbza season 4 krillin has a lower voice and is a total badass due to finally getting laid
Jeremiah Ramey
Well. See you guys in "at least another year."
Danny Raul Molina
Please when you finish DBZA, don't waste your time with DBS, do the original DB series.
Kinda early for this but when Gotenks arrives I don't think they have to make much changes 😂 he's already funny
They always ask when buu not how buu Insert sad buu
"when buu" *god damn* the season just ended, slow down you mad men.
Buu is Mr. Popos Brother right?
i love Donuts So Much
Honestly I'm only here for DBZA.
Jiren is trash elbows got alotta ash
captainozzy 01
My birthday is novbemr 28th
*Imagine this in Vegeta's farewell speech, it will guaranteed make us feel feels, even cry* *Good bye bulma.....trunks, my son......and Yes even you..... best buddy*
Vontiamyj vontiamyj
I live in Detroit!!!I'll make sure to come see y'all!
Can’t wait for DB cember
Apple Lysol
Mi shi gan der
Zahoor Raza
Can't wait for buu saga
Constantine Palaiologos
Anyone notice how Raditz wasn't even mentioned in the Broly trailer? Lol.
Esfera -5
When you finish Buu saga, will you continue to the super or the GT? or maybe the classic ...
Darrian Weathington
Owen Bozsik
Michigander is the correct term lol
TamTheMeerkat GD
New Hellsing Abridged TOMORROW
WildFox 87
Dont forget about the Bojack unbound movie😁👌 Bojack of the Caribbeans unbound
Bleach Is Good For You
1 year
Aureo Kachava
I can't wait for all of that!"Thank You TFS".
Livvy :]
Sean Dugan
Imagine Universal Survival saga abridged 🤤
Dewaun Warren
I didn't expect any news of this anytime soon so you're already exceed my expectations
Dagoth Ur
So, After you finish dragon ball z abridged which series will you use to continue, Super or GT?
Hellsing finale already?! I thought you guys would do up to 10 episodes, but OK.
Intense Gamerz
You must add this when vegeta does the final explosion Vegeta: This is for you Bulma, Trunks, and yes even you best buddy... Edit: I didn’t expect so much people to love this idea! Thanks!
I'm legit excited they are doing the Otherworld Tournament since I was worried that since it was filler they where going to skip it like they did the Garlic Jr saga, I actually loved the otherworld saga simply for the fact that it bought us Cell and Frieza interacting as well as Super Kaioken and Pikkon, by the way I'm eager to hear and see Pikkon's character lol, as for the sesaon 4 news I'm just happy its official so I'm cool waiting a full year for it so long as we are getting the movie, kai, and the cool filler episodes adapated in order first.