Buu Saga Update, Hells release date, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Finale, and More! | TFS Update

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Payton Tate
Good luck guys, Buu's probably gonna be the toughest saga for you guys to abridge, but I know it's going to be amazing, no matter how long it takes.
Geoffrey Sayer
Kai 3: Freiza:I’m back! Trunks: no your not. Cold:I’m the villain of this season! Trunks: no Android 19 & 20: were the Villains of this season! Trunks: NO! Android 16, 17, & 18: were the villains of this season! Trunks: NOOOO! Cell: hi neighbor Vegeta: the f*ck is that!
People asking about Buu saga and I'm like "HELL YEAH OTHERWORLD TOURNAMENT"
OneAndOnly Lokey
I just want more Piccolo, Nail, Kami gags.
Tyler Thewriter
Does Krillin get a win counter for the Bojack movie?
Oh yes team three star is black and back!
nba Lakers fan since LeBron joined
Wonder how dende is gonna react to gohan dating videl
When Buu? Better question is, when Saiyaman?
"People who live in Michigan or who come from Michigan are called Michiganians, Michiganders or Michiganites" there i did the thing now pls tell me what the weird boil protruding from my urethra is
This username is not unnecessarily long
I swear to god if you don't give buu a voice like the Japanese one that makes him sound like a Russian that's smoked a pack a day for his whole life I will be deeply disappointed.
Dragon Ball Universe
I am my father’s son
That Guy
Kai 3; Piccolo: “I’m 3 guys now.” Kami & Nail: “Sup.”
‘Senzu screams’ for when your robot wife needs you to make major bank!
Can't wait to see the scene where mr.popo "fights" goten and trunks :)
Greg Homan
“Michiganders?” Don’t you mean *_EAST WISCONSINITES?_*
Christopher Witherspoon
I can already hear bojack pirate assent in the next movie abridged. ARGH!!!
If it was highly requested would u do dragonball super abridged
Rob Garcia
I’d pay to watch this series, it’s that funny and entertaining. Thank god we don’t have to tho lmaooo
Noah McClure
when Bojack?
Anthony Usery
TeamFourStar Don't forget about bojack AND PLZ USE THIS JOKE Goku: bojack? Hmmmm sounds like bojangles and now i want a biscuit Edit: almost a minute after I post the comment and its already highlighted? Nice 😎
Nick Murphy
Hey, hey Krillin. Senzu Scream!
Cayden Pittman
I almost cried when I found out they were doing a Buu Saga!
Super Blazin
No mention of FF7 abridged, is that project done?
Jaden Consterk
Kai 3: Cell: I WILL JUST BLOW UP THE PLANET ALONG WITH YOU Cell: *Does the Kamehameha* Gohan: Stop it! Cell: No! Gohan: STOP IT! Cell: *Tongue Spitting* Gohan: KAMEHAMEHA!!!!! Cell: NOOOOO
Shawn Heatherly
Phase 4 of DBZA sounds like a solid plan to me. That Hellsing Ulimate finale is gonna be so bittersweet for me, I can't believe we've reached the end.
Aureo Kahava
I can't wait for all of that!"Thank You TFS".
ZombY Fuqer
I want more vegeta moments
colt harrmon
Michi then gander as in a male goose. Michigander
Yoshi Gyrados
What about FF7 abridged ? any updates on that?
Hash Crab
DBZA updates begin at 2:54
Love you Guys!!! Team Four Star For Life!!!
Mese Ktet
"Michiganers" And honestly I was surprised when Kaiser said you were continuing DBZa at all. This would have been a fitting place to leave it off and everyone must be getting pretty exhausted for a project that you don't get to make ad revue on. So take your time and looking forward to those other projects.
Kade Smash
Who would have thought, years and years and years ago, when y'all started DBZ abridged that you would turn into such big stars with all this amazing content? I'm happy for y'all. And I look forward to more of what you got =3
Vontiamyj vontiamyj
I live in Detroit!!!I'll make sure to come see y'all!
I remember saying around 2010 "can't wait for the buu saga in 2020" who would have knew i was so right?
Jacob Sendejar
Krishnan Subramoni
You guys are amazing! <3 From the beginning to now, I can summarize my feelings about DBZA thusly: Never in my life have I needed something so much and never known till I received it. <3
Darrian Weathington
Christopher Witherspoon
A bojack movie is nice enough but... WHEN BROLY 2!!!
Reuven Markov
There's a Yiddish work 'Meshugana.' It means something along the lines of 'Crazy.'
Doom Paul
I gotta know, what's the background music?
Bleach Is Good For You
1 year
K Ki Kin King
I won't settle for anything less than Bojack's transformation making him into Bojack Horseman
Livvy :]
Hellsing finale already?! I thought you guys would do up to 10 episodes, but OK.
Tbh, i'd rather see them jump right to super. I just feel the Buu saga won't be good as the cell saga. Also considering some of the buu transformations didn't even talk..
Tasheka Tumbles
Take your time! You got our support!!!!!
Doom Mood15
Pray to Masakox to not faint doing the ssj3 screams
Parth Sawant
Why are TFS's subscribers decreasing? It were like 4M and now it's 3.2M ... Weird.
Dagoth Ur
So, After you finish dragon ball z abridged which series will you use to continue, Super or GT?
Jonathan Bronner
Just don’t take 87 years like last time Edit: never mind I just finished the video. See you guys in the next century
John Kramer
Try not to die in Detroit.
P. E. R.
This is gonna sound weird but, all I can say is, I'm proud of ya'll😊.
U guys need to do inuyasha abridged it will be funny
Super Blazin
DBZA takes so long
Son Goku
Maybe I missed it, but did you skip over news on FF7 Machinabridged. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you're finishing Hellsing Ultimate and DBZ abridged Season 3. I just wanted to double-check if there is a rough release date. If it's late 2019, then I'll know when to wait for more info.
Intense Gamerz
You must add this when vegeta does the final explosion Vegeta: This is for you Bulma, Trunks, and yes even you best buddy... Edit: I didn’t expect so much people to love this idea! Thanks!
For some reason I thought he meant they were doing a Bojack Horseman abridged. Equally excited for the other Bojack though.
Lil EBT Card
You guys should definitely make fat buu’s voice like Sean Connery
Bojak unbound. Gohan meeting videl in HS (poor dende), super saiyan 3, oh god I can't wait for more team fourstar. Oh btw, what about trunks defeating the androids and cell in his timeline, are you guys going to dub that episode?
WildFox 87
Dont forget about the Bojack unbound movie😁👌 Bojack of the Caribbeans unbound
Saw this title and I'm thinking "naw yall, take your time. You just finished a huge undertaking with the Cell saga - 60 episodes! Not counting movies and parts. I don't even imagine yall necessarily starting the Buu saga, since if I recall you weren't sure you wanted to do the Cell saga. Just take a break. I'd get it."
Derek Brown
TeamFourStar, you're dbz abridged means more to your fans than you realize. I know you may receive from annoyed, impatient, even hateful comments at times, But i know i speak for many of your fans when I say we really appreciate the time and effort you put into this work, and many of us do not have any issue waiting for season 4, as long as you guys keep up the same amazing quality and creative thought that you've blessed us with these past 3 seasons. Thank you <3
Teamfourstar you guys should make videos of what you thought was the best DBZA moment you guys did
Wind Prodigy
yall ik this is wild but what about that bragon ball super
MidNight DarkChocolate
Never in my life would I every think it would reach the Buu Saga
Eri Shahinaj
Why wont they only make db dubs its all people want
Red R0ver
Buu Saga release date: December 12, 2024
"No spoilers... For those of you who havent seen Dragon Ball Z..." I have vauge memories sir... I rememeber goku and random parts from the androids and cell...
Grunkle Kashoot
*aRe yOu gUYs EdiTing ThE SeX sCenE wIth gOhaN anD ViDeL*
*Imagine this in Vegeta's farewell speech, it will guaranteed make us feel feels, even cry* *Good bye bulma.....trunks, my son......and Yes even you..... best buddy*
Christine Pearson
I miss dragon ball gt abridged please bring it back
Link The Merc
As me being one it's called Michigander. 👍
Wooper Wooper
A db new movie abridged
I just hope you take plenty of time with DBZA4. I'm a patient man. Though I was thinking, maybe when you guys finish abridging the final battle with Kid Buu, is it possible to do a Dragon Ball Abridged?
Constantine Palaiologos
Anyone notice how Raditz wasn't even mentioned in the Broly trailer? Lol.
After what they pulled with the final episodes of season 3 I have complete faith they will do the Buu saga beautifully.
Odlanier Clemente
Dude this just made my October even better!!! I love DBZ! I'm sure I speak for everyone but your hard work literally pays off. Dragonball Z abridged is hilarious but also make sense 😂🤣
sir awesomeness
fun fact it is Michiganders
chris hahn
What was that one animation that you guys made it was great it was called first masters
deranged heister
Imagine in dbza season 4 krillin has a lower voice and is a total badass due to finally getting laid
You know, thinking forward to the Buu Saga...anyone else think it'd be too lowbrow for Buu, when he's powering up and steam's pouring out of him, getting a fart sound effect instead? Subquestion: would anyone else think it'd be funny anyway?
life change and experience 360
The other world tournament 😍
Hell sing ultimate Omg yes this will inspire me to keep carrying on
Mason Bramblett
Persephone - Retro Funky is the song in the background.
Azzura Nijuka
Can’t wait for SSJ3 “This is a Super Saiyan And this is a Super Duper Saiyan, AND THIS IS TO GO EVEN FURTHER BEYOND *voice crack Super Dee Duper Saiyan”
Dadio Daughter Awesome
It is michigander, im a native.
Nadir Ghani
are you guys going to be making dbz kai abridged episode 3
Keep it up guys no rush!
Buu Saga October 2019 confirmed! time to go back to my cave.
"when buu" *god damn* the season just ended, slow down you mad men.
Ryan Emerson
We are Michiganders!!!!
Cutoverbongo 223
Sad to hear it'll take so long but I'm glad to hear some news, I've been following dbza since the beginning of season 3 and every bit of it. Keep up the great work guys!!
Archangel of Death
The Buu saga will be the longest saga without a doubt. How you guys come up with new stuff for each episode I have no idea but bless you all
Can't wait for videl to pull a "taking gohan bye" on chi-chi