CAD-1 Presents - Hydrology and Hydraulics in Civil 3D

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| Hydrology & Hydraulics Civil 3D has some very powerful tools to assist in hydrology and hydraulic analyses. From the quick, "What's the capture rate of this inlet" and the "What's the capacity of flow in this roadway" to a full SWMM analysis for an entire town, Civil 3D has the tools that can help you out. Join Brian Hailey, PE as he explains the tips and tricks to get the tools to work for you.

Ajay More
I think the way you selected banks, at 29:00, to import into HEC RAS is not correct: Left and Right banks are determined by looking downstream on a drainage draw, river, creek etc and then deciding which bank is on either side.. Nothing against what you have in this tutorial, it is very useful. Thanks a lot for posting this video !
Frederick Ernst
You also need to flip the cross section stationing to read Left to Right looking downstream in HEC-RAS.
Hello, I loved your video, I wanted to ask you how to attach the slope of a platform with the slope of road
mimo min