Mar Jaava Fashion

Pragati Shrivastava
who is listening this in 2018??
Vishal Sethi
When she enter ,seems Greek goddess is coming what a attitude ,worth on her
imtiyaz sayed
Kangana was super cool in this movie better than priyanka
Utkarsha Jadhav
I love Kangana in this movie her performance n attitude was like an super model n her ramp walk was also superb😘
Riddhi Bhagat
Anybody here in 2018 with a nostalgic mood??
Sobia Khan
Who’s listening to it in 2018?
Itasha Dutt
Lmao Karan Johar claps for Kangana 😂😂😂
Seerat Mushtaq
kangana ranaut looks like a lioness 😍😍
Yogi's kitchen
Kangana Ranaut look really like a super model she owns the stage
Ariana Grande
Who is listening this in 2019???😍😍😍😍😃😍😍
Me music
anybody in 2018?????
Mahnaz Faruq
Who's listening this on 2017??
Saurabh pandey
Kangana, is really great girl
Preyna Appadoo
i have stupid past memories with this song....👊👊👊🔥🔥
Gunjan Chhetri
kangana's attitude slayed it. ..
Aftab Ali
She walk like a queen of jungle #kangana
Four Queue
I don't think Karan Johar ever fathomed Kangana will be such a huge star and come to his show and roast him. 😂
Blessing Yog India
what an attitude of kangna rocks .
mir umer
kangana nailed it✌
krazzy nisha
I really like her favourite actress .. the real super model .. love u kangana
Keith Donnel
Kangana nails it. She is a tigress
Eisuke Yudi
Kangana's first pose my god
Rahul Sadhukhan
kangana is superb. .....awesome actress
foziya shaikh
who is listening in 2018...
Lőrincz D
Kangana is an absolutely stunning and fab actress <3 (Y) ultimate nerve Rejuvenator song !!!!
danish Zehen Alive
What a music by salim-sulaiman 💚
Manisha Rawat
Who is listening this in August 2018
sree raj
what a walking kangana oswammmmmmmm
Dhanith Suryavansi
Who's listing this on 2018?
Shiva Sharma
Kangna the queen
dipesh parmar
shruti pathak rock nice pure and soft voice 😘😘😘😘
favas km
kangana walking kidu
Vivaan Oberoi
When I see Kangana and other actresses walk the ramp in this song, I remember how once I aspired to be a fashion designer and pursue a course in fashion from Amity University. But sadly, my homophobic brother was against the idea and he convinced my parents that it would be inappropriate for a boy to pursue fashion designing as people might think I'm gay. How ironical, that I actually am gay, and I'm dating my brother's best friend only. Our relation is a secret and my brother who is allergic to gay people has no idea that his brother and best friend both are gay and they fuck daily behind his back, that too in his room and on his bed. Now I'm studying MBBS, and although I get good marks and everything, I don't feel any attachment to it because deep inside my heart I still want to design dresses and have beautiful models wear them and set the ramp on fire, and I'd walk at the end with the showstopper lol. I wish Indian society was more accepting and tolerant towards LGBT people. I mean yeah I like to suck dick and get my ass fucked lol but that doesn't mean that I can't be an asset for the growth of my country. Sigh! Sometimes I wish so bad that I was born in a more gay tolerant country like perhaps France or USA or New Zealand.
Kangana just WOW!!!
Shayana Kaushal
I loooooooove the killer looks of Kangana in this
Mousumi Mousumi
my favorite song..mar jawa tere ishqe p mar jawa...jhandu...luv u
Priyankapia Pia
I just loved this song.....
meenu parcha
I love you Kangana Mam this song Wow
The cute world
Anyone 2018..
sameer verma
2019 anyone
Kangana is a versatile actress. Pri did a great job too. Loved her since then, driven.
one one
Anyone in 2019
i m
God bless you Kangana
sanju Mondal
That glance of kangana. really marjaba on you kangana queen of b.wood.
sawan biswas
Anybody in 2019
Sujon Ahamed
kangana... 😍😍 I just loved it
Sumaiya Ansari
tujhko ek nazar meri talash ho😍😍😍😍😍
shivam gautam
10 years has flown so quickly! Nostalgic moments!
Mohit Official !!
Still gives me goosebumps this one .... :)
Roshni Thapa
kangana your the best best
Arfi Begum
Kangana u r d best 😘
Kamal Sandhya
Kangana like a god 😍😍😍
rifhat younis
Who,s listening this in 2018 .?
Kangana 😍😍😍😍
Khushbu Kamble
m still listening the song ... 💖🙈💖
Love u kangna wht a attitude..
Kangna nailed it👍love u 😘
Abhishek Sharma
love you Bollywood
meenakshi pillai
Who is listening this in 2019?
Shivani Saxena
Soche dil ke aisa kaash hoye... Tujhko ak najar meri talash hoye... Jese khwab hai aankho me base meri.. Jese mil par silwate pade teri...
whenever I turn emotional...I see this film it brings me to reality
Ammu Sharma
kangna superb
maham kazmi
Lv u kangana
Barnali jana
Queen is queen 🔥😍. Walked like the empress of jungle. And Priyanka OMG.. both are awesome
Rani Kaur
Nice song
Mudassar Muragod
Who's like the 2nd model
simall reh
The great love for fashion but kangana rocks her presence on stage is phanomanal x
Mudssir Ansari. Good channel
7th November 2018 anyone listen this song today
srishti Sood
sochle dil ke esa kash ho tujhko ek najar meri talash ho 😧
Mitali Joshi
My lord listend more than 1000 times but still not last
Sunayana Paul
Kangana's entry is lit af 🔥
Neha Javid
i like kangana attitude in this song
Ajay kumar Mahala
kanga nice look
Sufyan Ibnmiraj
Forever song forever beauty kangana and forever classy movie love from Pakistan🇵🇰😍❤️😘🎥💖🎦
zara Khan
priyanka suck....she lookss like pigg
Satish Panithi
Man Sruthi pathak voice is dope. Lovely singing and composition
ayesha syeda
I love this song😘😍😘😇
bittu Lodhi
We all have a great profanity on this to model how like......😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🤣 to my comment
Arbiya Banu
Kangana just nailed it
Desi Brown girl
Kangana is a goddess
Rumpa Singha
Kangana's attitude 😯😯😯
Arvind Raj
kangana super model than Priyanka
Ruchi Madavi
Any in 2019???
Nafisa Nafi
super song
2018 anyone?
Bani Das
kangna,kareena most fashionable in Bollywood
Shirin Ansari
Yaad aati h uski ye song sun ke...par sach ye h k uski yaad me jo sukun milta h wo koi or chij me nai milta...i miss u forewer
Sanjoy Dey
very beautiful song.
Evil Queen
I love this song-marjava
mehjabeen mahi
Kangana is the best.....
Miss Sofi Naciri
The musiiiic💔💔💔💔💔
Roshni rao
really mar jaava😏
Advocate Ganga Sankar
I remember my college days wen I listen to this nolstagic...
Mehwish Jahan
S ka music uff
Shreedarshana Buyya
Iam listening in 2018 may 4 th
Bivas Chakma
Junaid Farooq
Hey You.
Bado Banate
Ashit Das
Super model 😍😍