Rivers & Robots - Still Volume 1 (Full Album Visual Stream)

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Integrity Music is excited to announce a new series of instrumental worship albums, each featuring the unique sound and aesthetic of a guest producer. We begin with Still: Volume 1 and the critically acclaimed UK band Rivers & Robots. Infusing modern worship songs with a vibrant, chilled aesthetic, Still delivers the perfect backdrop for moments of devotion, prayer and meditation. From creating an atmosphere for prayer to offering a sonic oasis during the rush hour commute, this series calls listeners to still their hearts before God. Spotify Album: Spotify Devotional Feat. Glenn Packiam: Connect with Rivers & Robots: Twitter » />Facebook » />Instagram » /> Integrity Music Europe: Instagram - />Facebook – />Twitter - /> Integrity Music USA: Instagram – />Facebook – />Twitter – /> For info about our new releases & worship leaders visit www.integritymusic.com Subscribe to the Integrity Music Youtube Channel: For chords and song resources visit: />Add us as a friend on YouTube:

Introduction – 0:00 King Of My Heart – 0:40 We Have Overcome – 4:25 Interlude 1 – 8:40 Good Good Father – 10:05 The Lion And The Lamb – 12:45 Majesty – 16:45 Boldly I Approach – 18:45 Interlude 2 – 22:15 I Exalt Thee – 22:50 Be Still –27:40 I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever – 32:00 Interlude 3 – 35:35 Savior Of The World – 36:05 Lord Let Your Glory Fall – 39:20 Lord I Need You – 42:25 Revelation Song – 44:50
serah garza
I just want to say thank u. this came out just in time for my mothers death. it carried me through the first hour of the news of her death. I truly believe god has taken care of me like a baby since she died yesterday morning. please continue dropping music for us because you are one of the best artists I've heard and I'm so inspired by you guys. I left after watching this video read my bible then jumped in the car and drove to big bear California just to stay close to God
Beulah O
This portrays the absolute beauty of the Lord in such a marvellous way!
Nia Zapata
Maravilloso! I imagine God listening to praises from His sons and daughters from every corner of this world with this instrumental worship sessions.
Cliff Conti
I have felt , for many years now, the God's followers have much to sing and write and celebrate and laugh and cry and live life about..creativity comes from a deep pool and endless flow.of our Creator God .....much music around has no solid foundation and so is like sugar high experience but there are rich , new musicians emerging that fit no category except creative . I like their original music, especially.
Willame Barros
Maravilhoso!! Obrigado Rivers & Robots e Integrity por nos proporcionar um som tão celestial! Deus abençoe muito vocês!!
Black Ice
Everything about this is beautiful!
FINALLY. I've been on the hunt for beautiful Christian instrumentals like this one. Thank you, R&R, and all the praise be to God! <3
Gabriela Otero
What a pleasure! Both for the soul and the ears! Rivers and Robots...so inspiring!!
phillip jones
Great album to start the new year! God bless. 👍🏼
This is what I was looking for! I need it! Thanks Rivers & Robots!
Milagro Onieva
al fin alguien concreto mi sueño, de solo escuchar musica. La rutina diaria satura tanto, que se necesita de esto. Congratulations Rivers & Robots.
Alethea Watson
How did you do this? It could only be closeness to God as He is all through this album. You guys are my favourite since my friend introduced you to me i've been swept away with your amazing gift in worship. Rivers and Robots will be playing in heaven i'm sure ✌🕆💗
Angela Fecteau
Thank you so much for putting your whole selves into your music! You guys continue to be our favorite worship leaders and the music we turn to again and again. God bless you and keep you! Much love and prayers from Western New York!
this song makes me think of my Girl Friend, how lucky i am to have 1 in forever chance, i'm happy i was born now and did the things i did to find her and fall in love with her, she means the world to me and i could not thank her enough for being in my life and loving me back. also the music is so relaxing and good, good job Rivers & Robots
Barbara Myers
"I Exalt Thee" and the scenery is wonderful, I'm glad your music has not gone the way of "Hillsong" here in Australia. The waterfalls remind me of home (England). Thank you.
Lívia Kathleen
Such a great album!
Jesus is amazing ❤️
Beautiful musical representation of God's majesty. Thank you for your labour of love R&R; continue to build a culture of worship!
carisma catalyst
Thank you, brilliant, i could dive right into the heart of worship while doing the work in the kitchen : )
dickens mcloud
I enjoy playing this at my office during work/ relaxation
Rubens Cardoso
Beautiful! Thanks Rivers & Robots
Braulio Cervantes
Pretty good this album. It's ideal for working, concentration..
Natalie Leib
I was so thrilled to stumble upon this today. I have been listening to The Verses Project and heard a few songs from R&R that I loved, so I did a search for other songs. Even better was the fact that they had an album like this with no words (which I have been searching for forever). Keep doing what you're doing guys, love love this!
Marcio Enrique Caceres
So much of the Lord's beauty in these songs! Way to go boys!!
Kingsley Onyejide
Awesome , the best of the best...please how can I get more christian music like this ..This is just amazing.
Daiane de Lana
I love this!!!! Instrumental worship, landscapes, majestic, Rivers and Robots...and King #Jesus
Thank you so much! This will be my winter retreat meditation music. Over and over and over. Praise Jesus for you and your dedication.
Astonishing landscapes, beautiful music. Never seen on YouTube before such a match up. Thanks a lot for uploading. God bless u 🙏🏻😊
Darla Ribeiro
God bless your beautiful work!
The visual stream took this beautiful album to another level. Thx for all the effort and thoughts put into it and for sharing your gifts with us
Thank you for this.
Rivers and Robots are pure awesomeness btw ... Yes Lord bless them.
This is superb... what a beautiful melody to Abba!
Jordan Thornhill
Would be amazing if Rend Collective could do one of these!
Kira rodriguez
I hope they get recognized by Bethel Music
Katelynne Button
I love this
Daniel Abrantkoski
I want to hear Vol. 2!
the firmament declares his glory
Emilia Mioc
this sound is absolutely amazing :)
am Lastmurphy
Zion Toporowski
anointed postrock. i love it
Perfect soaking music, thank you so much for sharing this :) amen!
Barbora Jeřábková
i was desperate for this, exactly!
Alexander Roland
Super toller Mix. Höre ich unwahrscheinlich gerne. Bitte bald Vol. 2 ;)
Anny Rachel
esse instrumental toca minh'alma😢😢😢😢
My Wonderful Family
Ana Laura Vercelio
Ronald Jefferson
Very Beautiful!!!
Nathan Adams
Thank you, this is just awesome
Daniel Evans
Amazing! Praise The Lord!
nnggg hhaa
DJ Bgwl
K Cotton
My next purchase!
this is so great!
Rita Carrizo
Arely Lopez
this is so incredible. it outranks all soundtracks ever. overwhelmed by the beauty.
Lwazi Sibanda
This so Good, Thanks guys and God bless!
Love Rivers & Robots, thanks for sharing this.
Pedro Cassiano Assumpção de Farias
Obrigado! Que Deus continue abençoando vocês! Glórias a Deus por vocês!
Gracielle Oliveira
dmp p
I want to encourage everyone to buy R & R's music, since that is how they make a living; and YouTube sucks in what it pays musicians for their hard work and God-given talent. Thanks
Sometimes I feel, in exchange for my struggle, he gives me truth in the form of wisdom and understanding..of they aren’t one and the same
Daniella Onimisi
This is so brilliant!!! Listen to it every day ^ . ^
Rachelle Ilenda
This is an outstanding album!!
38:55 its so touching
Rivers and Robots, has been inspired by alot of other people or other people have been inspired by them!! Keep Pushing!!!
Grant Hanson
Praise the Lord
Zsófia Kenessey
Made my examination period bearable, actually pretty blessed :) Interlude 2 should be an individual piece ;) Blessings from Hungary!
Neisha S Johnson
i love it!!!
Donna Meredith Dixon
Exquisite... absolutely love.
so peaceful, im so gratful for this music
Bec Wilkinson
what's the source for the vocal over the top circa 6.50? Would love to know.
Isela Rodríguez
must haveeee
Anne Mary
julie lowery
Yes finally some new massage music ~ prayer time quiet over clients~HalleluYah!!!
Mabel Villarroel
que hermoso!! me encanto! muy buena música y grupo, rivers & robots <3
Kyria Joss
I was looking something like that (I used to listen to Without Words albums from Bethel). So perfect to listen to at work : christian music, without anyone could guess it...
The Arctic
Great work Integrity! Good call bringing in R&R, Jon is great :)
Isaí Piña
perhaps is the first song "You are Good" of Sarah Mcmillan?
Peter Smith
16:37 Holy moment!
Tasha Hill clarke
love this!
Josue Sánchez R.
esther vb
Love it 💕
Riziane Carvalho
que música é 27:40?
The music and video is beautiful. Thank you.