Within Temptation - ice queen (live)

Within Temptation (live / 2003) Ice Queen

One the best singers in the world and she hardly get any notice... so sad
Leonardo Cesar
Sharon den adel and tarja turunem are metal goddesses
Kyra Mistral
I love her makeup. Is that Viking or something?
steve johnson
Regarding her voice, shes jumping around, belting out various ranges, id rather her a loss of strength knowing shes actually singing and giving her heart into the performance. If you want perfection go listen to lip sync crap provided by many "live" performers
She has such a beautiful voice. I love it ^^
She seems so wonderful. Great voice nonetheless.
Phil BridgeToClarity
I miss THIS Within Temptation \m/
Quite a lot of bands in this genre, however I don't really like most of them but I've always liked this song, maybe I should check out some more Within Temptation songs
Daiane Aparecida
Época de ouro do Within Temptation!
Nyungu Ya Mawe
The best in the world
Jeff Assassin
Within Temptation is the best this song always makes me happy.
She can live better still.
She just gorgeous i cant
syifa wanfa
We salute you
Jefferson Henrique
mano como ela é perfeita :')
Love this song, love this singer, she just takes my breath away !
m. Mat
die meid is gewoon rete goed !
Ditha Lina
the best ice queen from within temptation
Does anyone know the exact date when this was filmed [d/m]??
Bravo Six
She sounds so beautyful in live :O
Amazing Song. xD
Claudemir Robles
Todas as épocas são de ouro pra quem busca o seu melhor sempre, independentemente do sucesso ou fracasso no que se propõe a fazer
Renata Veiga
live foda da porra
Roger Raphael Will y Wassermann
Wow, sexy☺
adrianodasilvadutra dutra
thiago henryque costa caetano
a galera pulando é demais <3
Kevin Blank
Sharon has a lovely tone, but she runs out of breath in almost every live performance.
i like this!
No one here
If she learned better breath control, this would sound EXACTLY like the album version. Sharon's damn amazing.
Otávio Cassiano
Quando eu escutei essa música pela 1ª vez eu achei que era uma referência a Frozen só pelo título, mas aí eu me liguei que ela tinha sido lançada muito antes de Frozen ;-;
Samir Alves Haddad
Wtf amazing... Congretulations.
Renata Veiga
live foda da porra
adrianodasilvadutra dutra
o melhor show de ssa banda foi esse dia
agente X falcon
heavy metal
ivon cruz
tiene bonita voz pero no espectacular para metal le falta voz yo la ubico en grupo mas de pop tipo no doubt tiene una voz muy dalgada
Robert von Wintersdorff
Sharon den Adel +1
adrianodasilvadutra dutra
o melho show within
ve rena
Her voice is awesome
Holly ..
patryk zajdel
Sharon ma siłę.......
cool :) did you like it?
Jessica Lucy
@FantasticRoze619 I have just got back from the Netherlands! :D
Here in the Netherlands we learn British English at school ;)
This was from the festival Pukkelpop and it's all on Within Temptations Mother Earth dvd :)
Coralinee RoSua
Peacefully Drowning
I've had this song for YEARS and never thought about listening to a live performance of it... very impressive indeed.
Thiago Faro
OMG.. she can sing live. Amazing voice.
patryk zajdel
....fantastyczne .....
DSBM Cerealguy Skitliv
Half of the band were playing death metal so im not suprised.
I find the way their songs can be really cold and dark and Sharon's always cheery way of performing kind of contradicting but on the other hand it's kind of cute
wahnsinns lied
Ice Queen has truly become a hymn for us. They´re the only band that sound better live than in studio. I´ve attended twice to their concerts and never disappointed me.
othmar daum
Album ------Alpha 1 The Band------ Within Temptation ------Unique Great Job---Sharon den Adel Congratulations your Managemnet; Golden Melodie,ID-Master by Neutrik-Ag D.O.Feldkirch.:-)
When I heard the studio version of this song I thought the live version wouldn't be close with her singing. I'm eating crow, what a voice.
best voice i'e ever listned in a live
This obviously Pukkelpop 2003 (Flemish festival)
Dragomir Maria
this song makes people jump!)))))
WOW :D great performance and you gotta love that crowd \m/
Dragomir Maria
coolest concert ever love within temptation!!!!!!!!!
I saw them in New York last year. They are amazing live!!!
12 year old me was not good at picking usernames
just found them had to see them live and she is just as good live as flyleaf and eva.... so impressed by her and her band my god they are AMAZING
Barbie Burnett
she is soooo awesome i want to see her in concert someday!! :)
James Watters
This is such a gooooood song and a great performance :D but the song is called ice queen and theres fire coming out of the stage :o tht cnt be healthy.....
Michael Schlitt
Phantastic SHARON !!!
maybe the singer is too slow but i like it better when she sings the song lower with the long tones. More like the album version, her voice is really good. So this band depends much on her performance. If the voice is off, the song is off... Therefore the band plays too fast. In my opinion...
Anco Toonen
Of is the singeres to slow?
Jessica Lucy
yup ;) Same. I just love it too much. I think its bad for my health AHHHH so lucky. not fair :D
Jessica Lucy
i know, but you gotta admit it does sound alittle steriotype british
Jessica Lucy
is it just me or does she a have a verry stong british accent in this? LOVE IT :D
I didn't like Metal/Gothic music until my best friend introduced me to Within Temptation and now I'm hooked ;)
EHart _
OMG. I really love this performance. She has the voice of an angel... ♥.♥
she really does have a good voice and sing like the studio version
@makkie211175 Better than two Bieber's and two GaGa's together.
Pay attention GaGa, Beyonce, Rihanna & the rest of you pretenders. You may sell more records, but you'll never be as talented as Sharon den Adel.
Tracey Elaine
Unless you've seen WT live, it's hard to imagine the energy in the audience, especially during this song! It's transforming and just incredible. I'm so glad I was lucky enough to see them live and in the first row up close and personal - will never forget it!
Hot hot HOT Sharon! Amazing performance of an amazing song also!
EHart _
omgg. She's has got a beautiful dress. And a beautiful voice. --She's just beautiful. <3
ik ben verliefd!......:$
* ___________________*
I love the lil mosh pit that broke out there at 0:35
This is a real singer. I'm really impressed.
Damn I want that dress! But I'd never look as gorgeous in it as she does <3 Sharon is THE QUEEN OF MUSIC period.
Mehmet Talha Kalkan
best live performance excellent...
Aria Isara
This is the definition of epicness.
The band plays too fast, the singer can barely keep up. Still a very nice song and great voice. Really epic song.
schoon liedje <3
oh well... she has a GREEEEAAAT voice, but she's suffocating here. She is still not bad, just my expectations were high due to the comments...
Anco Toonen
Correctie, ik zeg : OOKEE KOM TIE zeg jij: OEHOEHEE
Liene Narcis
Crazy... but I see just boys there. ^^
this makes me wanna jump in front of my pc!!!
@CokedUpPuppy It's because of the headbanging and jumping. Oh and the half minute notes tend to do that sometimes.. You don't see much live shows like this, do you? Anyway, she's awesome live.
gäääääänsehaut !!!!!!!!!1
Christian Schmid
the old songs rock a little better. but great band till so far
she looks better blonde
@CokedUpPuppy she's singing a lot higher in this song than is her typical level, that's probably what's got her so out of breath. Pulling it off for a recording is one thing, but going live especially when she's been singing other songs before this wears on even the best of them. She held the level though!
Very good singer. Respect.
Chloe Gordon
She's amazing live but she sounds kinda like she's outta breath when she's singing.
RIP all the people who died at Pukkelpop this year.
Boss of Mark the Google Police Officer
Where's the freaking love buttom?