Funny Snooki Moments

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Funny Moment From Snooki Jersey Shore

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Hooray Bagels
Who else is here after watching Snooki do her old makeup?
Montrez Stokes
One thing I loved about Snooki is she was really being herself and you could tell. She's not perfect and she doesn't pretend to be.
Kay-lee Van Alphen
She is married and has kids with the guy now haha :p
Maria S
"every time I get excited I have to poop"
sjsksgwkwk sksjw
i love snooki cuz she always says and does whatever she wants. not a lot of people can do that. plus she is cute af
Chara Dreemur
"I don't frickin eat lobster because is alive when you kill it" Yeah f#cking logic on how food works XD
"Oh my vaginas out" LMFAO
First off I see is muscle and im like okay this guys my type" lmao me
she has changed for the better hahah
Vanna Del Rey
"Everytime I get excited I have to poop." Same though really.
lmao 0:50 😂 "omg like how do I get in" lol
Nathan Stitt
"I dont friggin eat lobster because it's alive when you kill it" Clearly Osama didnt bomb enough America
I've met more intelligent shoes.
Greta Bell
“They’re alive when you kill them” didn’t know one can kill something that’s already dead.
Reign Wolfe
I'm obsessed with bronzer too
Vicky lynn
Cause they're alive when you kill it 😂😂😂
Rainbow Bitch
I love 2009 reality shows, they were crazy af.
Carmelita the Cakesniffing Cunt
I love her <3333
Riya Lukose
lowkey miss this
Queen Peachy
It's so crazy how much she's changed. Back then, Snooki used to be chubby, (I wouldn't say she was fat because she really wasn't that fat, she just had a really chubby fat face back then). She used to be mean, always fighting, always drunk, always partying 24/7. But now she changed so much. Now she has kids, she's married, she lost weight, she eats healthy now, and she doesn't really party a lot as she used to. But yeah it's crazy how much kids can change you though. I love Snooki and I think she's awesome and I'm so glad she changed a lot.
Señor Hilter
Smush smush snooki want smush smush Ya got garbage in ya muff
I lost some brain cells watching this. IQ Level -30
Snooki want smush smush
Itz avo
1:30 lmao
Any moment with her is a funny momenta
JDM Imports
I eat zombies because their already dead when you kill it
Sleepy Halo
Heh Bernard thats not a name for ugly people because people with that name gets all the hot hoes remeber Bernard from megamind? He had a hot hoe.
Andreas Svensson
Alexandria, thats your accent ;)
cora kim
Snooki: “So I look over and I see like hair being pulled and I’m like, how do I get in.”
they’re alive when you kill it
Savannah's STARS
what a mood
kiara thetga
i never knew it was snooki who said “the fat one is actually kind of cute”
I want Snooki's Nookie!
Anime QT
"Oh! my vagina's out" YASSSSS
Roomie Official
Sierra Bowles
She shoulda said Booze! Trip B’s. Boys, bronzer, booze
Katie H
She looks so different from now like
Millie Reynoso
Heather Cobb
Jennie jwoww
Heather Cobb
The Mathews jenni Roger do aqqetruck586k views
Slammed Cannon
Snooki is a grenade
Mc Smooth Rapper
Snooki was so much hotter when she was fat
she is so NON CHALONT
Cristhian C
Heather Cobb
Farley and Roger Mathews ecclu Jennie farley
Heather Cobb
Date night with
Dragonslayer mel
"They're alive when u kill it "
Heather Cobb
Mob Cohen wedding kriscohen 4
Heather Cobb
Stacy DuPont
Shes like my twin. Im only tanner
Evie CerysXo
is this just American Geordie shore
Alejandro Collazos
South Park... Hahaha
Donna Maria
Is Snooki even Freinds still with Ryder .
Nichole Crawford
She sure came a long way, much needed
StillJenny 15
my friend told me that i reminded her of snooki is that a compliment?
I'm wondering who is the bigger idiot her or the people who watch this crap
Frank Lumaj
Snooki is not Italian her biological parents are Mexican Chilean next time do background checks
Crimson Sunbird
Lobsters die when they are killed! Thats the way it should be...
Omg i love her.
Zoe Baron
I love snooki I wanna know how she did her young makeup
Ben Dover
"theyre alive when you kill it"
Is she Mexican or what
Vintage o Gauge Trains’s 1900s and up
She’s hot but she’s a disgrace as a woman
Tavo J
"once i get excited i have to poo" hahahahah that has to be the best one
michael barrs
'That's why I don't eat lobsters because they're alive when you kill it'
ervin mulic
I hate dead living lobster!?!?
Leave her alone, Damn
"Lobsters are alive when you kill it" *Slow Clap* Snooki you are retarded.
Luke Tambakis
"I dont eat lobster because the lobster is still alive when you kill"
Irena Obrenovic
She is cool.... :)
She acts so dumb sometimes..
That fat man, snookie, is so ugly.
thecharlessmith (instagram)
Well, I mean, she's not wrong
afafe elkasimi
"i named his penis moby dick!!!!!!" rest in peace herman melville, good thing you didn't live to see this crap
Nick spangler
I think a massive slow clap is in order!!
Ivan Church
Lobsters, the only animal that is "alive" when you kill it.
Sven Rides
This is Rome just before it fell. First time I have seen anything from this show and I am shocked. Who watches this show? Who decides to do a montage? And who takes the time to post it?
Joe Guaragna
she clearly is dumb to say "alive when you COOK it"
Jackie Herrera
Where is the other meatball
Jimmy Hollywood
"guess why the toilet is clogged!" Snooki bragging about taking huge shits, and she's now rich and famous. Bin Laden didn't bomb enough of the country...
She shouldn't be famous like what the hell is wrong with this generation..
Im gonna shove tampons up ur nose
lydell Hoskins
Good Luck Snooki with your baby and Why was Jionni pushing you and and the baby in a stroller
Kill yoursefl!
Jacob Miller
I don't know what was worse for the boardwalk there... Snooki or Sandy
joseph morrison
im making my sister watch this 10 times a day tell she can see what true woman are like
Anneliese Torres
- "Bernard" is Jionni. Awww, what a cute Cinderella story. Haha. :P
that thing is awful :/
Karissa MENA
In about to Eat a sausage
Karissa MENA
Im about to Ear
Karissa MENA
Sarah Moss
Hahahhaha "lobsters are one of those foods that i dont eat 'caz they're alive when you kill it" LOLOLOL