Ms. Patricia Makes A Sandwich | Split (2017) Movie Clip HD

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Tony BP
The gesture he does after he says Paprika... that's acting talent right there.
Ms. Patricia lowkey triggers my ASMR
Cinnamon & Peaches
Is no one gonna talk about how flawlessly he walks in heels?
Ms. Patricia is so soothing~ (except for the slight feeling that she could kill you at a moment's notice)
Chandler Rose Redmond
Patrica made me more uneasy than any other personality. Underneath the calmness is a palpable malicious, menacing and violent vibe.
I think this is the best character in the film. Ms. Patricia is so scary, funny and sort of lovely at the same time. Like a younger, adventures, nice aunt/friend of your mum, but with something sinister stirring inside...
Dom Cruz
He is such a phenomenal actor, if he does not have an Oscar award for this I'll flip.
Red Panda Rampage
2:42 Dennis comes out slightly when Patricia cuts the sandwich crookedly (Dennis has OCD remember)- and his facial expression twists to look more like Dennis. Brilliant acting.
People need to make an award even better than an Oscar for James mcavoy, honestly he is the best actor at the moment and all of his films are like a masterpiece and always involve slightly twisted characters and yet he portrays them perfectly.
Angel Moya
major ASMR
Latroy Judd
So we're gonna ignore that he made a mayo sandwich?
Tried to fall asleep to this scene, forgot about the knife at 2:38, almost died
Dei H
I should be very creeped out by this but my ASMR was triggered immediately. First tingles I've felt in months.
Sadaq M
That "Paprika" comment cracked me up when I watched it on the big screen. Thumbs up to James McAvoy.
Popsicle Kip
Patricia's nice personality is calming but when she slammed the knife on the table I literally was scared
Am I the only that sees the Patricia character as oddly gorgeous?
Cesar Del Rosario
I was wondering how does Ms.Patricia know all these animal facts. And then remembered that he’s a zookeeper. One of the reasons M.night is amazing details !
I actually felt bad when she slammed the chair on his/her back
Paprika!!! That face he made had me dying laughing
Amizzle Bear
This is creepy but ASMR at the same time like I'm confused
Richard_Ramirez worshiper
I want a flower in my hair 😺 I wanna be important
Tyson Muhammad
crazzi-j north
The face he makes after he says it's got paprika in it 😂
Aj Jauqson
The vibes in this movie are supposed to be creepy but no joke, the scenes with Patricia relaxed me and gave me ASMR .-.
Cris Alfonso
Haha, remember when I saw this scene for the first time on cinema, haha, soooo relaxed, till he hits the knife... scared the shit out of me 😂😂😂 but stills like ONE of my favorite asmr scenes on movies ❤️🙌🏻
Wyngard ?
This guy walks in heels better than me
Francis Condon
I can't remember if this came out after this year's Oscars, because he needs to be nominated next year.
Kevin Rosario-Castillo
“I heard that Asian people’s music aids digestion” *plays Persona 5 soundtrack*
Faith Angelo
"It's got Paprika in it." *winks*
Marcia's body is 10/10
zackman 1
"murderous asmr"
Unknown Vapor
Yo his lady acting is on point jeez
Rissa Lynn
When she didn't cut them triangular I cringed
Jordan Wakelin
Honestly loved that little wink she did after she said paprika lmaoo
H o n e y
Can we mention how Ms Patricia was the only one to remember that they needed food?
kiwi 2018
I want patricia to kidnap me ....just not anyone else
0:12..................That face says it all lol
Kanari Novak
This is good ASMR...
Jordan Rivera
:27 got me crying lol
Omar Velazquez
Holy shit that's why my head has been feeling so soft
Antonio Brooks
So based on the comment section, everyone in the world has ASMR
maya summers
Was that a MAYO sandwich? If so, i thought i was the only one who ate those. Small spread of Mayonnaise on soft wheat or white bread is so good. I thought i was weird for eating those :)
Tricia A.
Can somebody make an edit of this without the occasional loud sounds (casey yelping out loud while her hair gets brushed and the banging of the knife)
Amari Holt
"it's crooked" *restarts* bro that's me all the time
This is actually Dennis pretending to be Patricia. You notice it when he gets mad at the crooked sandwich. Dennis likes everything neat. Also when the girl escapes he immediately gets mad like Dennis would and talks like Dennis without 'transformating'.
Alexa Alial
Jame's perforamance was marvelous, even with his gourmet mayo sandwich🥪
Gee X
0:39 I'm the only one who hear iPhone ringing !!???
Hayden Wilder
Thank God I'm not the only one who got ASMR...
That mixed girl(or whatever she is) is fine as hell! but great movie
Irving Ramirez
He's such an underrated actor
I still can’t believe Marcia and Claire died
Ishan Ghai
I know that Kevin is the villain but I kinda felt bad when patricia got hit by the chair even though she is s nice person
Adena M
Patricia has a soothing voice but somehow manages to be creepy at the same time. Major kudos to James McAvoy
AwesomeMario 64
This dude is the male version of the ancient one from Dr strange
J Logan
Not gonna lie Patricia intimidates me the most. With Dennis you feel like you could reason with him or use his ocd against him, with the beast you know you're screwed unless you can use Kevin's name or if you've had some sort or traumatic event in your life But there's something just sinister about Patricia. She just seems like she'll make you a sandwich then slit your throat while humming a happy tune
• molly
My ASMR is being triggered so hard
Anderson Hailey
I'm laughing more at the look he gave at 2:08 😂🤣
Lana Beniko
If I'm being held by Ms. Pat, I would strike her not because she held me captive, but because she made a mayo sandwich
Joel Mitchell
2:37 when you finish math homework and realize you did it the wrong way
Prison Mike
I try the sandwitch, and it's fire, ten on ten, congrats patricia, you shoud be a chief now
A PB&J sandwich with mayo and paprika?! Sign me tf up!!!
The Mysterious Red Warrior: Blood
I found this scene so relaxing I feel asleep watching it
its daysha not daya Williams
Total asmr
This actually creeps me out more than anything, McAvoy was brilliant
He should have won an Oscar for his performance, flawless.
Mairah Mavis
Can I please know the music in the background it’s so beautiful 😭😭😭😭😭❤️
Veni Vidi Vici
0:25 the subtitles 😂 ‘It’s good and come back freaking it😉’
Badunk 🍑
that knife slam scared the asmr out of me
Carolina Horta
Am I right in assuming Dennis had popped up a bit there when Patricia slammed the knife because the sandwich was uneven?
From 0:37-0:45 u can hear an iPhone ring tone 🤣 wtf is that
madhatter teaparty
theeee best actor... gotta lurvee James Mcavoy 👌 👌
Benny boy
In the sun...we will find our purpose 😁
**blares kpop**
Barry Villacarillo
how the hell did James Mcavoy not get at least an Oscar nod for this role? HOW?!
Dominique Villiers de Casanove
I’m only here for the ASMR 😂
Green Devil Runner
Oscar Worth acting right here
Truly a great actor.
Artsy Ethan
thats right patricia keep making them sandwiches (joooke)
Martha Breamant
0:12 that's a magnificent expression you have there, girl, i love it XD
Julia Gulia
I want miss Patricia to have her own asmr Chanel
yeah my ASMR got triggered.
best film clips
its! MA'AM!!!!
Salty Stark
That wink at 0:27 has me dead every time I just think about it and die laughing
Alexandra Edwards
Patricia please brush my hair and talk to me until I fall asleep. You are soo calming damnit!!
Zhared Field
I want Ms Patricia to be my neighbor
Penny Lane
This was meant to trigger our ASMS so we would easily jump
Padraig Mc Grogan
0:42 Anyone hear a iPhone ring tone in the background?
Madison C.
“Can Claire come eat with us.“ “No.” I have no clue why but that the fact that he said that so calmly made me die 😂😂😂
Elle Wazowski
Why does she look like a Carly
Ventura the Ace
This dude is like a Courage the Cowardly Dog villain lol
Nicole Sakwe
James McAvoy in a dress and heels
Ugh the hair brushing 😍
Paprika makes everything great
Myles Nelson
Wow, I almost fell asleep waiting on him to make me a sandwich hoping someone gets this reference
Same Hoe42
Actually me when he cuts the sandwich wrong, I don’t thro the whole thing away.😂💀
unniraja c
James u r outstanding 😊🙃
Chicago Spidey
1:10 😍
Diam0nd_ Auth0rity
In my history, there’s a literal line of mostly hedwig, and two other things with Patricia in the thumbnail.