10U Blowout game | Welcome All Panthers Destroy the South Carolina Titans

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The best part of this game is the Offensive lineman juking and breaking ankles and scoring a touchdown on the Upstate Titans with ease. This Wap dream team is everything they said they are to be. Very fast, strong, physical and exciting to watch in every position the field. The panthers are a very discipline team they remind me of a future top High school team if they all were to stay together with the make up of kids that are playing majority of their respective positions.

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Isaiah Hughes
Those kids was scared to tackle that big boy lol
travis Thomas
Coach shon my ex coach and I still thank him but he know number thirteen is over age
Cross Trees
The titans like "you gonna get him? "Hes to big, im scared
travis Thomas
Or is he just tall
Erykah Kirkpatrick
What age
Adam Gibbons
Chaires eagles will beat panthers
lamar ray
I don’t like that what’s welcome all I got a 10u
travis Thomas
We represented
Soo Clan
That one dislike
brandon williams
Elijah Dale
RediePie Gaming
Dang bruh number 13 is like me bruh
13 is over age
nerd Nation
Gg titans and panthers