Drawing Adele - MS Paint

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Drawing the singer Adele using the tool MS Paint, i've tried to do some tests with new colors. If you want to see the final-art:

Adele Rolling in the Deep MS Paint Drawing Woman RafaYazoo

Underwater Kiwi
I don't mean to brag but, I can draw a circle
oh no
The thumbnail looked like you drew a pig😂😂
Night Bot
You Got a new subscriber yeah i started to draw When i was 2 and now im 10 and im STILL not so Good as i wanted to😖😖😖
Oval Teen
Once she started with the eyes I knew this was gonna be some real shit.
Flick Jobs
*salutes to a painter who did not use any expensive app for painting. And uses MS Paint.
Barlot 3000
and I thought I was good at drawing
who the heck dislike this?! this is so freaking good.. im so inspired ♥
Brooke Kembel
how the hell does someone draw with paint
Kermit The Toad
Clicked because thumbnail looked like a pig.
I'm more shocked to the fact that you don't get copyrighted... Still, amazing work tho
Enderman Narwhal
the next time someone says Paint sucks, I'm gonna show them this XD
I thought in the thumbnail you where drawing a pig
Golden Freddy
*Gets Paint Tool Sai* *Sees this video* SCREW THIS *Throws drawing tablet and Sai away*
Mula mon
clicked the thumbnail because it looked weird
I clicked it because I thought it was some 11 year old doing a bad drawing I didn't expect this
I legit thought it was a pig because of the thumbnail.
• shōriness •
Thought this was click bait because of the thumbnail😂
Artist by Random
Great job!! i wish I had the concentration to do this, I always end up having to take a break and loose my motive ;-;
*Looks at thumbnail* A PIG! *Clicks* Oh. It wasn't a pig..
kristina moreno
you don't need expensive art supplies to do something amazing. the only limit is your imagination
this person is better than Ben the Watermarble witch! (╯°□°)╯︵( .O.) this crazy person^^ ^^ simplybenlogical
Clicked bc of the thumbnail because it looked like a pig from the angle
Kim Yuna
Isabel Garcia
The skill of an artist is what determines the quality of a piece, not the tool they use
VI Tracers
are you using a mouse or a draw pad?
Inquisitor Lavellan
Anyone who can draw well on MS Paint is a god.
Chamops Chap
This looks amazing. Even more amazing in MS paint.
weaponized_autism lol git in my van
looks at picture, looks at title "MS PAINT", *mind blown*
amelia nightwolf
amazing, I've been drawing for 11 years with pencil, and I'm almost about perfect with drawing the face.. but i can't even draw a proper smiley face on paint 😂😂
yo lo único que dibujo ahí son casitas y arbolitos xd
kaylee rose
do you use a drawing pad if not, YOUR A WIZARD HARRY!
Why is this in my recommended
Who needs expensive drawing programs when you have paint!
Pretty good, but look at that MS Paint Santa. That's where it's at.
wtf the thumbnail looks like a pig LOL
Fitri Dayanti
use professional software, they said
ХУДОЖНИК твою мать
cotton hat cat
*sees that it's done on ms paint in the first 3 seconds* this is about to be something REALLY impressive.
TaeTae alien
Adele needs to see this video
holy crap.this must've taken so long .-. this is just...i thought it was clickbait but it wasn't i just wanna tell you are EPIC
Ira Mallari
I thought the thumbnail was a pig XD
Melon Is Fruity
Haters: are ppl who use the same art program and don't know how to draw, Adele Hater, And ppl who dislike every video ever made
i clicked expecting a meme but i ain't even mad
Color Guard is my only interesting quality
Stunning work. My art on MS Paint looks like that of a newborns compared to this. You truly are an amazing artist and I respect you greatly. Bravo, my friend, bravo.
Charlie's Piano Show
sorry buddy, but you will never be even close to being as good as the realistic santa guy.,
You're really good at drawing 🙂😃
Jokester Weeb
3:41 it looks like a pig face seen from the side
are you telling me this person can create a whole realistic portrait on ms paint but i cant manage to draw a sub-par circle using the circle tool????
[GD] xIrilia
michal guliamov
man. this is crazy
You used paint, I'm impressed
Sailormoon Usagi
At the thumbnail, I thought he/she was drawing Adele as a pig
Szymon Ruciński
oh no is that paint? XD #paintmaster
Jaida Alvarez
you should do drake
Réka Fazekas
It`s very beauty
Karo Lína
It's amazing! :o
Misty Fowl
**sees finished product** You know what, I'm done with life. **throws laptop and curls up into a ball**
please kill me
I'd like the art it was really beautyful ;)
Wow..And this was all done in ms paint..
Domonique DELUCA
And I thought MS paint was useless besides using it for simple 2D drawings. This is amazing dude!
Peggy Shuyler
Wow 666 views
heck yeah
la pinche miniatura parecia un cerdo
i can't draw circle properly in paint and this guy draw adele
Veronica Estoque
This seriously proves that it doesn’t matter what software you’re using, it’s just the frickin talent that u need
Swirls Hokobikipua
Can you draw me?
you painted to the beat
this is why ms paint shouldnt be underestimated
Better than the stick figures I can make with paint ;)
*Adele music intensifies*
Watch Me Drawing !
if you are reading this have a good day
royal amusement
When someone says 'you can't even draw in ms paint'
who tf starts with eyes
How did you do this so great, in MS Paint you don't even have Layers D:
cleo ツ
Man, I thought he drew a pig on the thumbnail.
How can you draw so well with one of the worst software
I just wanna clear some things up. Everyone is asking how someone could do this on mspaint but it's not about the app they're using. It's about the equipment. Drawing tablets or good computer graphics can go a long way on simple stuff like this whereas a mouse or mouse pad will get you Shit. I personally use a UGEE drawing tablet and I've done some impressive stuff on MsPaint.
"You can't draw on MS Paint" Excuses
The Animator
From the thumbnail I thought it's that main woman from Pitch Perfect lol
Старая Гвардия
-999часов жизни
Mythical Cre
I thought you were gonna draw her as a pig lol
The fact that they drew Adele with the same shading effect as her song "Hello" before it came out makes me think if it's a coincidence or not (; ̄O ̄)
gorb boi
Theres a fire starting in my heart bring me out hte dark f So.. dimas song comes from the adeles song...
Rachel Productions
well,there goes my excuse for not having proper art software
Madeleine Yong
Hmm..the thumbnail looked like a wolf's snout!
Dea ujku :D
*before watching video* Me: not real >D *after watching video* Me: oh SHIT
Samiha Khan
I never knew you could Paint with MS Paint
Hi I'm Jakie
**Hey!! Can ya hear that??** *Its Da Vinci Crying.*
Our face is as beautiful as it is possible to make realistic drawings. I teach some techniques.
VasaPro dot
Did you see that headsnap at 9:30 what a terrible closet cheater.....
Soapy BuBbLeS
The fact that he can do this on paint scares me.
Hit The Cricket
Who said MS paint is for noobs?
Omg thanks you inspired me to try to draw better!
your not human if you can do this i mean just look at it it doesnt even look much like a drawing i looks like the same thing
DcGanster Rockstar
I thought they were gonna make her a pig or somthing cuz of the thumbnail
Cinder Killer
0:08 id be happy by now if i drew that
Amanda Bj
You did something rong the lips wasent green but great video
Baekhyun's bacon
Am I the only one who thought that the thumbnail looked like a horse