Get trashed of the White Nile

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Rafting on the White Nile is amazin. Warm water, big waves and a bit of hammering...

Benjamin Christensen
I remember those white waves like it was yesterday. Isn't it Silverback at 2:05? I thought I was going to die, when I saw that rapid. (not helping at all, that some local man had drowned there the same day and they couldn't get the corpse out of the water).
Franklin River Rafting
definitely the White Nile in Uganda
2:15 .... brilliant
Ayla Saferstein
isnt this the Blue Nile? rapids is blue nile calmer is white nile
swiming have to be comfortable on the river to swim something of that size. They must have known they would flip
Stef F
crazy,crazy,crazy I would not do it!!!
jem mountainman
that waz fuckin sick..